Henna for Hair conditioning

Henna for Hair conditioning

Every women ream to process long, shining, black hair. Some women have beautiful hair. Those which do not have beautiful and shining hair can make them so by conditioning and applying natural product available is Henna. Henna is a small plant which is scientifically called law Sonia intermits. This plant is used as ye since centuries in India. Henna leaves are crushed and used for coloring skin, hand hair, nails, and fabrics temporarily. Earlier Henna coloration of hands an foot was done on auspicious occasion and during festivals but now it is also used to color the grey hair. Henna is full of benefits for hair.

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Henna has natural properties that help it to correlate with proteins and their repairs and seals the cuticles which aid hair growth . it also strength hair and prevents hair breakage along with adding shine and lusted to your hair . Henna is natural conditioner and a dye. It also helps in preventing premature graying of hair. Henna has the quailing of balancing the ph level of the scalp that not only prevents hair fall but also relieves from dandruff and other common hair problem like itchy scalp. Henna is also called machine. it has cooling and conditioning properties that solutes the scalp and helps in curing the dryness of hair by restoring the lost moisture.

Henna has the quality of Turing lusterless ,dry and brittle hair in to sleek, shining ,soft and lustrous tresses regular applying of Henna to the dry and brittle hair ramous all the problem of the hair. This is very cheap home remedy which can beautiful the hair. Natural Henna also protect hair from sun damage. Henna is very good for coloring grey hair and conditioning as it is natural help and does not contain chemical. Henna is overall remedy for damage and dry hair . it also helps to grow hair . It will eke hair silky.

Henna for hair conditioning and coloring: – in india, ladies use Henna not only to color their hands but most f the airs apply Henna powder on their hair when they start graying. One has to apply Henna paste after every two weeks to form reddish black coat of Henna on their hair. It is also used as a natural conditioner .

Henna ,egg and shikakai: – for coloring longer hair , take Henna powder about 2 cups. Add ½ cup odf amla powder and ad 2 spoons of shikakai powder to the Henna mixture. Now add white portion of one egg for conditioning . add 2 spoons of lemon juice to the mixture. one can also add tea spoon of tulsi. Henna powder can be bought from the market. All the other ingredients can be bought separately and mixed with Henna powder these types of Henna powder.

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Those types of Henna power are also available in the market contain all the above given ingredients water should be added is subsequent amounts to make thick paste of Henna . Tea or coffee decoction can also be added in place of water. Heap the paste overnight in an iron vessel to get the beast result applying this paste next day to your hair and rinse after one hour. cover your hair with plastic cap or sheet before rinsing so that it keep your hair moist and color will absorb quickly . Hair will start shining and from reddish brown hue.

Hair conditioner pack with Henna: – Henna makes a very good natural hair conditioner .use the following ingredients in it. Take 2 cups of Henna powder add one cup of amla powder in to it. Now add 2 table spoons of hibiscus flower power. Methi powder about 2 tea spoons and 1 tea spoons of orange peek powder is also added to the Henna . Mix all the ingredients in an iron vessel. Add water in require quantizes to make it a paste keep the mixture over night. add 1 cup in the mixture one hour before applying on the hair .wash and rise hair after one hour this remedy will leave your hair shining and silky improve the texture of hair.

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priyanka chopra hot Picture

Henna for hair conditioning and hair fall: –take 250 ml of mustard oil and handful of Henna leaves. Mix the ingredients and boil till the leaves are burnt in the oil. Cool down the mixture. Sieve the oil through a muslin cloth and store in a bottle this oil can be stored for a month regular massage with this oil will lead ruction in hair fall and increase the hair growth. This will also improve texture of hair and make them shining and black.

Lemon juice or tea spoon of fresh curd can also be mixed with oil before massaging it to the scalp for better result. Henna also helps restore the natural acid alkaline balance of scalp and cleanse it from diet without altering the natural balance unlike the chemical products . Henna has cooling properties and soothe the hair in host summer days.

Henna as hair conditioner: – soak Henna powder overnight in freshly brewed black or green tea. Add a hint of essential oil or a beater egg before you apply the mixture to your hair .keep it for an hour and rinse it off. This remedy with add volume to your locks and improve the texture of hair. This will turn your tresses into black and shining.

Henna and lemon juice: – this hair can be used both for coloring as well as for conditioning .the longer you keep the back on your hair , deeper will be the coloring effect and shiner will be hair. For making the hair pack take 2 cups of Henna powder soak it in freshly brewed and strained black or green tea overnight . Add one tes spoon of lemon juice to it. Now add two table spoon of fresh you grunt one hour before applying Henna on the hair.

Apply the paste on hair leave it for one hour and rinse it off with water. Lemon juice adds luster to the hair. Curd or yogurt increases the conditioning effect on the hair. This pack can be applied every two weeks to add shine and helps in increasing hair growth as well in increasing the volume and will also strength the hair .this procedure will give magical effect to the hair.

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Khushboo Grewal hot pics

Henna and coconut milk: – this is a wonderful treatment for hair conditioning. This leaves your hair dark, deep conditioned; shining and beautiful .this also boosts hair growth. This remedy can be used in two weeks or once in a month. Henna leaves gorgeous color to hair .for making this mixture, take two cups of Henna in an iron vessel. Iron vessel is used so that hair can get black appearance.

Any other vessel can be used if you want to give reddish or brown appearance after nixing Henna with coconut milk leave the mixture for of least light hours or overnight apply the mixture next day on your hair .rinse its off after one or two hours. It turns hair stronger and smoother and soft.

Henna and vinegar : – take 2 cups of Henna add one egg, one table spoon of vinegar , 1 table spoon of glycerin and 2 table spoons of castor oil mix let ingredients will use require amount of water. Lave it for some time your home made hair conditioner is ready to use. Apply on the hair. Rinse it off after one hour.

Conclusion:- Henna acts as an overall remedy for most of the hair problems. Henna hair conditioning provides all vitamins and nutrients required for healthy hair.

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