How to get pregnant with Baby Boy?

How to get pregnant with Baby Boy?

Gender selection? Ah! A Controversial topic but no matter we are here for those who specifically want to get pregnant with Baby Boy. Many researches as well as the doctors disregard this gender selection but few of them also say that there are few techniques which when followed may increase the chances to get pregnant with a baby boy. Many studies even say that diet as well as the sexual positions while intimating with the partner highly affect the gender of the baby. Though having a baby boy is really important for few couples which further allow parents to follow any of the techniques and by any means they want to have a baby boy.

Get pregnant with Baby Boy
Get pregnant with Baby Boy

The sex selection can be done for both boys as well as for girls. Choosing the sex of a baby is really old practice but sex determination lies with the man but not with the woman. The desire of having a baby boy is strong just because some people think that having a girl is really a high priority for parents. But that’s simply not true. One must treat a boy and a girl equal. The practices changed but methods of having a baby are still available like sleeping with some specific objects, medicines, typing up one testicle, poultices of odd combinations and many more such methods which increase the chances of having a baby boy.

In golden old days, the desire was strong but now it’s even stronger. It is estimated that about 90% people at a particular place choose to have a baby boy if it’s an easy practice. The chief reason is only that girls are highest priority but please readers, whether a boy or a girl both are part of your two. In old days, there was a high need for a boy. In fact, still there are very high preferences for a baby boy in some countries. Some countries even banned the system of ultrasound for the detection of gender of the baby in the womb.

Tips to get Pregnant with Baby Boy:

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Study by many researches says that experimenting with different sex positions along with healthy diet and timing might further result in conceiving a baby boy.

Timing of Ovulation

The ovulation time needs to be considered to have a baby of a particular gender. It might not be that much crucial but there is no harm to consider it as well. Intercourse is directly related to ovulation timing and further helps a little bit in the sex determination.

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If a couple wants to have a baby boy then they must try to have intercourse close enough to the time of ovulation. The time you think that you are about to ovulate just have an intercourse and have it again if you certainly feel the egg being released.


Intake of healthy diet and type of foods, a woman intake is directly related to the gender a woman conceives. The gender of the baby depends on the sperm released, but it is also related to the conditions of the woman’s body that which sperm to accept. These conditions are directly linked with the diet a woman is in taking.

Positions of intercourse

The intercourse positions i.e. the way couples make love sometimes affect the gender of the baby. Couples need to shorten the distance of travel of the sperms. Though Male X sperm is faster than Male Y sperm but Male Y sperm has a long life span than Male X sperm.

In order to conceive a boy, couples need to shorten the distance of travel of the sperms and you can do it by deep penetration positions.

If couples need to have a baby boy without any medical help than they can follow some of the guidelines we discussed above. Other than these guidelines they can even follow some other steps so as to conceive a boy naturally:-

  • Blessed thistle is an efficient plant and a fertility booster. It helps in creating a nourished and fertile environment inside the body of the female partner.
  • Eating a potato skin is not really tasty but being rich in nutrients and lower pH, will help in conceiving a baby boy.
  • Alkalizing the female vaginal part via douching it. Using those products which will help to maintain the alkalinity of the reproductive tract.

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Influencing the gender of a baby is not that easy but at least you can try if you want to. Conceiving a baby boy naturally, one can follow these steps below including Chinese lunar calendar to wearing boxers to tweaking your diet.

  • Following Chinese Lunar calendar

Doctors and fertility experts claim that nothing can influence the gender of the baby but there is a lot of compelling anecdotal evidence out there. Some parents are completely satisfied with certain methods like changing their diets, drinking any particular concoctions or trying different positions in their bedroom. These are some of those old methods which doctors completely disregard and seems that it hurts a little if depends on position or method. No? Ha! Ha! Jokes apart but if you are seriously determined to have a baby boy then you people can try out considering some tricks and methods which few astrologists, doctors, parents swear by.

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The history of Chinese Lunar Calendar is not that easy to establish but it is a mystical calendar which helps in determining the sex of the baby by considering the age of mother and the month in which she is conceiving. The adherents of Lunar calendar claims that this chart is 99% accurate. Parents can use gender predictor which is also based on this Chinese lunar calendar, further determining the month in which a mother can conceive a baby boy.

  • Eat a Boyish Diet

Some experts say that following some specific diet for about a week before conceiving can increase the chances of conceiving a baby boy. Switching the diet changes the pH balance in body and further helps in determining the sex of the baby.

Diet should include plenty of salty foods, mushrooms, red meats, peas, eggs, sweet corn, fish and bread. Avoid acidic foods and rather depends on less acidic (alkaline) environment so as create some space for the boy-bearing sperm to thrive.

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  • Take your position

Certain sexual positions while intercourse can help in increasing the chances of conceiving a baby boy. In golden old days, people used to belief that the sex positions would lead to male offspring or allowing about-to-be mother to sleep on left side will increase more chances of conceiving a baby boy. More discoveries and more complex these theories bought up about the role of sex positions during the intercourse.

  • Boxers or Briefs

Sperms are usually stored outside the body because they can’t tolerate the excessive heat. Testicles are the independent structures which keep sperms safe from the elevated temperatures.

  • Cup of Coffee

Males more dependent on caffeinated coffee just before the intercourse are likely to conceive a boy. This method is just for those who are keen at producing a son and will give them more energy boost for the deed. This method is unanimous.

  • Down some cough syrup

If a woman takes a dose of cough syrup just about a couple of hours before the intercourse, woman is more likely to conceive a boy. The cough syrup works by diluting the cervical mucus and further making the conditions more favorable for sperm especially for fast Y swimmers.

Since past old days, women have been exchanging wonderful ideas about how to increase chances of conceiving with a baby boy or a baby girl. Unfortunately, till now there is no such medical evidence which actually works successfully. Couples are likely to produce a baby boy if:-

  • Intercourse during the very first day of ovulation
  • Deep penetration during the intercourse (doggie-style)
  • Higher sperm count of the sperm
  • Avoiding sex for about a week before the ovulation
  • Love making in night, one partner suggested to make love and making love on odd days of month
  • Partner wearing boxer or briefs or loose-fitting trousers to keep his testicles cool

Though determining the sex of a baby is offend able but increasing a chance of conceiving a baby boy depends on the couples. Increasing the chances purely depends on the couples compatibility and understanding. Though it is expected that people should treat their baby whether a boy or a girl as equals but many couples still think that giving birth to a girl is a talk around the town of shame and embarrassment. This is the main reason why people opt these methods so as to conceive a baby boy.

Hope this article really helped you a lot in conceiving a baby boy. But apart from the sex selection, one should always keep in mind that a baby is a part of two bodies whether a boy or girl.

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