5 Minute Fat Burning Exercises at Home – Best Workouts to Lose Weight

5 Minute Fat Burning Exercises at Home – Best Workouts to Lose Weight:

Not everyone has gyms around their home, but want to work out o lose weight? Even when you have a gym around but you feel shy or fear of getting teased by friends, well then you can surely workout at home and get better than desirable results. It would be the great idea to do 5 Minute Fat Burning Workouts at Home and lose weight by yourself. For that, of course, you will need to know about such exercises.

5 Minute Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Weight
5 Minute Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Weight

Here are such 5 Minute Fat Burning Workouts at Home – Best Exercises to Lose Weight, which will inevitably get your body into shape and make you fit and healthy. Follow the below-given exercises and do them every day to lose weight at home.

5 Minute Fat Burning Exercises at Home:

Read carefully for below different types of exercises and save yourself some money of going to a gym. Instead of spending money, pay attention to various kinds of workouts, and you will lose weight with the regular exercise at home.

  • Inverted V Pipe Exercise:

This is a 30 seconds exercise, especially for abs. Also, it gets your entire body into good shape.

Inverted V Pipe Exercise
Inverted V Pipe Exercise

Inverted V Pipe Exercise Method:

  • Get a mat and lie down on it, your face should face downwards.
  • For support, keep a towel below your toes, as it might be a little painful.
  • Now, slowly move your body upwards by balancing it on your hands and toes.
  • Pull your legs closer to your body; your entire body stretched upwards is supposed to make an inverted V shape.
  • Then stretch your legs backward and push them away from the hands.
  • Keep doing pulling and pushing for about 30 seconds.

Inverted V Pipe Exercise Benefits:

This exercise is primarily for your lower back as well as core part. Also, the body relies on your hands; it also helps your arms for losing weight.

  • W Leg Lifts Exercise:

Do the leg lifts for about 30 seconds; it is precisely for abs and legs.

W Leg Lifts Exercise
W Leg Lifts Exercise

W Leg Lifts Exercise Method:

  • Just lie down on the ground, as you can see the sky/ ceiling straight up.
  • Keep your legs together, slowly lift them up, along.
  • Try to bring them together towards your stomach.
  • Get your legs downwards now from the tummy area.
  • Keep doing the same pose for upward and download direction, for about 30 seconds.

W Leg Lifts Exercise Benefits:

This exercise mainly helps you to lose fat from accumulating in legs as well as the stomach. Do this exercise regularly, and it will surely help you for losing weight more effectively.

  • Superman Exercise:

Do the superman pose for 30 seconds and you can lose weight from stomach area, thighs, and lower back.

Superman Exercise
Superman Exercise

Superman Exercise Method:

  • Simply, lie down on the mat by facing downwards.
  • Keep your hands and legs straight as you pose downwards.
  • Slowly, stretch your body by keeping hands and legs straight, as they are.
  • Balance your body on your stomach and lift the entire body upwards.
  • Also, try to lift your thighs up from the ground.
  • Try to keep your body parts straight while you are trying to stretch the body.
  • Keep repeating the process for about 30 seconds.

Superman Exercise Benefits:

The Superman pose helps you to keep your stomach in shape. Also, it helps to reduce belly fat by doing the exercise daily.

  • Push Up and Knee Kicks Exercise:

This is a little different exercise than the traditional pushups, do it for 30 seconds. It is unique to reduce fat from the upper arm and entire body mostly.

Push Up and Knee Kicks Exercise
Push Up and Knee Kicks Exercise

Push Up and Knee Kicks Exercise Method:

  • Lie down merely, on the ground.
  • Come upward, as you are doing the push-up.
  • Do one push up and come to the starting pose.
  • Now get your right knee forward and try to touch your left elbow. Also then do the opposite, i.e., try to touch right elbow.
  • This is the complete exercise when you finish doing both sides. You will get more idea from the pictures.
  • Do the exercise for about 30 seconds.

Push Up and Knee Kicks Exercise Benefits:

Most of the entire body is stretched in this exercise. Hence it will help you build arms and core a high strength.

  • Skipping Exercise:

It is one of the easiest exercises which you can perform with the help of a rope and lose weight.

Skipping Exercise
Skipping Exercise

Both men and women, anyone can perform skipping and also it is quite entertaining exercise. To lose weight from stomach and legs, skipping is the ideal thing to do.

