Diabetes Diet Chart With PDF Diabetes Diet Chart Video

Diabetes Diet Chart

There are so many people who are having Diabetes. Most people think that they can’t eat sweet items or those eatables which contains sugar inside them. But no, this is not totally true. Along with Sugar, there are so many interesting things included in the Diabetic Chart which help you those people who have Diabetes. Here is a diet chart for all those people, suffering from Diabetes. Take a look, and try to have such food items on your Diet Chart. All these tips will help you in controlling your Diabetes as well as provide better and healthy life.

Diabetes Diet
Diabetes Diet

To Control Diabetes:

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Eat Bitter Guard – it is the best thing which immediately controls your diabetes.

Another source is Brown Rice. If you want to eat rice, other than simple rice, choose to have Brown Rice. They are good for everybody but specially for those who are diabetic.

Best source are natural. So think of having some fruits. All the fruits are necessary for a healthy life but diabetic people should avoid high sugar level fruits like Banana, Mango etc.

Fenugreek seeds are also most helpful. So one can eat these seeds by the morning time, empty stomach. Keep few fenugreek seeds in water-all night and then by the morning time eat them.

Daily Chart For Diabetic People:

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If you have diabetes, then it is necessary that you consume approximate 1600 calories along with 200 grams of carbohydrates. Also with these, consume minimum 8-counce glasses – 2 times per day.

All these above mentioned things help you for your schedule. All these amounts of calories and carbohydrates can be divided as per the following sample of a day food chart:

Breakfast with approx 360 Calories and 52 grams Carbohydrates

For starting your day, you might have some of things including: whole wheat bread, Oatmeal, Skimmed Milk, Banana etc.

Lunch with approx 540 Calories and 75 grams Carbohydrates

For your lunch, you can have a whole bread sandwich with lots of vegetables and low fat cheese along with a fruit. Also for starters, one can think for a soup with few vegetables.

Dinner with approx 630 Calories and 60 grams Carbohydrates

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If you are non-vegetarian, then you can eat boiled chicken along with few spices. Brown Rice along with some cooked vegetables like Carrots or a low fat salad with some spices. By the end of the dinner, one can have a few apricots which help for reducing bed cholesterol. Also brown rice do it’s work.

And if you are vegetarian, then can have approximate a small bowl of cooked vegetables along with couple of whole grain bread and few cooked vegetables.

Diabetes Diet Video:

For Mid Day Snacks:

If you are hungry during the day, apart from your main meal – one can have snacks which can be approx 60 calories and 15 grams carbohydrates. So such meal could give you satisfaction of eating.

For such snack, there can be some light popcorn, tortilla chips, chocolate pudding – artificially sweetened. Also you can have a half piece or small fruit with medium sugar level. Any of these can be a good diet for those who are diabetic. Also for snacks, you can eat a small sandwich with few vegetables inside it with low-fat cheese.

Diabetes Diet Chart PDF Files:

It is also a good source of energy as well as sugar. And yes, remember that the bread should be multi grain or whole wheat. As such breads contains more of the carbohydrates and gives more nutrition.

So all these above mentioned details are for those who are diabetic. Also a sample one day chart is mentioned, so that people can have idea about their daily diet. So that apart from their diabetes they can have a healthy diet chart.

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