Bone Marrow Cancer Symptoms

Bone Marrow Cancer Symptoms

Bone marrow cancer usually takes place in the larger bone cavities of our body which are filled with soft tissues. The stem cells present in the marrow that develops into different kinds of cells such as red blood corpuscles and white blood corpuscles might turn malignant and there are many early symptoms to detect this affliction.

Differant kinds of Cancer
Differant kinds of Cancer

This is one of the rarest kinds of cancer and affects a small percentage of cancer patients.


The initial signs of bone marrow cancer may differ from person to person but some of the common symptoms of the condition are fever, loss of weight, loss of appetite, and fatigue. The initial signs of bone marrow cancer can be so subtle and erratic – this causes the patient to take the symptoms casually and delay his/her visit to the doctor. One of the most common symptoms for bone cancer is unbearable pain in one or more bones. Sometimes this pain occurs in repeated waves and often intensifies in the night.

Bone Marrow Cancer
Bone Marrow Cancer

Some of the other Bone Marrow Cancer Symptoms are:

  • Loss of appetite for a long span of time
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Hard lumps on the skin
  • Swellings
  • Stiff joints
  • Anaemia
  • Multiple Myeloma or malignant growth of plasma cells
  • Leukaemia

These symptoms as we can see may seem unproblematic towards the beginning but the longer we keep this unchecked, the more difficult it gets for the patient to recover in the future as the cancer cells would have spread rapidly. Therefore, symptoms like hard lumps on the skin or unusual growth on the bones or skin must be checked immediately to rule out the possibility of a bone marrow cancer.
Bone marrow cancer patients may be lower in number but their mortality late is also that low. It is almost untraceable if caught in the last stage, thus, one must be wary of these symptoms.

bone marrow
bone marrow

Bone marrow cancer includes a set of cancer(s) which also occur due to the imbalance of cell generation – as seen in the bone marrow of our bodies. These either arise from plasma cells or its imbalance in one’s system and from white blood cells which lead to further complications as as seen in case of leukaemia. Other than this, tumours lymph nodes may form according to abnormal lymphocytes – this type of cancer, which is also often grouped under bone marrow cancer is termed as “lymphoma”.

Therefore, one can broadly classify the types of cancers grouped under bone marrow cancer.

Types of Bone Marrow Cancer

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  • Leukaemia (which includes chronic leukaemia and acute leukaemia)
  • Lymphoma (further divided into Hodgkin’s lymphoma and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma)
  • Multiple Myeloma

It is advisable to visit a doctor as soon as possible immediately after you sight any of these symptoms so that the cancer cells do not get the time to spread and become malignant. At a benign state, bone marrow cancer like other forms of cancer is treatable through radiation,medication and surgery.

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Thus is advised to follow up on a complete body check up including biopsy in case of any symptomatic sightings.

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  1. Around Thanksgiving of 2008, I found a small, hard lump above my left breast (I had just fnisihed reading the book Life Wish by Jill Ireland who died from breast cancer so decided to do a self exam, just in case ) and after much testing and sending my biopsy all over the place, I finally got diagnosed with Non-Hodkins anaplastic large-cell lymphoma. What a mouthful! I was scared out of my mind. I was newly divorced with a teenage daughter and facing 6 months of chemo, alone. But I really wasn’t alone, thanks to facebook and myspace and all the wonderful people who stepped forward to help keep my spirits up. Your Angel was one of them I lost my hair after the first treatment, but thanks to a good diet and LOTS of immunity boosting suppliments, I really didn’t feel all that bad. I would have a few oogy days after the chemo, but I never did get violently ill like some people do. Actually, I felt quite normal most of the time The brain gets a bit mushy after a few treatments. Makes it hard to think sometimes, and I lost my sense of taste and smell which are finally returning 2 years later but all in all, it was just a bump in the road of life. I really ended up learning a lot about myself and what’s truly important, and like you said, I found out that I’m much stronger than I ever thought I was! You will find your inner strength too, Rose! Never doubt it!!! xo


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