Best Plus Size Shapewear for Women

Best Plus Size Shapewear for Women

Due to increased awareness of fitness and health, it is a considerable struggle nowadays to gain a perfect physique. People are becoming obsessed with looking perfect and having a lean body line. This requirement is not often met because of unhealthy lifestyles and improper routines. For some, having an ideal figure is just a dream, while it is a reality for others.

To turn this dream into reality, there are different shapewear products available in the market, which are efficient and mainly affordable. Due to biological reasons, women are more likely to gain weight than men. And because of sedentary lifestyles, obesity is seen as the final result. Because of society’s beauty and looks-oriented mentality, few plus-sized women suffer from social anxiety and depression.

Fortunately, there are products available in the market that can help retain the ideal figure with the least effort and in the least time. Yes, these products are nothing but plus-sized shapewear, which is readily available in the market. This shapewear mainly includes waist trainers, corsets, tummy control panties, and many more.

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Their main purpose is to flatten the stomach area and retain the ideal figure, making one look sexy as never before. Below are some of the best “plus-sized shapewear for women.

1. Women’s Plus Size Firm Control Shapewear by FeelinGirl

This shapewear by Feeling Ill is a bodysuit exclusively for plus-sized women. It can be worn out or to the gym as one desires. It is instrumental in retaining the natural shape and also reducing the waistline.

It holds the belly and buttocks tight and smoothes out the unwanted bulges. It also lifts the buttocks slightly to give a sexier look. It also helps get rid of stretch marks and reduces fat. Apart from all this, it relieves back pain and corrects posture to some extent.

Womens Plus Size Firm (Custom)
Women’s Plus Size Firm

When it comes to styling and design, this shapewear is not behind any of its competitors. The fabric used in the making of this is of the best quality available in the market. As it is a full-body suit, it also helps shape thighs properly.

The material is also incredibly lightweight and smooth, so it does not cause discomfort while worn on bare skin. It is also highly breathable. The opening is attached by three hooks, making it highly adjustable and flexible. Also, a zipper and extra shoulder straps are attached to increase the adjustability. Above all this, when worn underneath any formal clothes, it is hardly noticeable.

  • Available in huge sizes, specially for plus-sized women
  • Best materials and build
  • The breathable and flexible fabric used
  • Gives the perfect hourglass shape
  • Comparatively cheaper than other such shapewear
  • Comfortable to wear daily

  • No major cons or issues were observed

Best Plus Size Shapewear for Women 1

2. Women’s Plus-Size High Waist Brief by Naomi and Nicole

This shapewear by Naomi and Nicole is a unique kind exclusively for women with plus-sized fittings. It is a high waist brief type of panty that also gives the correct shape to the lower abdomen and buttocks. It holds tight and helps reduce the fat accumulated on the belly and hips.

After it is worn, it gives the physique a nice, smooth look by accentuating the curves and reducing the bulge. It is also suitable for women having postpartum troubles with their bellies and lower abdomen. Apart from that, it keeps the abdominal part warm and active.

Womens Plus-Size High Waist Brief by Naomi and Nicole (Custom)
Women’s Plus-Size High Waist Brief by Naomi and       Nicole

When it comes to its build, it is made of 82% nylon and 18% elastane. This combination provides a suitable grip, smoothness, and softness. Also, as it is made of nylon, it is lightweight and hence highly comfortable to wear. Also, its fitting ensures that it stays in place no matter how long one wears it.

Again, this material is washable, and it can be washed easily in machines. This underwear can be worn daily and also on different occasions, instead of normal underwear, to get better results.

  • Provides extra support to back
  • Elastic and comfortable material
  • Does not leave marks or lines on hips
    It gives results in less time
  • Fits perfectly
  • Available in huge sizes

  • There are no major cons except a few size-related issues

Best Plus Size Shapewear for Women 1

3. Women’s High Waist Tummy Control Panty by Max Shape

This slim control panty by Max Shape is one of the most suitable and comfortable shapewear for women wearing plus-sized clothes. It is highly efficient in getting better results in less time. It starts reducing the unwanted belly bulge after one starts wearing it regularly.

