Seven easy steps to Burn extra calories on fire Weight Loss

Seven easy steps to Burn extra calories on fire Weight Loss

Health and fitness are two lifestyle meters, i.e., a standard to evaluate an individual’s lifestyle. So, staying healthy is not just essential for staying fit from diseases. Instead, it is also necessary to practice a good lifestyle. Moreover, staying healthy gives a person a different approach to life.

weight loss
weight loss

A state of mental and physical fitness means that the individual is capable of performing his duties to his best, and nothing is holding him back. Obesity does not only affect an individual’s social image; rather, it also attracts many associated problems.

Diabetes, hypertension, and joint pains are among the many problems that an individual suffering from obesity can contract. Thus, it has become one of the top-notch questions about how one can burn extra calories and lose weight to get into shape.

To maintain a particular weight, it becomes essential that calories are consumed and calories burnt from an equation. However, to lose weight, the calories burnt should always be more than the calories consumed. This can be done by reducing the intake of calories. However, such a weight loss is not easy to maintain in the long run. Hence, it is pretty advisable to follow some simple steps that guarantee burning more calories than is consumed.

Weight loss before after
Weight loss before and after

Here are seven steps to burn extra calories that you have been waiting for so long now:

Burn extra calories on fire Weight Loss Tips:

Exercising: The first step to burning calories has to be exercising. There is no way such is easy and effective. The most effective ways are generally hard going around. Exercising for around 30 minutes daily can speed up your metabolism and burn more calories by the hour. However, the exercise regime should be followed regularly.

Laughing more Recent Scientific studies have suggested that laughing helps one burn 10 to 20% more calories. This implies that you can have fun, watch comedy movies and shows, and shed extra calories at the same time.

Drinking cold water—It is a well-known fact that humans are cold-blooded animals. This means that the human body maintains a particular optimum temperature all the time. When one drinks a glass of cold water, the body temperature comes down, and thus, the body uses up extra calories to heat up and maintain the optimum temperature required by the body.

Taking in more caffeine—Caffeine found in coffee is believed to regulate and speed up thermogenesis, which means that the body generates more heat and energy while burning food, and consequently, the person engages in much more physical activity. This is believed to speed up metabolism by 10%. Green tea has antioxidants that speed up metabolism in much the same way.

Eating fibrous food—The body has to work more to digest a fibrous meal than a non-fibril meal. By eating a fiber-rich diet, one can ensure that he or she is already burning around 200 to 250 extra calories.

Eating less and more often—A light meal every two hours or so is a successful calorie-burning plan. When you eat often, you actually keep the metabolic rate high, which means that you burn more calories while your food is digested and assimilated.

Protein-rich diet: The body burns calories at a rate proportional to the individual’s lean body mass. So, consuming more proteins in the diet will ensure that your body is working that extra bit while digesting the proteins.

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