7 Days GM Diet Plan Indian Vegetarian Diet For Weight Loss

7 Days GM Diet Plan Indian Diet For Weight Loss Indian Diet For Weight Loss 7 Day Vegetarian Diet Plan

Indian Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight – 7 Days GM Diet

The 7 Days GM Diet plan has been considered one of the most followed for healthily losing weight. There is nothing to worry about whites following this diet plan, as it is natural and healthy, and you don’t need to starve yourself to hunger; that is the best part of the 7 Days GM Diet plan.

If you want to lose weight, then you should try the 7-Day GM Diet for once. Who knows, it might be life-changing for you, and you might finally start losing weight. According to the facts and figures, if you successfully follow the GM Diet for 7 Days, then you will undoubtedly lose around 7 to 8 Kg weight in 7 days. Isn’t it amazing?

Obesity is a common problem nowadays. Due to stagnant lifestyles, people become fat. Obesity is the root cause of many diseases. Most people say that it is tough to reduce weight. Obesity is more common in America, where not only middle-aged people but also children gain weight earlier in their lives.

7 day weight loss
7-day weight loss

In the olden days, in India and various other countries, people walked a lot because there were no means of transport. As there were no machines and luxury items, most of the work in fields, factories, and houses was done by humans. As a result of this, their weight remained in control. But now they do not have to work like beasts at homes and factories. Most of the middle-aged men and women in India are overweight. Children also remain indoors most of the time. Either they stay busy with their studies or play games on computers and other electronic devices. They do not play like children in olden times. So obesity in children is also rising.


You must follow the directions and eat whatever the 7-day GM Diet plan mentions. It mainly includes daily fruits and vegetables, etc. Plan’, but on specific days, there are particular things to be eaten; that is the essential part.

So, here is the Indian Vegetarian Diet to Lost Weight by 7 Days GM Diet Plan:

Before that, let’s discuss why it is called a ‘7 Days GM Plan.’

It is because, years ago, General Motors developed a diet plan with concern for their employees’ health, and that is why it is called the GM Diet Plan. They wanted their employees to be healthy and maintain their weight.

That is why they developed a diet plan for losing weight in an entirely healthy way. An essential part of this diet plan is that you do not need to starve yourself by being hungry. Hence, this is a natural and healthy way to lose weight.

7 Days GM Diet:

Originally, there was an “Original GM Diet Plan,” but afterward, there came the “Vegetarian GM Diet Plan,” so here we are for now discussing the details of the Vegetarian GM Diet Plan, i.e., the Indian Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight.

Vegetarian GM Diet Plan:

This diet plan includes fruits, vegetables, starch, and water. So, while preparing for it, remember one crucial thing: drink a lot of water. At least eight glasses of water must be consumed while following this chart.


On the first day, it is “Fruit Day,” as you only have to eat fruits. Yes! Only fruits on this day. So for today, you need to eat any fruit you like. Fruits that are not to be eaten are Bananas, Mangoes, Litchi, and Grapes. Other than these, you can eat any fruit.

Preferred fruits for this day are watermelon, lime, orange, pomegranate, melon, strawberries, apple, etc. There is no limit to eating; you can eat as many times as you want to. While eating fruits, please don’t add any more things to them.

If you choose to eat melons only, you may lose up to 3 pounds on the first day!

Day 1 Diet Chart:

  • Breakfast: One apple and one glass of water
  • Mid-Morning Snack: One Bowl of Cantaloupes and one glass of water
  • Lunch: Two large slices of watermelon and two glass of water
  • Afternoon Snack: One orange and one glass of water
  • Evening Snack: One pear and one glass of water
  • Dinner: Half grapefruit, one guava, and two glasses of water

Day 2: Vegetable Day

On the second day, you must eat only vegetables. You can choose how to eat them, either boiled or raw. To start your day, you may want to eat a potato for more energy.

You should eat vegetables as you like them throughout the day. But remember: eat potatoes at the beginning of the day, not after that.

To have taste into vegetables, you can add a pinch of Basil, Oregano seasoning on vegetables.

