Acupressure Points for Diabetes

Acupressure Points for Diabetes

Acupressure is one of the latest and most effective methods for keeping an emphatic check on diabetes. Although it cannot be fully cured, you can smartly control it in the best possible manner. Patients are eased tremendously since, within a few months, they get the much-needed results as their blood sugar levels drop tremendously. The method by which you control acupressure points for diabetes is by exerting pressure on the specific body points, which experience electrifying results in the least possible time. So, what are those particular points that can ease you immensely?

Effects of Type 2 diabetes
Effects of Type 2 diabetes

Benefits of Acupoints:

  1. better blood-glucose control
  2. overall physical improvement
  3. mental health improvement
  4. you will feel energetic
  5. stress and anger-free life to a certain extent


Before starting the treatment, make yourself comfortable. This might give you some weakness, depending on the individual. It may be due to normal Qi flow or a little numbness while sleeping, but there is also a remedy: you can use a multivitamin supplement for some days.

The first step is finding the acupoint. For the best result, try to find the exact location; even though you cannot do so, there is no harm in doing so. The result will vary slightly, but it will be beneficial.

The following article will help you know the same acupressure points for diabetes:-


The point is there between the side of the ankle bone and the Achilles tendon. Acupressure is performed clockwise circular movements on this point. It should be done daily for 3 minutes for 8-12 weeks. It enhances the functioning of pituitary glands, along with increasing insulin production. Patients who have used this mode of treatment have experienced a drop in their blood sugar levels within a few months of starting this treatment.


It lies between the big and tiny toes. The technique is to press gently on the point by exerting anti-clock circular movements. It minimizes depression, which is the main culprit for diabetes. Thus, you will ensure a stress-free mind that works wonders toward letting you overcome the problem to a great extent. Refrain from using this technique when the patient is tired and weak, or it might worsen the situation. Do the exercise for three months daily for up to 8-12 weeks, as it will provide you with much-needed change.


The spleen-6 acupressure point is located in the lower legs at the rear of the shin bones above the ankle bones. The point offers treatment for the spleen, liver, and kidney since this point is crossed through them. Mild pressure is exerted by drawing anti-clock circular movements slowly to give acupressure. Do it for 3 minutes daily for up to three months on the lower part of the leg, and you will also experience the desired effect. Therefore, by following the exercise religiously, you will experience much-needed change that is enough to bring ending and everlasting smiles.


It is situated in the lower part of the leg and eight fingers above the external malleolus. It would be best if you exerted slight pressure through clockwise circular movements. Thereby, you are assured of removing the unwanted toxins from the body. Thus, you will slowly move towards the path of improvement.

Finally, after reading the article above, you can ease yourself into knowing the acupressure points for diabetes. It is advisable to perform the techniques only as you have complete and detailed knowledge. According to a saying, “Health is wealth.” Therefore, these points are going to ease you to the core. Now, you can live prosperously and happily like you have always wanted. Great, isn’t it?

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