hyperpigmentation Causes Cure Treatment Prevention Pigmentation

Hyperpigmentation Pigmentation Causes Cure Treatment and Prevention.

Pigmentation is the term generally used for the discoloring or appearance of patches on one’s skin due to an imbalance in the amount of melanin. Melanin is a substance present in our skin whose amount determines our skin color. When our skin cells become damaged or unhealthy due to illness or injury, the production of melanin is affected. This causes the skin color to undergo unusual changes and distorted patches.

hyperpigmentation Causes Cure Treatment
hyperpigmentation Causes Cure Treatment

HyperPigmentation Causes

Pigmentation is one of the most common medical conditions today, affecting people of all ages. It may be classified into two types: hyperpigmentation and hypopigmentation.
Hyperpigmentation occurs when the level of melanin in our skin becomes extremely high, and hypopigmentation occurs when the level of melanin in our skin becomes extremely low.
These categories may be further classified into six sub-types of pigmentation based on their causes: –

  • ·         Ephelides or freckles
  • ·         Melasma
  • ·         Chloasma
  • ·         Solar Lentigines
  • ·         PIH or Post Inflammatory Pigmentation
  • ·         Dark Circles around the eyes

hyperpigmentation Causes Cure Treatment Prevention Pigmentation 1

Thus, keeping this in mind, we can now closely look at the causes of pigmentation in general.

  • Sun exposure: The longest number of hours our skin is exposed to the harsh rays of the sun causes our hands to burn and form dark patches over the exposed area. This pigmentation, which is usually dry and coarse, is caused by our skin’s exposure to the UV-A and UV-B rays of sunlight, which disturb the skin cell mechanism.
  • Genetic inheritance: Patients who suffer from severe pigmentation usually have parents or grandparents who have the same medical condition. In such cases, treatment becomes far more difficult and time-consuming.
  • Reaction to drugs: Intake of medications that may react adversely with our bodily fluids causes pigmentation in the form of side effects.
  • Use of cosmetics: Over a long period of time, using cosmetics, especially lipstick, causes the skin color to change and pigmentation to appear. This is because cosmetics mainly contain mercury compounds that react adversely with melanin.
  • Oral medication: Most birth control pills hurt the skin, as they disturb the balance of the body’s hormonal system and result in spot pigmentation.
  • Albinism: A severe yet common medical condition, albinism, occurs due to the complete absence of melanin. It is believed to be a genetic condition where a uniform light skin color and hair are seen all over the body.

hyperpigmentation Causes Cure Treatment

Hyperpigmentation Treatment and Cure

To diagnose skin pigmentation of every kind, a visual examination of the patient is advised. Sometimes, a Wood’s lamp or black light test, which is a dermatological tool to check the skin color of the patient, can be used to diagnose certain skin conditions related to pigmentation. To rule out skin cancer as a possibility, a biopsy may be asked to be done.

Those affected by skin pigmentation disorders can protect themselves from overexposure to sun rays by covering up, using sunscreen, and avoiding outdoors when the rays are strongest. Skin lightening or skin bleaching agents may be used to treat hyperpigmentation disorders, along with topical creams containing safe levels of hydroquinone or tretinoin, and topical steroid creams may be used. Apart from these, several people depend on natural products, like sandalwood and papaya or even milk, to eliminate hyperpigmentation.

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Treatments that require strict medical vigilance, like laser surgeries and dermabrasion, are also opting out as safe curing options.

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