Day 2 Diet Chart

  • Breakfast: Medium-sized boiled potato with Pat of 1 teaspoon of butter
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Lettuce, one bowl of cabbage, and one glass of water
  • Lunch: One onion, one cucumber, half carrot, and two glasses of water
  • After Noon Snack: Half cup of sliced bell pepper, one cup of boiled broccoli, and two glass of water
  • Evening Snack: One cup of boiled cauliflower and one glass of water
  • Dinner: Mixed boiled broccoli, carrot, green Apparently, beet and two glass of water


For day 3, you have to eat whatever you ate in the previous two days, i.e., fruits and vegetables. Today, you need to eat the fruits you ate on the first day and avoid the potato. Today, you can eat how much you want to eat until you feel full, and then you’ll start losing excess fat from your body and will feel lighter later on.

Day 3 Diet Chart

  • Breakfast: One apple OR one bowl of cantaloupe and two glasses of water
  • Morning Snack: One cup of sliced pineapples, one pear, and two glasses of water
  • Lunch: Bowl of mixed Onions, cucumber, lettuce, carrots, and two glasses of water
  • After Noon Snack: Half grapefruit OR one orange and one glass of water
  • Evening Snack: One guava OR one pair
  • Dinner: One bowl of boiled broccoli, half a cup of boiled raw papaya, half a bowl of boiled beet, and two glasses of water


This is a banana day, as bananas are the main thing to focus on on your diet’s fourth day. You are allowed to eat approximately six bananas and four glasses of milk today. Bananas contain sodium and potassium, which your body needs.

Along with that, today you can have soup once. This soup should have Onion, Souplic, CapSoupSoupomatoes, and Soup.

Day 4 Diet Chart

  • Breakfast: Two bananas and one glass of milk
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Banana shake made of one glass of milk and one banana
  • Lunch: 1 bowl of vegetable soup made of carrots, cabbage and onions
  • After Noon Snack: Again, a banana shake made of one glass of milk and one banana
  • Dinner: One glass of milk and two bananas
  • In addition, drink more water throughout the day; drink 8 to 10 glasses of water today.


On the fifth day of your diet plan, you’re going to consume the required proteins for your body, so you need to eat things that have rich protein inside. You have to eat sprouts, tomatoes, cottage cheese, soya chunks, etc. The best option would be to make a soup of all these things.

You can eat as many as six tomatoes today and also need to drink more water. Water helps flush out the toxins in your body, while tomatoes give you fiber and help digestion, among other processes.

Day 5 Diet Chart

  • Breakfast: One Bowl of red kidney beans, two tomatoes, lemon, pepper, and two glasses of water
  • Mid-Morning Snack: Cup of curd of tofu and one glass of water
  • Lunch: Two tomatoes, one cup of cooked brown rice, palak paneer, and two glass of water
  • After Noon Snack: Sprouts salad with lemon juice, a pinch of salt and pepper, and two glasses of water
  • Dinner: Vegetable soup and light curry prepared from soy chunks. Cucumber and tomato salad made of two tomatoes, one cucumber, and two glasses of water.


Today, you can eat cottage cheese, sprouts, and vegetables except tomatoes. You can also make soup and take it.

This day is just like Day 5 but without potatoes. These vegetables will provide your body with the required fiber and vitamins.

Day 6 Diet Chart:

  • Breakfast: One cut of mixed boiled vegetables and two glasses of water
  • Mid Morning Snack: A half bowl of cooked red kidney beans and one tomato seasoned with a pinch of salt and pepper and two glasses of water
  • Lunch: One bowl of vegetable soup and one glass of water
  • Evening Snack: One small bowl of sprouted/ boiled lentils and season with a pinch of salt and lemon juice and one glass of water
  • Dinner: One bowl of boiled mixed vegetables and one glass of water


The last day is meal day, but that doesn’t mean you can have the entire meal. By meal, I mean you can have half a chapatti and one cup of brown rice along with fresh fruits or juice.

You can also eat vegetables if you wish to and feel like it. You need to eat fruits and vegetables on this day, and if you follow this throughout, you’ll be losing weight as per the chart.

