Home remedies for hair loss

Home remedies for hair loss

Many people think hair loss is a problem with age, but that’s not true. Losing 50-100 strands of hair daily is pretty standard. If hair loss increases and you notice bald patches or thinning of your hair, it is a condition called ALOPECIA. You must consult a doctor rather than following home remedies for hair loss.


The embarrassment caused by hair loss is really disheartening, and whatever the cause, the pain of losing hair can never be reduced. We hunt and hunt for solutions that can help us prevent hair loss. Though hair loss is a significant problem, people are suffering from it, but don’t worry—we don’t have effective home remedies.

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Before we get you the solutions for hair loss, let’s look at the causes.


  • Incomplete nutrition
  • Aging or stress
  • Environmental effects
  • Excessive smoking
  • Scalp infections
  • Hormonal changes
  • Prolonged illness
  • Split ends or heredity
  • Heavy medications

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Now, we will peek into some basic practices that, when used along with home remedies for hair loss, can be helpful.


  • Avoid combing or rubbing wet hair
  • Try to massage your head frequently
  • Avoid tying your hair tightly
  • Avoid giving heat treatment to your hair
  • Avoid washing your hair with hot water
  • Regularly workout
  • Avoid intake of caffeine
  • Drinks lots and lots of water
  • Try using a mild shampoo
  • Trim your hair regularly and avoid split ends

Home remedies for hair fall are better than those expensive parlor treatments.


  • HAIR OIL MASSAGE-  regular massage stimulates the blood flow
  • ONION & GARLIC- apply onion juice for 15 minutes; garlic mixed with water for 20 minutes
  • COCONUT MILK- enriched with proteins; smoothens the hair
  • HOT OIL TREATMENTS-  boil any natural oil, like olive oil, when warm. Apply on the scalp for one hour
  • ALOE VERA- cure infected scalp
  • HENNA- strengthens the hair; works better when mixed with mustard oil
  • NEEM TREATMENT- boil in water and rinse your hair
  • HIBISCUS- cures dandruff, hair nourishing
  • AMLA- antioxidant; the perfect solution for hair loss
  • ANTIOXIDANTS- green tea bags warm them and apply on the scalp
  • EGG- combine with olive oil and apply
  • MEDITATION- reduces stress and tension, which causes hair loss

These are the home remedies for hair loss that you can follow. Following these remedies will definitely help you effectively at a low cost or almost at no cost. Only if your hair loss increases severely should you consult a doctor before going full bald.

Home remedies for hair loss are effective and better than expensive treatments. Though losing hair is really stressful, don’t worry. Don’t follow some essential home remedies discussed with you for hair loss.

Are you experiencing hair loss? Have you tried any of the above remedies to prevent it? If so, please follow up and tell us about the results.

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