Why ignore drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy?

Why ignore drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy

Hello readers! Hello, expecting mothers! Do you know that drinking alcohol during pregnancy affects your unborn child? Yes! Then why can’t you ignore drinking alcohol during pregnancy? You know, during pregnancy, any harm to you or your unborn child affects the later life of the baby. So, say No drugs, No alcohol, No smoking, No caffeine, No hair dye, especially during pregnancy.

drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy
drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy

There is no such concluded argument about how much alcohol is safe for an expecting mother. This is the only reason that doctors advise expecting mothers not to have alcohol, at least for the first three months or during the pregnancy. If you want to drink alcohol, do have it in the last six months of your pregnancy, but that too is limited, i.e., once or twice a week. Don’t tDon’t drink heavily or regularly because it will affect your baby very dangerously.

When you drink alcohol during pregnancy (alcohol is the toxin which seriously affects your baby in the womb), through placenta (bloodstream) it reaches the baby in the womb.


  • Miscarriage
  • Premature birth
  • Stillborn child
  • Damages the baby cells permanently
  • Growth of baby’s baby’s or brain or face
  • Damages your baby’s baby’s system
  • Various congenital disabilities like a slow learning process, very poor muscle coordination, behavioral problems
  • Genital malformations
  • Tiny brain and small body
  • Irritability during infancy
  • Hip dislocations
  • Deformed ribs and sternum
  • Curved spine

These effects mainly depend on the following:-

  • Quantity of alcohol you are consuming
  • Are you consuming alcohol at what stage of pregnancy
  • If consuming, then how often

Some experts concluded that babies born with learning difficulties or some memory problems may be because of their mother’s alcohol in the last trimester. This is the crucial time when the baby’s baby is developing. Drinking regularly or binge drinking is harmful to developing babies. Regular drinking more than nine units a week may lead to attention problems in babies with low IQ.

Alcohol, being a toxin, interferes in the development of the unborn child as the baby is unable to get enough nourishment or oxygen for the development of the body organs as well as the brain. Babies born to alcohol-drinking mothers can have serious lifetime problems.

Those women who are addicted to consuming alcohol need to consult immediately so as not to pose any problem to the health of the unborn child. Here we are with some options:-

  • Consult your doctor or healthcare provider
  • You can find a substance abuse treatment
  • You can consult local crisis intervention

We can recommend and advise you of this, but the final decision is whether the expecting mother gives up. The life of their child is totally in their hands. They can care for and play with their lives, which ultimately depends on their choice. If you can’t give up, there are many treatments available, and you can also attend some counseling sessions by consulting your doctor.

Are you expecting a baby? Are you consuming alcohol? Don’t you think it’s affecting your baby?

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