Remedies of hyperpigmentation

Remedies of hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a skin related disease in which patches appear on the skin specifically on the face. This is mostly common in women and very few men suffer from it excessive amount to production of melanin results in hyperpigmentation. Melanin is a pigmentation which provides color to our skin. The people who are dark & have a large amount of melanin in their body and who are fairer have less amount of melanin in their body. If a person has air or dray compression, they their is no problem for him but it dark-colored spots or patched are there on the fairer body then they are not considered to be healthy for body.

hyperpigmentation tips
hyperpigmentation tips

Reason of hyperpigmentation:-

There are certain reason for appearance of dark-colored pattern or atop on the face. They may be use to excessive procuring of melanin on certain areas of the body. This can be due to over exposure of sun, burning or control with external chemicals. These are certain internal reason also which lead to appearance of dark patches or hyperpigmentation of the skin. they are imbalance of hormones, endothelial cells, stress, imbalance indies, and may be due to some skin disorder.

Those people who move in sun during afternoon a do not apply sunscreen, ultraviolet rays of the sun attack human body and cause hyperpigmentation. if not treated on time, there dark spots can lead to skin cancer . These are many home-made remedies to cure hyperpigmentation. These remedies not only lighten patches but also rejuvenate the skin.

Natural remedies of hyperpigmentation

Home remedies:- these are the many product of available in the kitchen or kitchen garden which can be use to cure hyperpigmentation . They do not cost anything but most of the women are unaware about the uses of the items kept in the kitchen or found in the garden. Some of them one

1 –Aloe Vera: – this is the most important plant and has many uses. Now this is easily available plant. Most of the people plant it in their houses. This can also be bought from the market as it in constituent in many herbal medicines and cosmetics. Aloe Vera gel can easily extract from its leaves. Aloe Vera gel or juice can be applied directly on the dark spots or it can be mix with rose-water.

The mask of aloe Vera should be kept on the face for 15 to 20 minutes after that rinse off face with lukewarm water. Aloe Vera has certain polysaccharides which lighten the spots. Aloe Vera exfoliates the dead skin and new skin appears on the face. Aloe Vera face pack also refreshes the face in the hot summer days. One can also apply this pack half an hour before sleep. At night and should be rinsed off in the morning. This remedy is very beneficial.

Remedies to get rid of hyperpigmentation

2 – Orange skin: – this is easily available natural remedy. Orange skin must not be thrown away but it should be granted a kept in a bottle. For using, make a paste or gel by mixing orange skin powder with milk. Leave it for half an hour and rinse it off with warm water. This remedy should be used for 3-4 times in a week. This is a good method of exfoliation which encourages cell renewal and removes dark patches.

3 –turmeric power: – turmeric is also a good medicine as it not only reduces hype pigmentation but also makes the skin fairer for using this, tale about 5 tablespoon of turmeric powder. Mix this powder with 10 tablespoon of milk and apply on face massage gently on the face and keep as such for about 20 minutes. Wash it off with warm water.

4 – Almond and honey face pack: take some honey grate some almonds to powder. Mix the two and make a face pack. Apply it on the face and wash after 15 minutes. His is good remedy for dry skin.

5 – Oatmeal pack: –make powder of the oatmeal. Keep it in the bottle. Take some oatmeal; add milk and honey to eat. Apply it on the face and on the affected areas. Heap it as such till it grits dried. Wash it off with cold water. This is good and helpful in skin lightning.

Hyperpigmentation Remedies

6 – Sandal wood pack: – sandal wood pack is also available in the market. Take some sandal some wood add some turmeric powder and milk. Apply it on the affected areas keep it as such for 15 minutes. Then rinse it off with water. This can check and reduce hyperpigmentation

7 – Mint leaves: – crush some mint leaves .make a paste by adding cold milk. Apply it on your face and keep as such for 15 minutes. Rinse off with water. This is very good remedy to eliminate the size of hyperpigmentation. This also rejuvenates the skin.

8:- cocoa butter: –apply cocoa butter on the face at night. It not only cures hyperpigmentation but also nourishes the skin.

9 – Baking soda: –take some baking soda. Add some water make a paste of it. Apply on your face keep it for not more half a minutes. This will not only reduce hyperpigmentation removes the layer of dead skin cells.

10 – Avocados: –take avocados, add milk to it and makes smooth paste of it. Apply it on the affected areas. This remedy helps in reducing the signs of hyperpigmentation. This also provides vitamin E to the skin.

11 – Olive oil: Olive oil has many uses. This is also helpful in curing hyperpigmentation as it has anti inflamed monetary properties. For getting relief, massage every day your face with olive oil. One can also take steam after applying olive oil on face. This not only removes dead cells but also removes for hyperpigmentation.

12 Potatoes: – they are also useful in curing hyperpigmentation. Take a potato cut in too many slices. Now rub as lice on the ark spots, blemishes, pigmented areas and dark circle below eyes. This is very effective remedy.

13 –lemon: this makes is an effective remedy as it is natural bleach. Mix lemon juice with 1 or 2 spoons honey. Apply on the face. Lonely works honey vary is, helpful in curing hyperpigmentation. A person with sensitive skin should not follow thin remedy should mix gram floor with.

14 – Red Onion: – Remove the outer skin of the onion. Take a slice of onion. Rub it on the ark spots, blemishes, freckles and pigmented area of face. Keep it as such for 10 minutes. Now wash off with water.

15 – Cucumber: –take about 1 table spoons of cucumber juice add 1 table-spoon of honey and 1 table-spoon of lemon juice. Mix the three well. Apply on the face. This is very effective remedy for dark spots. There are many homemade remedies which cure pigmentation hyperpigmentation can also be cured by laser treatment and certain bleaching creams. But those treatments are costly and can be dangerous. So homemade remedies can be very help full and must be followed on regular basis.

Conclusion:- Hyperpigmentation cause ark spot on the face. They look awkward and cause inferiority complex in the person. But it can be cured by home based Hyperpigmentation Remedies and herbal products available in the market.

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