Best Cold Therapy Gloves with Icy Cold Gel Packs

Best Cold Therapy Gloves with Icy Cold Gel Packs

Cold therapy which is scientifically known as Cryotherapy is a type of treatment which gives excessive cooling to the swollen or sore areas of the body. This therapy is less harmful when compared to thermal therapies which are also much prevalent nowadays.

Also, cold therapy is relatively more soothing and gives relief in a considerably lesser amount of time. There are a variety of products available in the market which is based on this mode of therapy. Amongst those, one of the high selling products is the cold therapy gloves.

Technically cold therapy gloves are nothing but simple gloves made of fabric having specific pockets for the insertion of icy cold gel packs. These gel packs do the main job of providing cold. When it comes to treatment, these gloves have a number of benefits; they are used in the alleviation of pain, reducing the time of recovery, swelling, and soreness.

Best Cold Therapy Gloves:

Along with that, they also help recover the soft tissues of hands which are damaged. If one has any injury like fractures or tore muscles in hands then this is highly recommendable for healing and instantly reducing pain. It can also help people who do not have any such traumas as it is highly beneficial in relieving stress and giving a chill of refreshment.

1. Warming and Cooling Gloves by MyCare Heating Pad

The thermal and cooling gloves by MyCare Heating Pad is a product based on both the type of therapies – cold and thermal. Although having more than one functionalities, it does its job with perfection. As hands are the most active part of the human body, they are more prone to injuries. Because of that, these gloves prove to be highly beneficial to one and all.


Warming and Cooling Gloves by MyCare Heating Pad
Warming and Cooling Gloves by MyCare Heating Pad

They can be used to treat and alleviate pain related to fractures or any muscular injuries in hands. Its heat therapy part is mainly used in treating frostbitten hands and numbness related to it while the cold therapy part of it helps mainly in the problems such as swelling and acute & chronic pain.

Like other cold therapy gloves, these gloves are easy to use. They are left in freezer for an hour or two and then can be wore comfortably on hands. Regarding its build, they are made of 100% cotton and are quite durable and sturdy in handling. Also, they are manufactured in the U.S. so there are no issues regarding its quality. And above all, they are reusable and do not need any extra accessories.

  • Has more advantages as works on two therapies
  • Helps in treating arthritis very well
  • Comparatively lighter in weight so easy to wear and carry
  • Relieves mental stress and physical stress (fatigue)
  • Comfortable and can be wore while sleeping
  • There are no constraints regarding how long they should be used.

  • No major cons and drawbacks as such apart from some minor complaints of size.

Best Cold Therapy Gloves with Icy Cold Gel Packs 1

2. Cold Therapy Gloves by ChillPain

These ice pack gloves by ChillPain are one of the best cold therapy gloves available in the market. These are beneficial for people suffering from chronic and acute joint or muscle related problems of hands. These problems include arthritis, occasional sprains & strains, swelling and soreness. These gloves alleviate pain related to all those problems in no time.

The application and use of these gloves are quite easy. They are also left for freezing before they are wearing and then they are kept on until they are warm again. They are kept for freezing for around 2-3 hours and then they are wrapped tightly with a double layer wrap so that they become insulated and remain cold for longer periods of time.

Cold Therapy Gloves by ChillPain
Cold Therapy Gloves by ChillPain

Its sizes include small to medium which covers all fits and also they are suitable for all. These gloves are made of premium quality materials and they are completely reusable.

Also the materials from which they are made are fully non toxic so that the consumer does not need to worry much. Above all, it comes with an unconditional 30 days guarantee which means even if the consumer is slightly dissatisfied, he/she can get a full refund within a span of thirty days.

  • Helps in all types of inflammation of hands
  • Remains cold for longer period of times and also gets extremely cold
  • Easily wearable
  • Skin friendly
  • Suitable for all age groups

  • The only con is it is not much flexible

Best Cold Therapy Gloves with Icy Cold Gel Packs 2

3. Cold Therapy Gel Gloves (Single) by Theramitts

This is another type of cold/hot therapy glove by TheraMitts. It is used for cold therapy as well as hot therapy in order to help treat patients suffering from different types of diseases. These diseases or disorders include arthritis, injuries in hands, pain, swelling, and soreness.

