Aloe Vera For Hyperpigmentation

Aloe Vera For Hyperpigmentation:

Hyperpigmentation is the skin condition in which dark color patches appear on the face or other body areas. This occurs due to the excess production and deposition of melanin. The particular area of the skin becomes darker than the surroundings. Melanin is a pigment which provides natural color to the skin. Hyperpigmentation occurs due to overexposure of skin, and even a reaction to perfumes can trigger it. The stubborn blemishes become dark with time.

Aloevera For Hyperpigmentation

There are different types of hyperpigmentation. TheHyperpigmentationelasma. This pigmentation is very common in women, and only 10% of men are affected by it. It results in the appearance of a butterfly-like pattern on the nose, cheekbones, upper lips, and forehead. The patches become more prominent on exposure to sunlight.

PIH(Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) is a type of pigmentation that occurs due to some type of injury or infection of the skin. Sometimes, acne spots or overuse of skin products result in PIH.

Photopigmentation is also a type of hyperpigmentation that has prolonged sun exposure. This is also called solar lentigines. This pigmentation affects the cheeks, nose, and back of hands.

Treatment of Hyperpigmentation :

A wide range of treatments are available, which include bleaching creams and laser treatments. There are also many homemade remedies available for treating pigmentation. Natural homemade remedies are considered better than bleaching creams and laser treatment as there are no side effects from the homemade remedies. Herbal and organic products can also be bought from the market. Bleaching creams contain different kinds of harmful chemicals. These creams usually take six months to show the results. Laser treatments are costly and sometimes make the conditions worse. Homemade remedies include herbs or products for daily use. They are not only easily assessed but also do not cost much. They include certain nuts, vegetables, and fruits. However, the treatment of hyperpigmentation with hyperpigmentation was the best.

Treatment of Hyperpigmentation with Aloe vera :

Aloe vera is a very short-stemmed or stemless succulent plant with height ranging from 24 to 39 inches. It belongs to the lily family and is often called a miracle plant. It is a readily available plant and can be grown at home. It has been used not only for treating hyperpigmentation but also for hyperpigmentation. Aloe vera has been used as a cosmetic and medicine product for a long time. In North African countries like Egypt, it was used in medical treatment about 6000 years ago. It has become a famous remedy, often seen in house gardens, nurseries, and shops selling valuable plants.

Aloe vera’s long, thick, succulent leaves contain gel consisting of polysaccharides, lectins, water, minerals, vitamins, and many active compounds.It also contains salicylic acid,sterols, and saponins. Aloe vera is a magical plant used in numerous skin-related cosmetics and herbal medicines. It is now a household name and is grown all over the world. Aloe vera products are available in all countries.

Extraction of Aloe vera at home :

Aloe vera consists of thick leaves. To extract the gel, each long leaf should be cut from the center. Inside the leaf, the useful gel or juice is present. The gel should be poured from each leaf into the bottle. The natural product has no side effects and no cost. Aloe vera products can also be bought from the market, as they are famous and are sold in large numbers.

Aloe vera masks and gels are very common. Aloe vera removes dead skin and helps regenerate new skin cells. Apply fresh aloe vera gel before sleeping at night and rinse it off in the morning. Use this remedy for a few weeks. This treatment not only diminishes dark patches but also rejuvenates and refreshes the skin. One or two Vitamin E capsules like Evion can also be used along with aloe vera treatment to enhance its efficacy.

Below is another aloe vera treatment. Take some aloe vera gel and add half a teaspoon of honey to it. Mix the two properly. Now apply the mask to the face. Leave the mask on for twenty minutes. Then wash off with lukewarm water. All this will refresh the face on hot summer days.

Another treatment for curing hyperpigmentation is hyperpigmentation vera and rose water. Take some aloe vera extract and rose water. Mix both. Apply the paste to the face for twenty minutes. Rinse it off with cold water. This face pack will treat age spots, pimple marks, pigmentation marks, and burn or injury marks. It can also be used as a fairness pack. This pack must be rubbed for 2-3 minutes to cleanse the pores before rinsed off.

Another remedy for curing blemishes is treatment with aloe vera and seaweed. Take some aloe vera gel, seaweed, and a half teaspoon of honey. Mix the ingredients well. Keep the ingredients as such for about ten minutes. Now apply the mask to the face, avoiding areas around the eyes. Keep the mask as such for twenty minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water. Results vary from person to person. Positive results can be seen within two to three weeks.

Aloe vera gel is considered a good remedy because it heals sunburn. When applied to dark spots, dark circles, and scars, it encourages the skin to regenerate new cells. As new cells develop, the old cells are sloughed off, fading the dark color of the pigmentation. Aloe vera also moisturizes and cleans the skin.

Pure Aloe vera gel can also be applied to the face before sleeping at night and rinsed off in the morning. A noticeable change can be seen within two or three weeks. Aloe vera gel or mask should be mixed with a good sunscreen to get the best results, or sunscreen can be applied separately on a daily basis. This must contain SPF 30 and PA+++ protection to reduce blemishes and hyperpigmentation.

For hyperpigmentation skin, sunscreen containing SPF 50 and Matte Gel PA+++ protection is required. If using gel-based creams, SPF30 can be used to get positive results. A person must also eat fruits and drink lots of water to stay hydrated.

Dirt is one cause of hyperpigmentation. AloHyperpigmentation is a body cleanser; hence, getting rid of dirt and detoxifying the body dramatically helps treat hyperpigmentation. Aloe Hyperpigmentation contains magnesium lactate, an itch inhibitor, making aloe vera a good product for treating acne, rashes, and sunburns.

The use of scrubs and masks helps in treating pigmentation, but everything takes time, including blemishes. Aloe vera gel or masks should be applied on a regular basis to get positive results. This will take time, but it will definitely be effective.

If left untreated, these masks can lead to skin cancer, so the skin marks are dangerous, and these should be treated as early as possible.

Conclusion: Hyperpigmentation can be cured by natural products like aloe vera. However, the remedies should be followed daily to get the full benefits. Hyperpigmentation should not be left untreated as this can lead to dreadful diseases like cancer.

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