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People are admired for their heights.Everyone want to possess tall physique.But everyone can not be tall as this is the matter related to genes.Our height is controlled by our genes.If we possess taller genes, our height will be good otherwise we will remain short. But today, scientists and nutritionists have proven that even though we have short stature ,we can follow certain tips to enhance our height.

height increasing exercises
height increasing exercises

Taking balanced diet, following strict exercise regimen and getting 9-10 hours sleep are some of the factors which can increase our height. It has been scientifically proved that height of human beings grow till the age of 25 years. So if a person starts after the rules seriously at the tender age, he can enhance his height. Intake of high protein diet also helps to increase height. Growing children should be given milk, meat, chicken, eggs,fish, green vegetables. Proteins enhance bone and muscle growth which in turn increase the height.

Exercises also  play an important part in growth of human body. But strict routine on the daily basis is required to get the positive results. If a person takes exercises for one or two weeks and then forgets or stops , it will be useless. So proper routine, dedication and time management is required to be followed for enhancing growth.

There are many exercises which can help us in increasing our height .But before taking them, family doctor or a good medical practitioner must be consulted .Also if a person feels uncomfortable or pain in certain part of the body while doing stretches or any type of exercises, he must stop doing that because continuing the same can be dangerous for him.

Some companies have developed height increasing supplements, powders, pills etc.But they do not suit everyone. Also all these pills and powders should not be consumed without taking advice from a registered medical practitioner These can be harmful and have some side effects.Some people start exercises or medicines when they see their friends or relatives taking them .But each body is different from the other. The time period allotted to the exercises should be very small during the initial weeks.

height increase process
height increase process

The time for each exercise should  be increased  slowly. However, there are many types of simple and complex exercises which can enhance the height of an individual. But swimming is the best exercise as this is the exercise of the body. This not only stretches spine, arms and legs but also refreshes our body in hot summer days. Height growing exercises strengthen muscles and releases growth hormones which in turn increase height.

Some of the famous exercises prescribed for growth of height are stretching, running hanging,skipping etc.These can help you gain your grow taller naturally even after puberty. If done accurately and regularly ,one can meet his dream height.

Following is given the information about growth enhancing exercises along with the steps followed and time allotted to each exercise

1.Stretching– This is a type of exercise which targets spine and results in its strengthening .Stretching exercises make  the body more flexible and fastens growth rate of bones.

Step-Stand still vertically on your foot. Raise your body with both arms facing up.Stretch your body up as much as possible. Remain in this place for 50 to 60 seconds to get the best results Redo this exercise about 15 times. This exercise must be done on the regular basis.

2.Pelvic Shift-There are many exercises which are not difficult but very easy to do. This is also effective in increasing height. It is targeted on the lower spine and increases the flexibility of spine.

Steps-Lie on the floor with back, shoulders, and arms touching the ground. Then bend knees with your foot on the floor. Do the pose for 20 seconds repeat the process for several times. Exercises make the body flexible and strong. They also strengthen bones and muscles.

3) Ankle weights – Ancle weights help in increasing height of individuals. It enhances growth and stretching of knee cartilages. Exercises definitely help if done at regular intervals on daily basis. One has to be patient for he results because difference does not seem in height in one day, everything takes time so does human height.

4) Basket ball – Playing basket ball is a good exercise for growth of height. Basket ball players are tall and strong. Playing basket ball stretches legs and make them grow. Teenagers who play basketball attain good height.

5) Basic leg stretch – While sitting on the floor spread your legs apart. Now try to touch the right now with left hand. try to keep your knees as straight as possible. Repeat the process with other hand and toe. This stretch works for both spine and legs.

6) Cobra – Put a mat on the floor. Lie down with face and palms touching the mat. Begin to arch your spine up leading with your chin. Arch as far back as possible do the exercise for five to thirty seconds. Repeat the process several times. This is a difficult exercise, if you feel any discomfort you must consult your doctor.


7) Swimming :- It definitely make the person taller. Swimming for 4-5 hour on weekly basis will start doing wonders to ones height. As swimming involves movement of legs and arms to the fullest, this will develop muscles strength and lengthen them within weeks.

8) Hanging :- It is the most effective exercise to meet height. It can be done by any age group this must be done on every day basis to get positive results. It not only helps to grow taller but also to stay fit. It makes a person active and this exercise should be done for about thirty minutes in a week. Hanging makes arms and palms stronger. It stretches arms and spine but one must not force himself or exceed once limit while hanging because falling can be dangerous.

9) Leg Kick :- Stand upright and kick your legs harshly without moving the thighs. It is similar to free kicking in football and it helps in growth of legs. These exercises are performed in marshal arts such as karate, kung foo etc.

10) Hands on the head bow down – Stand in straight place. Put your hands behind your neck. Now bend forward as far as possible. Bring your chin downward. Don’t let your knees to bend. Remain as such for 15 seconds repeat the process for several times.

11) Wall Stretch – Stand against a wall keep your spine flat against the wall. Stretch your hands as much as possible while standing on your tip toes. each repetition should last between four to six seconds. This is a difficult exercise so don’t try it beyond your limits.

12) The down hill – Stand with your arms behind you, bend down at the waist as far as possible and slowly swing your arms as high as possible behind you. each repetition should last 4-6 seconds.

13) Yoga : – Yoga and skipping also help in gaining height. Children should be encouraged to do skipping with a rope. There are many exercises told by yogies which helps in enhancing growth. One such exercise is ‘karnapid asana’. This pose should be done if one has flexibility in the body. Lie straight on the ground.

Lift both your feet together to ninety degree angle then slowly lower them towards your head so that they each land on both side of your head. This asana ensures total stretching of spinal column and legs. This also  increases height if start following at early year of life.

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