Nose Piercing Care Tips

Nose Piercing Care Tips

NOSE PIERCING- beautifies women’s beauty and looks cool and fashionable. But nose piercing requires some caring responsibility. If you follow some nose piercing care tips, your pierced nose can go all under with a 1 or 1 ½ 1-month healing process and no pains.

Nose Piercing Care Tips
Nose Piercing Care Tips

Oh! You got your nose pierced. That’s great, awesome. But you must follow some nose piercing care tips to enjoy your fresh nose piercing. When you get your nose pierced, the piercing studio will give you guidelines about caring for your nose. But no matter, here we will provide you with some universal nose piercing care tips.


Do take certain precautions before you opt for nose piercing to avoid lumps and infections.

  • Do go for a recognized and concerned piercing artist/beautician.
  • Check for the needle/gun being sterilized.
  • Do check once the metal of the stud/nose ring.
  • Check while piercing the artist/beautician using clean articles, gloves, etc.


A fresh nose piercing will swell up a little, so don’t worry. Piercing, in other words, means a wound, and you all know that wounds really need time to heal. In a few days after the nose piercing, the swelling will disappear, as will your pain.

  1. Always wash your hands before touching your freshly pierced nose.
  2. While taking a shower every day, clean your piercing with soft and clean cotton.
  3. Try to wash your fresh pierced nose about 2-3 times a day with saline solution.
  4. While cleaning, do not forget to clean any crusting formed inside and outside the stud.
  5. While applying makeup, avoid your fresh nose piercing area.
  6. Be gentle while cleaning the crusting, and do not pull out the stud.
  7. You can use Lavender oil (wound-reducing tenderness).
  8. Until and unless your stud gets adequately healed, do not try to remove it at night.
  9. You can take B vitamins along with zinc supplements.
  10. If it causes irritation at the pierced nose, do not pick/pull the scab. If you do, it is possible that it will form into a lump, which will further cause infections.
  11. If you try to pull in and out of the stud, it may cause infections and take more time to heal.
  12. Do not remove your stud for more than one day before six months. If you do, the pierce may become sealed.

These are some nose piercing care tips that are really easy and simple and also require more common sense. For example, you need to wash your hands before touching your nose ring, clean it with saline solution about 3-4 times a day, and last but not least, keep the stud/ring until your piercing is healed properly. Do follow the nose piercing care tips we discussed in this article.

You got a fresh nose pierced? Did it swell? Did you try nose piercing care tips?

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