Also, as it is tummy control shapewear, it ensures that one retains the correct shape even after a long period. It can be worn anywhere, either to the gym, on any occasion, or even on a daily basis. It can also help to burn fat and calories faster than usual.

Womens High Waist Tummy (Custom)
Women’s High Waist Tummy

When it comes to its build and material, it is made from the most beautiful grade fabrics available in the market. The whole body of the underwear is made of cotton and spandex, which makes it soft and elastic, while the crotch lining is made of 100% cotton, ensuring perfect smoothness and softness on the skin.

Also, this material is fully breathable and hence gives a gentle warm feeling while wearing it. Unlike other shapewear, it does not cause any discomfort and can be worn anywhere and anytime.

  • Available in huge sizes up to 63 inches of waist
  • Covers the entire lower abdomen and even the upper thighs
  • It has a unique and beautiful design
  • Helps reduce weight
  • The best quality cotton fabric used
  • Comparatively cheaper than other shapewear

  • Except for some minute complaints, no major issues

Best Plus Size Shapewear for Women 1

4. Body Control Shapewear by JoyShaper

This shapewear is one of the unique types available in the market for women in plus sizes. It is a one-piece slip that covers the whole abdomen and breasts. Being shapewear, it gives an excellent shape, reduces the belly bulge, and accentuates the curves.

It holds the hips well and hides the love handles to look slimmer and sexier. The V-neck gives a nice, beautiful look to the body and makes one look more attractive. Although tight, it does not squeeze the skin and hence is highly comfortable to wear on different occasions for extended periods.

Body Control Shapewear by JoyShaper (Custom)
Body Control Shapewear by JoyShaper

The materials used in making these are of the best quality and ensure perfect elasticity. The shoulder straps attached to the slip are vast, making it an ideal and comfortable fit. Also, these straps are shaped so they do not leave any marks or linings on the skin.

The slip’s material is breathable and light, making it comfortable to wear. In addition to these features, the company offers a refund or replacement if the customer is not satisfied with the product.

  • Best for women with plus-sized fittings
  • Covers the whole torso
  • Stretchable and soft material
  • Extremely comfortable to be worn underneath other garments
  • It can be worn to any occasion for as long as one desires
  • Unnoticeable under clothes

  • No major cons or complaints were noted

Best Plus Size Shapewear for Women 1

5. Women’s Butt Lifter Body Shaper by Lover-Beauty

This shapewear by Lover-Beauty is a high-waist panty suitable especially for plus-sized women. It covers the whole abdomen and upper thighs to make them slimmer. Wearing it gives a perfect hourglass-like shape to the body.

Also, as it is a tummy control shapewear, it helps flatten the abdomen and reduce the waistline. It lifts the buttocks to their correct position, giving the body a sexy figure. It also provides heating with a type effect, which induces faster fat burn in the abdomen. Also, it is skin-friendly and does not leave any mark or lining on the skin.

Womens Butt Lifter Body Shaper by Lover-Beauty (Custom)
Womens Butt Lifter Body Shaper by Lover-Beauty

Regarding its build and design, the material it is made of is 70% nylon and 30% spandex. This combination makes it highly elastic and sturdy.

It is highly breathable and does not itch or stab skin if worn on bare skin. It also has laces and epoxy bottoms on the legs, which ensure that it does not slip down and stays firm. It can be worn underneath any clothes and will remain unnoticeable by others.

  • Available in huge sizes (up to 45-inch waist and 55-inch hips)
  • Best-quality elastic materials used
  • Fully breathable
  • Does not roll or slip down
  • Give the ideal compression to reduce waistline’
  • Beautiful design
  • It can be worn anywhere and at any time

  • No major cons or issues

Best Plus Size Shapewear for Women 1

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