Hyperpigmentation: Causes, Types, and Tips Treatment

Hyperpigmentation is the skin situation which occurs most of the time due to over exposure to sun, it will darken your skin and nail either due to excess sun exposure. The prime reason for Hyperpigmented skin is UV rays. During the situation the few spots on skin turn into smudgy and off-color. This types of spots are known as macules. The smudges will vary on the intensity of UV rays you’re exposed and the skin tone. The logic behind the hyperpigmentation is that it affects the production of melanin, melanin is the pigment which is found in the living organisms, and it is a broad term actually which has different groups under it.

Causes of Hyperpigmentation

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There are lots of things that can affect the skin hyperpigmentation, if you are taking a certain type of medicines like antibiotics, if you’ve been exposed to sun’s UV rays for more time and might be because of skin diseases like acne vulgarism. No matter what you call a hyperpigmentation, dark spots, uneven skin tone its skin damage. Here are few reason that you might not know that can cause hyperpigmentation.

hyperpigmentation tips
hyperpigmentation tips

1) Bra: Yes your own bra can be culprit here, wearing an awesome bra will make your boobs look nicer but keep in mind that if bra is too tight than constant friction with your bra and skin can cause few serious damages to your skin. This type of hyperpigmentation is call “Bra Burn”. So before buying your bra make sure that the strap fits perfectly and without much of friction.

2) Hair Removal Treatments: Yes, they can cause hyperpigmentation by using tweezers and other rigid methods which will cause the damage to your skin, methods like ripping out your hair, using unnatural hair removal creams, or wax. So be careful about using harsh techniques to remove hair, be gentle while using wax or use other proper techniques.

3) Computer : That might sound odd to you but yes a laptop can cause you hyperpigmentation, using laptop or computer for excess time on your thighs will affect your skin with heat that your laptop generates. This type of hyperpigmentation is known as “erythema ab igne”.

4) Food : Lime and lemon can be hurtful to your skin if it is taken with the improper or odd stuff, this type of citrusy food has substances which will damage your skin incase if they are exposed to UV rays of sun. Most of the time this happens while you drink cocktail squeezed with lime or lemon in it making an odd combination ultimately resulting skin damages, this type of hyperpigmentation is called bartender’s burn.

5) Changing Hormones : A child goes through lots of hormonal changes every day in some cases the level of melanin  changes drastically which will result in damaged skin, dark spots, pimples and other skin related issues.

Types of Hyperpigmentation:

1) Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation : It is caused by the acute acne which will cause dark spots on your skin. It is also known as PIH, most of the time the dark spots appear on the face of the patient. Patient with this type of hyperpigmentation are requested to stay away from the direct sun light.

2) Hypopigmentation: It is also known as reverse hyperpigmentation, causing a white spots on the skin. The patient is advised to not to scratch the skin area of damage, that can cause the smudges to be permanent. This can be cured by laser surgeries.

3) Melasma: Melasma is also known as Chloasma, causing damages on the skin of forehead, leaving smudges on cheeks and nose. In a survey it is found that around 30% of the patient has genetics issues and around 15% has hormonal issues, and it is also found in AIDS patients as well.


Tips on Treatments of Hyperpigmentation:

1) Skin Analysis : Having done a skin analysis is a crucial and very important for successful treatment of hyperpigmentation, we would highly recommend it to be done by the professional dermatologist. A professional dermatologist will look for the origin of the problem and based on that they can recommend the most effective cure, based on your lifestyle they will gather the data and give you the conclusions and treatment options.

2) Medical History : Before starting a treatment of hyperpigmentation a doctor must know about your medical history. They should be aware of your allergies, past medicines intakes, food habits and everything that can help them to cure the hyperpigmentation. They also must be aware of diagnosed diseases you had in past or current.

3) Eating Habits: Food can be one of the cause of hyperpigmentation so the doctor must be aware of your eating habits as well, they should know how much and what you eat at what time in what quantity. More the detail more it will help for faster treatment of hyperpigmentation.

4) Birth control pills : If you’re a woman suffering from hyperpigmentation then it is wise to let dermatologist know about your recent intakes of birth control pills and your menstrual cycle. If you’ve been recently pregnant or had a child, details would be helpful.

5) UV Exposure : Are you the person who has been overexposed to the UV rays ? You work under the sun ? Better provide information on how much time you spend under the sun rays and precaution you take for keeping yourself safe from harmful UV Rays.

The patient of hyperpigmentation are advised to stay away from sun and citrusy food, take proper advice from the dermatologist and offer them as much as information as you could. This piece was written to provide you general information about what is hyperpigmentation and causes and type of it.

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