10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts

When losing weight, be sure to have even exercised for every part of your body. Mainly, those parts which might make you look embarrassed, like the flabby arm. With few regular exercises, you can get rid of such fatty arms and get the evenly toned arm, perfect for your body.

You would not want your arms to destroy your charming looks, would you? For that, you need to have a few daily exercise through which your arms will be as good looking as your overall personality. Also, you can wear clothes accordingly and make your arms a whole new figure and all these without any higher fees gym or diets.

Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home:

To tone your flabby arms, we have a few most effective exercise for getting your arms in shape. As you will exercise as mentioned below, soon your arms will be evenly in proportion to your body.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts:

  1. Simple Weight Lifting:

One of the most Time Tested Exercise is Weight Lifting. For this exercise, you do not need any other excessive types of equipment or anything. For removing belly fat, weight lifting is the best suited as well as most effective exercise. Also for removing extra fats from your arms, it could turn out quite beneficial.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 1

For this exercise you need just a few things, weighing more. The water bottle would also work, but if you have the pair of dumbbells would be great. Get anything smaller which weights around 1 KG and then you’re good to go. Don’t choose anything which can be broken into pieces, because once you start exercising, your arms are going to get tired and chances are; you might not be able to hold it comfortably.

How to do it:

Well, it is quite simple. Get the dumbbell in your hand, try to lift it over your head, as your arms need to feel the weight of the dumbbell. Try to reach behind your back, and then get it again above your head.

In starting days, slowly move your arms at first. As you will keep practicing the exercise, you will be able to keep repeating it quickly, as compared to the starting days. For motivating yourself, try exercising in front of the mirror, it will make you keep doing the thing, as it is helping you remove excessive fat.

The more you keep doing the exercise, it will make you sweat and will release fats through it. In starting days, try doing it lesser times. Initially, you can begin to easily and get yourself a one minute break. Start again and then set the higher goal. Then do sets of 60 times, and in the meanwhile get the one-minute break when you feel out of breath, or tired.

  1. Chair Dips:

This is the ideal exercise for removing belly fat, as well as overall body fat but, for now, we are focusing on the hands. So, for this activity, you need a chair, or even a little higher bed will also work. If you do not feel okay with the chair, as it is movable easily, and chances are you might fall. So you can also choose for Sofa which cannot be easily moved.


10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 2

Be sure that the sofa or bed which you are going to use, it is at least 2 feet higher from the ground level, and then only it will help you reducing arm fat. Also, you will need minimum 3 feet area around the sofa/ chair for doing the exercise correctly.

How to do it:

Place the sofa/ chair on your backside and keep your arms apart from each other. Keep your upper body straight and move away from the furniture at least 2 to 3 steps for placing your body. Then bend your body downwards and keep your upper body straight. Bend your elbows and put them on the sofa/ chair which is on your backside.

Then slowly get your body downwards, as your body weight will be moved through your hands. Keep going down and up by placing your hands on the sofa/ chair. When you reach downwards, try to reach the ground.

At first, it is going to be hard, but with practice, you will surely be doing fine. Repeat the exercise daily at least 5-7 times, in starting. Once you get used to it, go for three sets of 20 reps, every day.

  1. Push Ups:

For men as well as women, Push Ups have always been in regular exercises. Your upper arms can be toned amazingly with regular pushups. It helps to burn excessive fat from the upper body and gets your body in shape.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 3

The best thing is, you don’t need anything, any item to do the pushups, you can start it anywhere, anytime. It is important to know that your entire body weight will be on your hands, so it is going to be harder than it looks, at first.

Everyone talks and does Push Ups, but doing them correctly is an essential thing.

How to do it:

For correctly positioned Push Ups, you need to keep some essential things in mind.

Start with keeping your body facing the floor. Keep your hands wide and also legs as per your body width. Try to keep your hands wider than your shoulder for better support. Remember that your stomach is not supposed to touch the ground.

Slowly move downwards, and your body weight will be on your hands and toes. Keep the safe distance from the ground and then move back to the original position.

For starting days, you can go for three sets of Push Ups every day.

  1. One Arm Triceps Dips:

This is also one of the best exercises for losing arm fat. As this exercise’s name itself suggests, it focuses on the triceps. With this training done regularly, one can get rid of excessive arm fat in few weeks. Doing the One Arm Triceps Dips correctly, it will lose around 1200 calories.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 4

Just like pushups, you do not require any types of equipment for doing One Arm Triceps Dips too. You only need some space for placing your body and then start exercising!

How to do it:

Keep your legs joined together and sit on the ground. Bend your knees and place feet flatly on the ground. Take your hands behind your body, by your hips and put them on the ground, flat just like your feet.

Keep your hands in such a way that your palms are placed on the ground as per your shoulder width. Now raise your hips off the floor and straighten your arms. Bend your right elbow so that your lower hips go back nearby to the floor. Then straighten your right arm and bend the left elbow to your lower hips goes back nearby to the floor.

One by one use each arm and get your hips off the floor, not touching the floor. You have to lower your hips closer to the ground every time, but not exactly touching the ground.

Keep doing the same few times in the beginning, and when your body is habituated, do it regularly.

  1. Single Arm Lateral Raise:

This will take your arms excessive fat away within few weeks, and also you can do some innovations in the exercise yourself. For strengthening core muscles, this is a beneficial exercise. Without any types of equipment, you can easily do this task and get arm toning workout at home.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 5

How to do it:

You just have to be into the Push Ups position and one by one each hand will get into the workout. As your hands will be doing exercise, they will directly get stretched and hence will lose fat from flabby arms. For some innovations, you can hold a water bottle and get something more out of this exercise.

