Want your cold to disappear in a day’s time? Try these! Cough remedies

When cold strikes, a day in bed is the only choice that seems to appear as an option. With a very important family function, meeting or any other auspicious occasion on the cards one needs to get well soon of cold. Here are some of the ways in which cold can be beaten in just a day or two:

cold to disappear in a day
cold to disappear in a day


  • Hot shower will help

When you wake up in the morning feeling dreadful, there are chances that you may feel reluctant to go to the bathroom at once. But a steamy hot shower can be the one thing that can pull you towards the bathroom. A hot water bath can help you to soothe your throbbing muscles and the steam will surely help to clear the sinuses that have banged up.

Cough remedies:

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  • Porridge and berries with breakfast

A proper diet is what you need the most to recover from a cold. You may take up orange juice which will give you vitamin C and berries which are antioxidant will help you gain energy with some porridge with it.

  • Steam your face

During the period of a cold you may have continuous streaming nose and an even worse situation may occur in which you may end up being completely banged up which may lead to severe headache. This can be overcome by some not-so-popular medicines and home remedies.

Common cold remedy
Common cold remedy

You may tackle cold with some off the track medicines like aspirin, cough syrups, paracetamol and lozenges. You may find the lozenges with a strong taste much more useful than others. Strong flavors make you salvage a lot and hence clear your sore throat well. You may also try putting your head above a steaming bowl of water for about five minutes which will surely help you clear your airways.

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  • Go for short walk midday

Possibilities are that you may fear fighting cold in the outdoors, but a gentle and quiet stroll before having lunch will surely help you to improve your mood and to boost the immune system of your body. Do not feel that the stroll will make your condition worse. You may even exercise a bit if you have a head cold and runny nose at the same time.

  • Have a chicken Caesar salad in place of the sandwich

In place of your daily routine diet chart, go for some lean chicken and salad. Protein will help you build up your immune cells and will help to prompt the immune system of your body. People who tend to cut meat out of their diet plan will surely end up having a long-lasting cold.

  • Herbal teas

Some hot liquids like herbal teas help you to expel thin mucus out of your body. This will show a quick effect which is different from a glass of orange juice which will not have such quick effect.

  • Eat curry

At the time of dinner you may have some spicy food with a chilly toned curry in addition to this. Curry rich in ginger, chilli pepper and garlic are well-known for their anti bacterial and anti viral properties. They will surely help you clear the sinuses and they might be the only food item which will feel tasty to you. The spices also help to get rid of germs and will help clear the airways.

  • Get nice and long sleep

It is very important for your body to get a tight sleep of about 8 hours at a stretch. This will help you recharge your energy level and will give a better shape to your immune system. Coffee and alcohol late in the evening must be avoided.

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