How to Growth height

How to Growth height

Most of the people especially the teenager are crazy about their height. They want look taller, Physical appearance include physical features and height. Every one want to look taller. A person having short stature possess inferiority complex in today’s world.


But tallness and dwarfness  mostly depend on genes possessed by a person. The working of genes is not  under human control. It is not necessary that a person having tall parent must reach that height. If a child having short parents can attain more height than his parents. If his ancestors were long so the height is genetically controlled character. But we can enhance somewhat height by following certain steps up to the age of twenty five years because it is said that growth of height stops after twenty five years.

Intake of balanced diet

We should eat balanced diet which includes carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, and water in required quantity. Any deficiency of the important components of food can result in diseases and weakness. A child suffering from deficiency diseases cannot attain that height as compared to his / her counterparts. Growing children needs more proteins and carbohydrates than the adults so milk, meat, green vegetables, fruits should be given to the children in required quantity so that they can grow height naturally. Milk other proteins and green vegetables provide calcium, which promotes bone growth and can help prevent osteoporosis. Some people look shorter when they become over aged because the bones get crushed with age and an eighty year man looks shorter as compared to when he was 40 years or when he was a young man.

Niacin Supplements

Taking 500mg of niacin definitely enhances growth because if taken empty stomach it promotes growth hormone levels Niacin is vitamin B3 a found in yeast , meals, milk , fish whole grains, dairy products, legumes, opra, potatoes, pumpkins. Increased intake of above given products can also enhance growth.

Vitamin D intake

Vitamin D promotes  muscles and bone growth in children vitamin D is available in milk, fish, alfalfa, mushroom and sunlight. Deficiency of vitamin D results in stunting growth and weight gains in girls. So increased amount of vitamin D should be included in supplement or Vitamin D  capsule should be taken. Outdoor visits in sun are also important because sunlight is good source of vitamin D.

Intake of minerals like

zinc deficiency of zinc causes growth in children zinc is available in oysters, chocolates , peanuts, peas and   asparagus. Zinc can also be taken as supplement through capsules and tablets.

Avoidance of drugs , alcohol and steroids

This has been scientifically proved that intake of drugs, alcohol and steroids by children and young adults results in stunted growth, weakness, addiction and diseases. Children who smoke do not reach the same height as compared to their parents who do not smoke. Also the children of smokers are shorter than the children of nonsmoker. Alcohol burns vitamins, minerals and important components of food. If the necessary components are not available to the body, natural growth is not possible. Caffeine does not stunt growth. But it checks your sleep. As young adults and children requires nine to ten hours of sleep for proper growth of body. Intake of caffeine will not allow sufficient sleep.

Steroids inhabit growth of bones in young children and teens. It also enhances blood pressure and there is risk of heart attack in future. Children who take drugs of asthma remain short in their height.

Role of Exercises

Exercises play a magnificent role in enhancing the growth of the body. Running, swimming, stretching, skipping and doing yoga may help you I growing a perfect body. Taking exercise leads to growth of muscles and bones which in turns results in overall growth of the body. It has been scientifically proven that swimming and jumping results in increased height of a person.

Plenty of Sleep

Sleep is necessary for the growth of our body. Growing children and teenagers require almost nine to ten hours of sound sleep. The human growth hormone (HGH) is produced naturally in our bodies during sleep or slow wave sleep. One can take warm bath or drink a hot cup of chamomile tea to get relaxation and adequate sleep.

Artificial measures and drugs

Some people are mad about attaining height. They type take certain drugs and infect HGH (Human Growth Hormone)   in their body. This is an artificial measure and does not suit every one. So injection should be taken under the supervision of a licensed doctor. Certain creams, pills, powered are available for promotion of growth but they bring a lot of side effects.

Healthy immune system   

Healthy immune system is required for children, those who get infected easily do  not grow well. So to improve immune system, they should be given Vitamin C supplements or they should be given adequate amount of liters fruits which includes lemon, oranges, grapes. Plenty of rest is also required so that children may not fall easily or at the earliest and young teenagers girls should not wear heels because they inhibit growth and cause inhibit obesity small. If a person is average and short he can look taller by following the following steps :

  1. A person who is average can look taller. Girls should wear high heels so that they can look taller than their normal height.
  2. Wearing dark-colored clothes also enable us to look taller and slim. Light color dress shows our real weight and structure.
  3. Wearing tight clothes also helps to look slim and long.
  4. Avoiding horizontal prints, instead wear vertical lines. You will look thin and longer.
  5. Keeping long hair united also help to look taller and thinner.
  6. Wearing open toed shoes or sandals also provide a taller appearance.
  7. Ankle straps cut the leg off with a horizontal line at the top of the foot. So, the shoes with ankle straps should be avoided.
  8. Develop confidence : If a person in short, he must not feeling inferior he should develop confidence of accepting his shortness. She/ He should be encouraged to work on developing other qualities to him / her.

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