How to Remove Dandruff From Hair easily

How to Remove Dandruff From Hair

Dandruff is the most common problem for most people. It is seen either due to dry scalp pr due to over oily scalp. So if you have any of these trouble, then here are some of the most used and most effective solutions. All these solutions are natural and also some of the advanced techniques are also mentioned below. Read all these and then get some of these technique is use.

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It is the simplest way to remove dandruff and to get rid of it. Apply the yogurt after washing your hair. Then leave it for few minutes and then rinse off regularly. This might work on the first time or you may try 2 -3 times.

Olive Oil:

Before washing your hair, apply few drops of olive oil on your scalp and then leave it for few minutes. Then wash your hair. Also you can apply olive oil at night  Рkeep it overnight and then by the morning you might get surprised by seeing dandruff free hair.

Coconut Oil:

After washing as well as drying your hair, apply Coconut Oil on the scalp only and then leave for some time. Then rinse off. Then see the result.

Neem Water:

Get some of the leaves of Neem and after adding some water, boil that mixture and then remove leaves and use that water for washing your hair. It will be very effective for removing dandruff.

Aloe Vera:

Get some aloe vera on your finger tips and then message them gently on the scalp. Keep the aloe vera on the scalp for some time and then rinse off. It can be very helpful. Aloe vera is one of the most used natural ingredient which is more effective for such solutions. So more people choose such natural source. There are some shampoos available which contains aloe vera but using the aloe vera in its actual natural form is the best way to get the best result.

Apple Juice:

It is one of the effective solution. Apply some of apple juice on the scalp after washing your hair regularly. Then leave it for few minutes and then rinse off again.


If you are looking for some ancient solutions, which are more helpful than others then here is one. Make a paste with Tulsi and Amla by adding water. And then apply that on the scalp. Also one can add some curd for making it effective.


Get some eggs and prepare a liquid which contains the inner part of the egg. Mix it well. Apply on the scalp. Leave it for couple of hours and then rinse off, twice.

Lemon Juice with Curd:

Get some drops of fresh lemon juice and add curd into it. Mix it well, apply onto scalp. This might hurt as lemon contains acidic properties. So be careful while applying this paste.

Other than these, you can have some massages on your head so that hair gets oily with some more effective oil including olive oil etc. Get gentle massage and then leave it for couple of hours or overnight. Then by the morning time, rinse off your hair and then see the result.

Also you can choose to have some anti-dandruff shampoo and can try out for that. As you might get suited to such shampoo and that can make your hair shiny and strong. And also remove dandruff.

All the above mentioned are the best ever treatments with which you can get rid of the dandruff for ever. Also most of the above mentioned solutions can be tried out at home. So read all these treatments and then some of these might give you the solution for the dandruff.

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