Insomnia Causes, Cures, Treatments for Insomnia

Insomnia Causes, Cures, Treatments for Insomnia:

Do you struggle to sleep no matter how hard was the day or even if you are very tired? Or you wake up all of sudden and start watching at clock? It is a very common problem popularly known as Insomnia. It can cause serious damage to your health if not taken care of, it will ruin your mood and health, take down your energy level for day and reducing productivity. It can easily be cured by changing lifestyle and taking care of daily habits.


Technically speaking, Insomnia is the non-ability of having enough amount of sleep. Since the amount of sleep needed is different from person to person, it is defined by the quality and speed of you getting sleep.

The reasons for it may differ from person to person, it can be sometime symptom of another problem like overload of responsibility, drank too much caffeine etc.

Causes of Insomnia

Almost 70% of the time causes behind insomnia is emotional like anxiety, depression and stress. To find the exact reason why you can’t sleep you need to be sleep sherlock. There can be your day time activities causing you a insomnia like, drinking too much coffee, irregular sleep routine and physical fitness plays vital role for your sleep. To find reason of insomnia you need to ask few questions like:

  • Are you in serious worry?
  • You have strong feeling of anxiety?
  • Have lot of work stress?
  • Are you taking any medicine that can interfere your sleeping habits ?
  • Are you sleeping in comfortable environment?
  • Are your sleep schedule regular, means you woke up and sleep at same time everyday?

Here are some common causes of insomnia

There are more chances that insomnia will go away by itself, it is sometime a temporary issue due to your habits or some temporary issue like breakup, work stress or upcoming important exams. There are some mental and physical issues which needs proper attention and advice, below is the list.

Insomnia MEME

  • Medications: normally the medication for cold and flu contains alcohol, some pain relievers contains good amount of caffeine which can cause insomnia.
  • Medical Problems: Problems like cancer, asthma, acid reflux, hyperthyroidism and other allergies can be culprit for insomnia.
  • Psychological Problems: Majority of the time there is a psychological problem behind insomnia, it includes depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • Other: Other causes of insomnia can be sleep disorders, narcolepsy.

Insomnia Cures and Treatments

As said earlier you need to be Sleep Sherlock for finding reason behind the insomnia, after finding the reason you can try the few advices we have given here. There are some habits that you won’t even consider and it might be causing the insomnia. For example, if you drink too much of coffee during the day than it will interfere with the sleep resulting in the insomnia. At first it might be very difficult to unfollow the habit, it might be the part of your life but you have to cope with it.

1. Sleep Diary:

Sleep diary is the best way to record small details of your sleep, it is the first step of overcoming the insomnia. In sleep diary keep the record of your behaviours and reason causing insomnia. You have to do is keep track of your eating habits, sleep time and routine and the food you ate.

2.Adopt New Habits:

Sleep rhythm is important, make sure you stick with your sleep schedule even during holidays, no matter how tired you are but always wake up and sleep at the certain time.

3. No Naps:

Try to avoid a nap, if you feel like having it try to suppress it or have 30 minutes nap before 3:00 PM. The more nap you take the more harder it gets to sleep at night.

4. Minimize the intake of Caffeine:

Not only caffeine but alcohol and nicotine are the culprit causing insomnia. So try to minimize the intake of any of this stuff.

5. Sleep on regular place:

Place plays crucial role in getting sleep, like if your place has noises, heavy lighting and sounds of machines then it will interfere with the sleep. Make sure you sleep in the quiet and dark room.

If the problem of insomnia is getting serious day by day then we would suggest to consult doctor and take proper medication. Share your views on this article and let us know which our tip helped you.

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