Skin Pigmentation Causes Cure Face Treatment Home Remedies Reasons

What is Pigmentation?

When any part of the outer skin gets darker or toned than the normal skin it is Pigmentation.  So when skin gets toned, it looks bad and we should start to make skin to be normal as before.

What happens in pigmentation?

Mainly Pigmentation occurs on hands due to sleeveless portion on neck due to variations in neck and on legs due to shorter clothes. It looks so ugly when skin tone gets darker also some people gets dark circles around their eyes.


Causes of Pigmentation

  • Overexposure to sun-rays
  • Use of spurious cosmetics
  • Oral medication

Here are some home remedies to avoid Pigmentation and to glow your skin. So many fruits and other natural solutions are given here which contains all the natural vitamins and yet no side effects as all these solutions are totally natural:

Almonds for Pigmentation:

Almonds are said to be getting sharper memory power but very few people has knowledge that almonds can also be used as remedy to Pigmentation. A paste made of almonds along with milk provides glowing skin, specially for face. There are so many skin lotions and oils available in the market, by which we can nourish the skin.

Cucumber for Pigmentation:

You might have seen some people, laying on a chair with a facemask and cucumbers pieces on both eyes. Yes that is also good usage which removes dark circles and coolness. Also we can eat salad containing cucumber, it helps us in many ways as cucumber has got so many necessary vitamins which helps our body internally as well as externally.

Lemon for Pigmentation:

Lemon has so many important properties including vitamin C. It has so many citrus, which kills germs and is best remedy to remove Pigmentation. But some skin types are allergic to lemon.  So to be careful while using lemon or get some information from experts.

Aloe vera for Pigmentation:

You might have seen or used creams or lotions which contains aloe vera but we suggest you to use aloe vera as in it’s natural form. Aloe vera is also used to avoid Pigmentation. Although all these skin lotion and creams are useful but to use aloe vera on the skin directly on the affected parts of your body and then leave it for few minutes and then wash the skin with normal water. The skin gets cleared and smoother than before and gets shiny too.

Turmeric for Pigmentation:

It is one of the ancient remedy, which can be used in lots of  ways. Also turmeric is so many times stronger than any other remedy. Turmeric provides stronger immune system, glowing skin and removes toned skin. There are so many uses of Turmeric including making some Paste.

Avocados for Pigmentation:

Use avocado pieces and make paste. This paste applied on the affected skin, provides glow on the skin removes Pigmentation. Avocados provides instant glow. Using avocados in it’s natural forms just like the aloe vera, provides beat results on the skin.

Paste for Pigmentation:

We can make almond and honey face mask. It will glow the skin and provides coolness. Also there and be a cucumber  and mint paste which also provides best results.

Just Comment below if you want any help regarding Pigmentation and their Treatment which are easily available at home as well as it’s not harm your Skin.

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