How cold is Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy Health Benefit & Side effects

How cold is Cryotherapy – Cryotherapy Health Benefit & Side effects

CryoTherapy is a type of “Cold Therapy” in which your body is supposed to be kept under freezing temperature for some time, a few minutes.

There are types of Cryotherapy, which includes specific body types exposed to cold temperature or one can also go for whole-body cryotherapy.  Multiple ways to get Cryotherapy are Ice Massage, Ice Packs, Coolant Spray, Ice Bath, etc.


With Cryotherapy, one can get numbers of health benefits through it. Whole body, as well as localized cryotherapy, helps to treat various types of chronic pain and helps to recover faster. It also enhances athletic performance by reducing muscle soreness.

For sportspersons, getting Cryotherapy would be an excellent way to enhance everyday health as well as it also helps to maintain the physical performance to best class. Even a single session of the Cryotherapy shall offer immense benefits for your entire body, although getting regular sessions will give you assured health benefits.

Cold therapy machine is also good for your health.

How cold is cryotherapy chamber?

What is the temperature of cryotherapy?

 While you are inside the Cryosauna, it might be to lower temperature around -150. This therapy can also be done around freezing or near-freezing temperatures, according to each one’s body temperature tolerance capacity.

During Whole Body Cryotherapy – WBC, the temperature inside the cryo chamber drops up to -200 ° F to -300° C. Through this type of cryotherapy, the entire body is inside the chamber with head kept outside on the tap and need to stay under such ultra-low temperature for about 2-3 minutes.

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Widely used Cryosauna comes with 3 Cryotherapy Session Settings/ Levels which are:

-120 ° C – Level 3

-110 ° C – Level 2

-90 ° C – Level 1.

 As per users’ body tolerance and comfort, one may switch in between different levels.

Is cryotherapy good for colds? What is cryotherapy good for?

Some of you might be wondering about such extreme cold temperature to which body is exposed and if there are any issues regarding that. Well, you can try once, and then decide as per your body’s reaction to the Cryotherapy.

Coming on to the benefits of Cryotherapy – there are lots of benefits which can be obtained through the regular Cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy health benefits are:

  • Lowers Migraine Symptoms: Due to the cooling neck area and surrounding nerves, migraine pain can be significantly lowered!
  • Mood Enhancer: Regular cryotherapy results into maintaining physiological, hormonal imbalances. Hence it affects the release and working of endorphins, adrenaline, and noradrenaline. Various mood swings and mental conditions such as depression, anxiety can be healed and relaxed with this therapy.
  • Treats Skin Conditions: Variety of skin conditions including chronic inflammatory skin, itchy skin, inflammation, etc. can be controlled as well as healed.
  • Aids Weight Loss: Cryotherapy doesn’t help you to lose weight, but if you are on a healthy and well-maintained diet plan, the process can be surely backed up by having regular cryotherapy sessions.
  • Prevents Cancer: As we discussed earlier, inflammation can be reduced through the cryotherapy, it eventually helps in lowering the risks of forming tumors, such as cancer.

Is cryotherapy painful? Is cryotherapy dangerous?

To answer this, one needs to take at least one session of Cryotherapy and get to know more about it. It is similar to the spa or similar experience and is certainly non-medical treatment. If you are worried, you can take your doctor’s advice before getting the cryotherapy.

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Cryotherapy has been gaining popularity due to lots of health benefits it has to offer. Still, before trying it out, it is vital to know who cannot have this therapy and why.

There are specific persons’ who can’t get Cryotherapy viz. Children, Pregnant Women, People with High Blood Pressure problem, People with severe Heart Conditions, etc.

Moreover, those who suffer from anemia, often have seizures or is claustrophobic should also not go on using Cryotherapy.

Some people might face a few most common issues, such as skin irritation, skin burns, frostbite due to extreme cold, due to skin sensitivity.

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What are the side effects of cryotherapy?

Besides numerous health benefits which Cryotherapy offers, there might be a few issues which one might be facing during cryotherapy sessions. Such issues might be similar to:

  • Unusual sensations including tingling, numbness, etc.
  • Skin irritation or skin redness – but this might be temporary and will go away soon.
  • If cryotherapy sessions have not been timed well, your body might react with results like frostbite due to extreme temperature exposure for a longer time.

How many calories do you burn in 3 minutes of cryotherapy?

Whole Body Cryotherapy’s one session has been seen to help to lose about 500-800 calories. You can say that it burns calories is similar to 40-60 minute’s walk.

How long do you stay in cryotherapy?

 The minimum time duration for one session of Cryotherapy starts from 2 minutes whereas the maximum time duration is 3 minutes, per single session, per person.

Is Cryotherapy Effective?

Due to extreme cold temperature exposure to our body, it helps to speed up the recovery time as well as it also helps to heal muscle soreness. So one can say, for sure, Cryotherapy is quite effective to make your body heal and relax. Even, Cryotherapy helps to lower the inflammation and prevents depression by releasing adrenaline and endorphins against cold.

What is the average cost of cryotherapy?

The Cryotherapy requires a Cryosauna or say Cryochamber – it is a device which gives this therapeutic treatment to your body. Mostly spa or similar facility shall have it, and one can have Whole Body Cryotherapy which costs around $70, initially.

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