Day 7 Diet Chart

  • Breakfast: One Bowl of cantaloupes OR melon and one glass of water
  • Morning Snack: One cup of carrot sticks and frozen berries and one glass of water
  • Lunch: One bowl of lightly sautéed vegetables, one bowl of cooked brown rice, and two glasses of water
  • Evening Snack: One guava and one glass of water
  • Dinner: One bowl of mixed vegetable soup and two glass of water


As mentioned above, if you are determined and complete the 7-Day GM Diet plan, you’ll lose weight. You just need to hold on to it for seven days, during which you are allowed to eat various things in large amounts. So, once you are determined enough, start this diet as per the diet chart, and then surely you will witness totally life-changing results by the end of these seven days.

Benefits of the GM Diet Plan:

  • This is a natural and healthy way of losing weight in which you do not need to starve yourself.
  • You can eat many things on specific days, as your body requires.
  • By following the 7-day GM Diet, you can lose 5 to 8 kg of weight.
  • This diet plan helps you flush toxins out of your body and improves your skin’s glow after cleansing.
  • Fruits and vegetables are essential for maintaining and improving your body’s metabolism.
  • There’s no pressure to work out throughout this diet chart, but if you work out for a few minutes a day, it will be beneficial for your body.
  • The GM diet mainly helps reduce fat from the waist and tummy.

Things to remember before starting the GM Diet:

This diet plan, the 7-day GM Diet, is for those who tend to lose weight, and the diet chart has been developed with that in mind. If anyone feels any other effects from this diet, they should consult their doctor or dietician and, according to their instructions, start another diet plan or whatever.

The motto behind this diet plan is to help those who want to lose weight and live healthy lives. Losing weight is important for those who have extra pounds of fat on their bodies because a fat body invites many types of diseases and problems. So, to prevent any of such conditions, losing a few pounds would be beneficial to your health and will help you live a happy and healthy life.

One more thing: once you try out the 7-Day GM Diet Plan and feel good, lose weight. Then, start the plan again and give it one or two weeks. After that, you can start your diet plan using this 7-day GM Diet. For better results, one might consult a dietitian if there are any further queries regarding anything mentioned above or for your personal health and diet charts.

GM Diet Recipe for helping you in your Diet Plan:

  1. Vegetable Salad:

You will need:

  • Few salad leaves, Carrots cut in strips, Half Cut of Corn, Three tomatoes cut into rings, Five chopped spring onions, One shredded cabbage, a pinch of Salt Lemon Juice

Mix all the above-mentioned vegetables and leaves and season them with a pinch of salt and lemon juice.

  1. Fruit Salad:

You will need:

  • One cup of Grapes, Few Currants, Three oranges – peeled and sliced, Two apricots – removed and chopped, One sliced mango, Two apples, Three cups of shredded cabbage
    , Lemon Juice

Mix all these ingredients and add lemon juice on top.

  1. Sprouts:

You will need:

  • One cup of Sprouts, One tablespoon of finely chopped onions, One tablespoon of finely chopped green chili, Chopped coriander leaves and mint, Pinch of Salt and Lemon Juice

Mix all these ingredients and add a pinch of salt and lemon juice.

  1. Low-Calorie Soup:

You will need

  • Sliced Onion, Three tomatoes, 750 ml Water, Two green chilies, Carrot, Cabbage, Few Lettuce Leaves

Mix well, boil all the abovementioned ingredients, and add pepper and salt.

