How to get pregnant with twins

How to get pregnant with twins?

Hey, women readers, have you ever considered getting pregnant with twins? Many couples desire to have twins. There are various reasons behind the thought of having twins, such as having a large family or just wanting to have close siblings. The chance of multiple births is just about 3%, but there are various methods that women can follow to increase the chances of having twins. Presently, many couples are really trying hard to conceive twins, but their reasons vary.

Baby Boy
Baby Boy

Which factors play an essential role in getting a thought about getting pregnant with twins? Lifestyle, genetics, diet, and ethnicity all play a vital role in increasing the chances of having twins. These factors mainly give an idea about the woman and whether she is apt or not to conceive twins. Sometimes, conceiving twins is just an act of fate, but many times, getting pregnant with twins is a result of many common factors that were increased before conceiving them or during sexual intercourse. Most of these factors are not scientifically proven but are rooted more in tradition or from the personal experiences of the couples. Here, we will look at some factors that influence the readers to lend their more enormous broods.

Conceiving twins naturally is a rare possibility. They were undergoing fertility treatments or some other procedures like IVF. These methods might increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins. Many women are curious about conceiving twins naturally, and why not when some so many methods or guidelines can help them get pregnant with twins? But before giving a thought of getting pregnant with twins, you should be aware of the risks and complications that you might have to suffer during your pregnancy, i.e., premature birth of the babies and preeclampsia.

Can women increase the chances of getting pregnant with twins? Yes, of course, why not? Various things will increase your chances of getting pregnant with twins, but some are beyond anyone’s control. If your (female partner) family history includes twins, there are more chances, especially when there are only fraternal twins. If a woman gets pregnant with twins, then it has nothing to do with the male partner, as it is purely based on the genetics of the woman. The fraternal “twin gene” may be passed on from your parents, but the identical “twin gene” has nothing to do with the hereditary.

Factors that can lead to conceiving twins

Family History

Sometimes, twinning is hereditary, and if your family history has twins running, you may wonder if you can have twins. The family history of the female partner can only influence the conceiving of fraternal (dizygotic twins) twins. If the mother or grandmother of the female partner conceived twins during pregnancy, then there are a lot of chances of conceiving twins.

Gaining Weight

The rising rate of obesity will lead to a rising rate of twin conceiving. Female partners with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or higher are more likely to conceive twins. This statistic only holds true for fraternal (dizygotic) twins. Furthermore, conceiving mothers with above-average height are more likely to conceive twins.

Growing Old

Older mothers conceiving are more likely to give birth to twins or multiples as compared to their younger counterparts. The biological clock starts ticking faster, and that’s the reason behind the accelerating ovulation in the body. Mothers above 45 are more likely to have multiples (though there is a 20% chance). With age, risks also increase, including higher rates of miscarriage or gestational diabetes during pregnancy, or even babies are at higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities.

You can have more twins.

If you have the mother of twins before, there is a high chance of conceiving twins again. Research says that mothers of twins are four times more likely to devise and deliver twins than those women who only had singleton or have never been pregnant.

Intake of a healthy diet, including yams and diary

The Yoruba tribe in West Africa has a high twinning rate worldwide, and researchers are still unsure of the reason. Some say that conceiving twins is because of the mother’s diet, which is high in cassava (a type of yam/sweet potato). Vegetable peeling contains high chemicals, which is the chief reason behind hyperovulation and further helps the mother conceive twins. Mothers consuming dairy products daily are five times more likely to give birth to multiples.

Fertility assistance

The development of technology, including reproductive technology, has increased the multiple birth rates. This technology helps stimulate ovulation, which can further lead to multiple pregnancies, but couples can even have twins via in-vitro fertilization. Among IVF patients, several reasons lead to various twins, and even no ethical doctor would provide treatment. This means that fertility treatment should only be carried out when necessary.

Follow the guidelines for how to get pregnant with twins

  1. Intake of folic acid is wholly linked with conceiving twins. It increases 40% the chances of getting pregnant with twins. Furthermore, folic acid helps prevent neural tube defects.
  2. Women with taller height or are overweight have more chances of getting pregnant with twins.
  3. More dairy products increase 5% the chance of women getting pregnant with twins, and vegans have less opportunity. Women who consume dairy products or milk from cows treated with growth hormones will likely have more chances.
  4. Continue to breastfeed after you give birth to a baby only if you want to have twins the next time you conceive. Women conceiving when continuously breastfeeding, there are about 9% more chances of getting pregnant with twins.
  5. If you want to conceive with twins and if a woman is taking birth control pills and suddenly discontinues taking them, then they must conceive within a short period.
  6. Women can have wild yams, further stimulating their ovaries, and may simultaneously release more than one egg.
  7. Women can conceive at an older age. If women try to conceive above the age of 40 or 45 years, then there is a 17% more chance of getting pregnant with twins.

Symptoms of Conceiving Twins

  1. During the first trimester, early and excessive nausea
  2. Extra weight gain
  3. Severe back pain
  4. The larger size of the uterus than usual on the due date
  5. More fatal movements during the second trimester and later

Later trimesters:-

  • Increase in back pain
  • Varicose veins
  • Hemorrhoids
  • Constipation
  • Trouble in breathing
  • Gestational diabetes
  • Large belly than the usual pregnancy
  • Preeclampsia
  • Premature labor

Tests during multiple pregnancies

  • Blood pressure checks- preeclampsia and high BP
  • Blood tests- anemia
  • Urine test- urinary tract infection
  • Transvaginal ultrasound- length of cervix
  • Oral glucose screen (second trimester)- gestational diabetes
  • Electronic fetal heart monitoring- makes sure about the well-doing of the fetuses

Facts about Twin Pregnancies

  1. The older the age, the more chances of conceiving twins
  2. Women pregnant with twins might have to consume more folic acid
  3. Women pregnant with twins require more monitoring than women carrying singleton
  4. Women carrying twins will have higher levels of morning sickness, including back pain, heartburn, and sleeping difficulties
  5. Miscarriages are most common in twin pregnancies, and for saving yourself from this accident, spotting may be more common and important
  6. Women carrying twins are likely to feel more fatal movements earlier than those women carrying singleton
  7. Women carrying twins are more likely to gain more weight
  8. During twin pregnancies, women are more at risk of developing gestational diabetes during the period and are more at risk of developing diabetes two at a later phase of life
  9. During twin pregnancies, women are at high risk of preeclampsia, which is marked by high BP, protein in the urine, and sometimes swelling up of legs, feet, and hands
  10. Early labor or delivery with women carrying twins
  11. Cesarean sections are more familiar with women carrying multiple

Yeah! It is a lovely feeling to get pregnant, but if you get to know that you are pregnant with twins, then that feeling is simply out of the world. You feel that you are on Cloud 9! And that is the happiest moment of the couple’s life. Knowing and giving birth to twins are two different aspects. After giving birth, holding your twin babies in your arms is a marvelous experience (becoming a mother is a second birth for every woman, and this birth gives her life experience).

Have you given birth to twins? Yes? What were your feelings when you found out you were carrying twins?

Please share your thoughts and feelings with us.

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