Effects of Medication during Pregnancy

Effects of Medication during Pregnancy

Expecting a baby is really a wonderful feeling for the mother as well as for the other family members of the unborn child. Pregnancy is a time in which women undergo many changes in their body. A woman has to take care of herself during her pregnancy and if she is in taking drugs or thinking for any kind of medication she should consult a doctor.

Medication during Pregnancy
Medication during Pregnancy

If you are woman and expecting a baby, before the intake of medicines do think about its benefits as well as the risks for you own health as well as of your baby. Consulting a doctor at each and every point during your pregnancy will surely help you out with a perfect growth and development of your baby.

If a woman is expecting a healthy baby, then she has to avoid use of drugs during her pregnancy because intake of drugs like cocaine, methamphetamine and marijuana can have lasting effect in the development of fetus. Medications for many long-term treatments such as epilepsy, underactive thyroid, asthma, overactive thyroid and diabetes are safe but one should always check with their doctors to be safe during pregnancy.

Being pregnant every woman wants the best care for her baby’s growth. Many medications like intake of inhalers, alcohol, topical creams can further go into the bloodstream of baby via placenta. There are various products which can harm your unborn child in different ways than they affect your health as the baby’s development is going through really critical stages.

Though many effects of medication during pregnancy are not known but somehow we tried to gather up them for our readers. Intake of drugs during pregnancy may further develop into a

  • Long-lasting problem in mother or a child born may have some developmental issues
  • Legal or illegal medications have a direct effect on the fetus during pregnancy
  • Stillborn births, premature babies, birth effects and underweight babies
  • can harm the child in his/her early adolescence, behavior problems and child’s memory
  • mental and physical problems

During pregnancy if any women tend to intake any kind of drugs have serious direct consequences on the fetus.

  • Miscarriage or irritable babies with feeding problems
  • Smaller head- Lower IQ
  • Damaging placenta
  • Premature labor
  • Retarded growth
  • Excessive trembling and crying
  • Heart or urinary tract defects
  • Brain damage or stroke
  • Even death

Many pregnant women continue to intake medications without any knowledge about the harm those giving to the fetus. Do consult your doctor or your midwife for the correct treatment. Various medicines may decrease the blood supply and cause contractions which directly or indirectly can harm the baby.

So here we are with the effects of medication during pregnancy. Women must be careful during their pregnancy not just about their health but also about their unborn child health and development. Any major effect can cause temporary or lifetime effects on the child.

So what are your views about the medication during pregnancy? Are you taking or did you have any kind of medications during your pregnancy?

Kindly enlighten us and to the other readers with your valuable views and suggestions.

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