  1. One more Soup:

You will need:

Four green beans, Two carrots, threSoupshrooms, Soup  Bell pepper, 4th part of the cabbage, 4th part of the cauliflower, One onion, Salt to taste, Water to submerge vegetables

Mix the ingredients mentioned above to submerge them, and boil for up to 10 minutes at least 10 minutes

Questions about 7 Days GM Diet:

  1. What about tea and coffee?
    A. Herbal tea would be good, but not for coffee. You do not need to have any caffeine or sweetener throughout these seven days, so I am saying No.
  2. Alcohol consumption?
    A. No. Not at all. No alcohol before alcohol would do no good in this diet plan; it would ruin it. So do not consume alcohol.
  3. Is it okay to eat processed meat/ vegetables?
    A. Never. Freshly chopped and baked/ boiled vegetables and meat are preferable. Processed food items contain conditioners, phosphates, and much more, which are not supposed to be added to the diet or body.
  4. Rather than Milk, can I have buttermilk or yogurt?
    A. Yes, that would be no issue. You can eat any of the Milk, Yogurt, or buttermilk as you like.
  5. What about Chapati, Wheat, Cereal, and Bread?
    A. Since this is a gluten-free diet, no. Wheat is not allowed on this diet because it is modified and processed with gluten. These things will make you gain weight after your diet is completed.
  6. Can I consume Honey and Lemon in water in the morning?
    A. No for this. Honey has lots of sugar, so you should not drink any of such drinks. You can have more lemon in your salads and fruits, but no to honey.
  7. What about Salt, Pepper, and Spices?
    A. Well, there’s a yes for these, even though you should avoid consuming too much salt. It would be beneficial if you used a pinch of it in your salads and so on.
  8. Dry fruits and nuts?
    A. No, for them. Dried fruits and nuts are certainly rich sources of vitamins, etc., but for this diet, you should not take more of them.
  9. Can I continue the GM diet for more time?
    A. Well, no. You can not pursue this diet plan for a longer time, as this chart and plan are supposed to be like a Kickstarter plan for losing weight. Once you have followed the 7-day GM Diet, you should keep at least a two-week gap between starting it.

You might want to discuss further diet plans with your dietitian and consult proper ideas.

  1. What am I start gaining weight after completing the 7 Days GM Diet?
    A. Well, if you start eating more and more, you might gain weight. Once you complete the diet, you’ll crave sweets and everything. If you manage this and eat proper food, then you won’t have anything to fear. But if you can’t control yourself and don’t handle eating methods and portions, then you might eventually gain more weight.

Obesity must be controlled. People try various methods to reduce weight. Some people opt for dieting, and they remain without food most of the day. Dieting is not the right alternative to reducing weight because it weakens the body. A person should take at least three meals in a day. However, reducing food intake definitely helps to lose weight. A person on a weight reduction regime must take a balanced diet; otherwise, he can become a victim of deficiency diseases. Children should not be allowed to diet.

Some people join a gym or start doing challenging exercises, including weight lifting. This does not help in reducing weight. More straightforward and practical exercises should be done regularly for weight loss. However, the intake of a planned diet for a certain period works to reduce weight. Food should be taken in lesser quantities so that extra flab can be stopped from forming layers of fat on the body. A family doctor, an excellent medical practitioner, or a nutritionist must be consulted before starting a dieting and exercise regime. Walking, jogging, running, and stretching are simple exercises that should be followed in the morning to burn extra flab on the body.

Indian diet for weight loss: The traditional Indian diet provides all the nutrients to the body. It is suitable for growth, maintenance, and overall health. If appropriately taken, it does not allow weight gain. Indian diet does not include pizzas, burgers, chips, cola, or patties, which usually increase fat. Significant weight loss vegetarian Indian foods are dark green vegetables, pulses, nuts, soybean, and fruits . They should be taken every day or three times a week. They provide vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibers, and antioxidants. They not only save us from deficiency diseases but also reduce the fat level in our body because they contain few calories.

7-Day Vegetarian Diet Plan: It is hard to reduce weight. A lot of hard work and dedication is required to reduce weight. A secret diet plan is below to slim down your body and reduce your weight in seven days.  The vegetarian diet, which helps to reduce weight, is also called the G.M. Diet Plan. A 7-day vegetarian diet plan was developed for the well-being of General Motors Corporation Employees. So, it came to be called the GM Diet Plan. The aim of this diet was not only to reduce the weight of workers from 5 to 8 Kg but also to maintain it.