It is also used in treating carpal tunnel syndrome. Along with those ailments, they can also be used by patients undergoing chemotherapy or the ones who have taken the therapy recently.


Cold Therapy Gel Gloves (Single) by Theramitts
Cold Therapy Gel Gloves (Single) by Theramitts

The use and application of this single therapeutic glove are quite simple. It is either kept in an oven or in a freezer for around an hour and then it is used for any of the two therapies whichever the person desires to take.

The gel used in this glove is the best available in market which is also scientifically tested in order to provide long lasting cooling as well as heating. Also, they come with a money-back guarantee depending on customer’s satisfaction. If the customer is not satisfied completely, he can demand a full refund from the company.

  • Stays hot or cold for comparatively longer periods of time
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to wear
  • Comparatively more comfortable than other gloves in this price range
  • Made of high quality material
  • As this is used for both- heat and cold therapy, it is helpful in treating more number
  • of problems

  • No major cons as such

Best Cold Therapy Gloves with Icy Cold Gel Packs 2

4. Therapeutic Hot/Cold Gloves by JUMBL

The therapeutic hot and cold therapy gloves by JUMBL are a unique styled pair of gloves. The purpose they serve is the same as that of other therapeutic gloves, but the way they do it is different.

They are helpful in treating a number of ailments and pains, for example, pain related to simple swelling and soreness, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome or any other type of injury-related pain. Along with reducing pain, they are also used in making the healing process fast.

Therapeutic Hot/Cold Gloves by JUMBL
Therapeutic Hot/Cold Gloves by JUMBL

These gloves are mitten gloves made from a velvety type material and are extremely soothing and comfortable when used for day to day usage. Also, these mitten gloves are equipped with temperature-sensitive flax seeds which are efficient in holding temperatures for longer periods of time.

These flax seeds are kept in oven or freezer and then are put back in the pocket of the glove. Again, despite of being able to get extremely cold and hot, they are completely skin friendly. Also, they are machine washable.

  • Very smooth and soothing for skin once wore
  • Has a longer lasting effect
  • Can hold temperature for longer periods of time
  • Washable
  • Light in weight
  • Extremely comfortable

  • No major cons

Best Cold Therapy Gloves with Icy Cold Gel Packs 2

5. Hot and Cold Mitten Gloves by Kozy Collar

These cold and heat therapy gloves by Kozy Collar are hand gloves used for treating a number of ailments. These ailments include arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, stiff muscles of hands and the common swelling and soreness in hands due to any injuries.

They regulate the blood circulation scientifically at the affected are of hands in order to aid the recovery process. Also, they reduce pain by dumbing down the hand area.


Hot and Cold Mitten Gloves by Kozy Collar
Hot and Cold Mitten Gloves by Kozy Collar

The use and wearing of these mittens are quite simple. They are heated in microwave ovens for around one or two minutes and if one desires cold therapy, they are left to freeze in the freezer for around an hour. They should not be kept directly in the freezer, instead, they should be put in a plastic container and after doing that only they are supposed to be frozen.

This is because, putting them directly in the freezer adds a little moisture which is undesirable for some users. Along with that, when it comes to ease of usage, these gloves weigh around 1.5 pounds and hence are lightweight and comfortable to put on. These mittens cover the whole hand and also the wrist area in order to get more refreshing feeling to its consumer.

  • Large size but light in weight
  • Shows results instantly
  • Good smell
  • No restrictions in wearing. Consumers of any age group can have the advantage of
  • these
  • Does not have any size issues

  • No major cons as such but according to a few, these are not suitable if one wants to rest after wearing them.

Best Cold Therapy Gloves with Icy Cold Gel Packs 2


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