Skipping Exercise Method:

  • Take a skipping rope and jump for about 30 seconds. Within 20 seconds, you will surely start to feel the sweat and then go the intense more 10 seconds.
  • It would be beneficial if you jump through both legs together. Jumping with both legs together will be more efficient as compared to the single leg skipping.
  • Also, keep your knees as well as back straight while skipping.

Skipping Exercise Benefits:

Losing weight from thighs can be tricky and painful too. But with such fun exercise, it is possible to lose weight and get your legs and thighs in shape.

Once you start skipping, your body will be habituated to it, and you will be able to continue jumping for more time. After regular practice, you can go for about 5 minutes skipping, with breaks after 30 seconds.

You can do another exercise during the break and then again continue with the skipping.

  • Jump Squats Exercise:

Do the jump squats for about 30 seconds.

Jump Squats Exercise
Jump Squats Exercise

Jump Squats Exercise Method:

  • This is a form of cardio exercise, and for various exercise charts, it is included to keep your legs in shape, especially thighs.
  • For that, you need to stand straight and while holding keep your shoulder width distance between your feet.
  • Now, bend your body downwards as more as you can.
  • Then jump upwards, by getting your body to the normal position, in which you were standing straight.
  • Continue the same download and upward jump for about 30 seconds.
  • As you continue doing it, you will release a lot of sweat, and also your hearts beats will be racing faster than usual.

Jump Squats Exercise Benefits:

Through such sweating, your body is releasing unnecessary fats, and you will lose more weight through the regular squats. This exercise is to lose weight for your legs and thigh muscles.

  • Glute Bridge Exercise:

This is a 1-minute exercise; it specializes for losing weight from butt and core muscles.

Glute Bridge Exercise
Glute Bridge Exercise

Glute Bridge Exercise Method:

  • Lie down on Yoga met, horizontal, as you can see the ceiling/ sky straight above.
  • Slowly, lift your hips and body with the help of legs and shoulders. While doing this, you need to keep your body in straight line.
  • Then raise your knees towards the chest and hold the position for a few seconds.
  • Now, it turns for your left leg, gets your left leg towards the chest and holds it there for a few seconds.
  • This is the complete exercise, both legs, one by one.
  • Keep repeating the same for about 1 minute.

Glute Bridge Exercise Benefits:

This exercise tones your glutes as well as calves, flexors, hamstrings and lower back are also affected. It is one of the most preferred exercises for full body workout. Also, it is a part of traditional Yoga, which helps in healing the back pain.

  • Rotating T Extension Exercise:

This is also a 1-minute exercise which is for Abdominal muscles including Transverse Abdominous, Obliques, Rectus Abdominous as well as Rhomboids, Deltoids, Glutes, Quads, etc.

Rotating T Extension Exercise
Rotating T Extension Exercise

Rotating T Extension Exercise Method:

  • Get into the Push Up pose and keep your arms straight.
  • Get on to your left arm and keep the weight of your body on it. While doing this, set your right arm free.
  • Now, lift the right arm vertically to the upward direction and keep your body on sideways, weighted on the left hand.
  • Be in this position for a few seconds and then come again to the push-up position.
  • Do the same for the left hand and get the turn of the right hands.
  • Keep repeating the procedure for about 1 minute.

Rotating T Extension Exercise Benefits:

As mentioned above, various abdominal part is affected by this exercise, and your entire body gets stretched. Also, hands, one by one, gets body weight on them, so it even a good workout for hands too.

  • Skater Hops Exercise:

This is a 30 seconds exercise, especially for your legs muscles stretching.

Skater Hops Exercise
Skater Hops Exercise

Skater Hops Exercise Method:

  • For this, stand straight.
  • Stand on your left foot and keep your left knee slightly bent. While doing that, get your right foot off the floor and jump to the right.
  • Land on your right foot and get your left foot off the floor.
  • When you complete this with both legs, it is a complete exercise.
  • Continue doing this for about 30 seconds, and then your body will start sweating.
  • It will lose weight and help you cleanse your body from fats.

Skater Hops Exercise Benefits:

Leg muscles are stretched through this exercise and with that, your body will get in shape. Keep doing the exercise on a regular basis, and your legs and thighs will lose sufficient weight.

If you have any doubt in your mind about any of this exercises than just comment below, we update soon your questions.

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