This diet proved to be very successful and became world-famous. This diet also boosts the body’s metabolic rate, provides a glow to the skin, and eliminates toxins from the body. During the diet regime, alcohol must be avoided because alcohol increases uric acid, which leads to water retention. Alcohol also blocks the natural detoxifying process. It is required to take about ten glasses of water every day during this regime because instead of carbohydrates, water will be the primary source of energy. The Indian version of the 7-day diet plan is given below.

7 Days GM Diet Plan

7 Days GM Diet Plan Day 1:

Day 1 of the diet plan regime is the hardest as the person taking a lot of carbohydrates and proteins has been asked to live only on fruits. On this day, you cannot eat anything other than fruits. Try to avoid rice, roti, milk, and other carbohydrates and proteins. You can consume all the fruits except grapes, bananas, litchi, and mangoes. Other fruits can be taken in any quantity you wish.

Fruits Diet plan
Fruits Diet plan

It would be best to consume more watermelon, lime, oranges, apples, pomegranates, strawberries, and melons. Don’t add anything to the fruit. It is not recommended to drink fruit juice on this day. You can lose three pounds if you eat only melons on the first day.

7 Days GM Diet Plan Day 2 The first day was fruit day, and the second was veggies day. You can eat only vegetables on the second day. But you can eat them to your heart’s content and as much as you want. You can fill your stomach with vegetables only. Boiled or raw vegetables or salads can be included in the diet. You should begin your day with a boiled potato and a teaspoon of butter. This is recommended because potato is a carbohydrate and a good energy source. Breakfast must not be skipped. For the whole day, you can eat different types of vegetables.

vegetables diet plan
vegetable diet plan

Potatoes should be taken once only. Boiled vegetables should be taken along with the required amounts of oregano or basil seasoning to make them edible. You can also add lemon and vinegar. Vegetables provide vitamins and fiber. Day 2 is a calorie-free day. If a person follows the regime successfully on the second day, he will be called dedicated to weight reduction.

7 Days GM Diet Plan Day3:

On Day 3, it is recommended to eat vegetables and fruits according to the G M diet plan. You should eat melons, strawberries, apples, oranges, pomegranates, watermelon, and lime. Avoid potatoes on the third day because carbohydrates can be taken from fruits and potatoes are included in a fat-increasing diet.

vegetables and fruits diet plan
vegetables and fruits diet plan

Eat as many vegetables and fruits as you wish. Drink about ten glasses of water each day. You are reaching your weight loss goal as your body is set to burn excess pounds. You will feel light and happy.

7 Days GM Diet Plan Day 4:

You can eat a banana on the fourth day, as you were prohibited from doing so in earlier days. You are advised to drink milk on this day. Enough milk of up to four glasses can be taken. Bananas were not allowed to be eaten for three days because they increased weight.

Banana milk diet
Banana milk diet

However, in the diet plan, they can act as a source of potassium and sodium for the body. Bananas will also provide salt to the body. Soup can also be taken on this day. The soup should consist of capsicum, onions, garlic, and tomSoups.

7 Days GM Diet Plan Day5:

On day 5, you can eat a tasty meal. You can take tomatoes, sprouts, and paneer. Make a soup with these ingredients and drink it. You must increase your water intake on this day.

Tomato soup Diet
Tomato soup Diet

On the fifth day, you must eat six tomatoes: two for breakfast, two for lunch, and two for dinner. Tomatoes are for fiber and digestion. Water intake will purify the body from toxins.

7 Days GM Diet Plan Day 6:

You can eat sprouts, paneer, and vegetables on this day, but you cannot take tomatoes. Tasty soup and lots of water should help you throughout the process. Soupegetables will provide vitamins and fiber. You can see changes in your body. You must consume the required amount of water to eliminate toxins.

7 Days GM Diet Plan Day 7:

This is the last and final day of the diet plan. You will feel light and happy. You can have juice for breakfast. A cup of brown rice or half chappati and vegetables can be eaten. You can eat cabbage, cauliflower, corn, and peas. Water should be taken in the required amounts as told.

Adnan Sami's before-after
Adnan Sami’s before-after

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Conclusion: Strictly following the above diet plan will help you lose weight.

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