While any of your hands are extended out, you need to keep your body straight, above ground into the stable position. Whenever you do the exercise, do both hands equal numbers of times and in few days, you will notice the difference.

  1. Lateral Plank Walk:

Most people know about the Plank, but especially for toning your arms, you need to focus on hands/ arms more. Just like One Arm Triceps, the Lateral Plank Walk also helps you reduce flabby arm fat, and your excess fats will be melted through the sweat.

How to do it:

Get into the Plank/ Push Ups position on the ground, as by keeping your face towards the floor. Keep your hand’s shoulder width apart, palm on the floor. Keep your feet and legs together. Try to keep your body in straight line.

Now move your right hand on the left side and left foot towards the left side. Do the same with a left hand and right foot. Go to the initial position and pull your abs towards the pelvis. Reverse the initial position and take three steps to the right. Repeat for the left side too.

  1. Counter Push Ups:

Just like regular Push Ups, you can easily do Counter Push Ups; the only difference is that you will require higher table/ chair for doing this exercise. Rather than the chair, a fixed platform would also be suitable for Counter Push Ups.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 6

It will help you reducing excessive fat from your arms, and your entire body, including legs, will be getting benefits of this exercise. Regular exercise and Counter Push Ups will get your body in good shape, especially your arms.

How to do it:

Go to the platform/ chair and place your body in the pushups position. Keep your hands on the platform. Keep your feet together and hands in to shoulder width.

Keep your body in straight line and get your body weight onto arms and feet.

Start doing pushups by getting your body upwards and downwards.

In starting, do singe set of 20 Push-ups and later on, when your body is habituated, go for three sets of 20 pushups every day.

  1. Arm Circles:

This is also one of the easiest yet useful exercise which does not require any equipment. With regular practice, you can get rid of flabby arms and feel the difference. Classic arm circles are supposed to be done without any weight, but you can do it with a bottle of water and make it innovative for losing arm fat.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 7

How to do it:

Stand straight by placing your feet in shoulder width apart. Extend your hands on the sides. Perform circles, 50 circles by your hands, rotating hands in the forward direction. After forward circles are done, go for backward circles. Just like forward circles, do 50 backward circles.

With this exercise, your muscles for Triceps, Biceps, Shoulders as well as Back are into use and will be toned well. Do this task well, and it will be beneficial for various parts of your body, not only just arms.

  1. Opposite Arm and Leg Lift:

This is one of the innovative exercises which you can do without any gears. For toned arms, and strengthen muscles, do it every day and see best results yourself.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 8

Not only arms but also legs strengthen and muscles for both these parts get benefits of Opposite Arm and Leg Lift Exercise.

How to do it:

Get on the ground by placing your knees and palms on the floor. Also, your face should be facing the ground. Keep your back and hips into straight position.

Now, raise the right arm into forwarding direction and stretch left leg into backward direction.

Doing right arm and left leg is supposed to be working out at the same time. While doing it, your shoulder and back feels stretched and tension into the rear part of the body.

Hold onto the position for a few seconds and then come into the initial position.

Now do the same for the left arm and right feet.

As the name of this exercise is, you’re supposed to go for opposition leg.

Repeat the exercise for all for viz. two hands and two legs 15-20 sides every day.

  1. Half Moon Rotation:

Major muscles of arms include Biceps and Triceps, both of them are affected by this Half Moon Exercise. Through medium intensity and controlled movements, it tones these muscles and helps you get rid of excessive fat.

10 Best Exercises To Lose Arm Fat At Home – Best Arm Toning Workouts 9

This exercise only focuses on toning of your arms and helps you to lose excessive arm fat. For your entire body, do exercises accordingly. The Half Moon Rotation does not require any exercise; you can easily do it at home. All you need minimal space for your to stand and extend your arms in sideways.

How to do it:

Stand easily on your feet placed as per the shoulder width. Keep your arms raised on both sides. Arms should be raised at the shoulder height, not so above.

Keep your fingers together.

Now, keep your palms facing the ground and then slowly rotate your thumbs towards the back, as palms will then face the ceiling.

Keep rotating the thumb downward and forward, as the half-moon rotation position is completed.

Do this exercise 30 times every day for best results.

Things To Keep In Mind:

  • Eat in Small Portions:
    Whenever you are doing regular exercises, you are looking forward to getting benefits as in a shaped body. For that to happen, you need to eat in small portions every time you eat.
  • Eat Healthily:
    For toned arms, you need to eat proper and healthy food. Include more of vegetables and fruits in your healthy diet. Eat healthy but lower calories food.
  • More Water:
    To speed up the metabolism process, drinking more water is essential. Also before your meal, drink some water, it will make you consume lesser food, so smaller fats.
  • Go for Stairs:
    Not only eating healthily is essential, but having healthy habits is also crucial for losing weight. So, for that, one of the habits is to use the stairs instead of elevators.
  • Always Eat Breakfast:
    Skipping the first meal of the day will ruin your entire day. And throughout the day, you will keep feeling hungry. This is not what you will want. Hence to prevent any such bad things to happen, always eat your healthy breakfast, never skip it.
  • Avoid Packaging Food:
    As you’re trying your best to get your body in shape, never eat anything from food packets. They have unhealthy snacks having lots of salt and sugary treats; it will ruin your healthy diet.
  • Exercise Daily:
    You’re supposed to exercise daily to receive magical effects of exercise and healthy diet. Never avoid exercise, no matter where you are. Be motivated by yourself and exercise daily.

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