Tips for Men to Grow Long Hair

Tips for Men to Grow Long Hair

Growing long hair is really a fashion among men since decades now. Do you think that growing out long hair is easy? No! It is not at all easy. All you need is to give up your grooming in the process of growing long hair. If you want to avoid your look as a hot mess during the process then follow these tips for men to grow long hair.

Men with long hair
Men with long hair

We all know that long, healthy hair is one of those symbols which attract people towards both men and women. Many people are interested in growing their hair long but they don’t know about the process which is involved in it. No matter, read further to know about some specific treatments for hair which will help you all in changing your lifestyle and will help in stimulating the hair growth.

Guys are really keen to know about the tips for men to grow long hair. You know that just giving a little thought to that you can’t get the results. You need a perfect care and precautions to follow so as to get your long hair. If you want your hair to grow fast then you need to keep your hair loose and be relaxed.

Have patience please as you know that growing hair consumes time. You need to follow all the instructions and care which your hair stylist will give you.

Qualities & Attributes Long-haired Men Must Have

Men who want to change their length of hair from short to long need to have patience and full hair. Furthermore, they even need to have some personal qualities. The transitional phase when hairs are not quite long for sweeping it behind ears is the most difficult phase of the process. This is the phase where hairstyle looks awkward and only baseball caps or iron can help.

christian bale long hair
christian bale long hair

Cultural Expectations of Long-haired men

Many people have their own different notions about long-haired men. Men having long hairs stand out confidently without considering any notions. Long-haired men are usually associated with unruly societal norms (rebels), unconventional (artists), disorganized and does not bother (intellectuals), desire for attention (show-offs) or affected manners with gentle nature (pretty boys).

Besides these associations, long-haired men appear to be vivacious and mysterious. Some men even look younger by wearing their hair long while some looks completely girlish. Hairstyle depends on the built of men as well. Long hair mostly suits on the manly built body.

Do you think women get attracted to long-haired men?

Ah! This question might seems to be little difficult but there we have mixed reactions. It is not really hard to understand one of the most sensuous feelings of touching the long hairs of men. Though men always love to have a female partner with long-hair but it is pretty not easy for women to accept a partner with long-hair.

Tips for Men to Grow Long Hair

  1. What type of hair you have? Whether curly, straight, frizzy or wavy. Need different caring.
  2. Do not wash your hair frequently and if you do go for a good shampoo. Rinse your hair thoroughly.
  3. Avoid combing your hair when wet as they are prone to breaking. You can try to remove the tangles from your fingers.
  4. Though your growing hair might look ugly at some stage but don’t get them trim just do the hairstyling.
  5. Do maintain a well-balanced diet which includes vitamins.
  6. Avoid sleeping on flannel pillow cases.
  7. Try to get hair spa once in a while.
Brad Pitt Long Hair
Brad Pitt Long Hair

Did someone ever give you a complement that you have shiny, healthy hair? Yes! What you felt at the moment? Great! Isn’t it? If you will follow the steps we discussed with you, I am sure you will get more and better complements than this. Hairs are really precious to everyone, what if they started to fall? You don’t want them to fall then please do care for them. They also need nutrition to grow up like your body needs food to live.

Treatments on your Hair

  • Massage from hot oil- growth of hairs starts from its roots that means you need to take care of your scalp and roots of your hair in order to stimulate the growth. Oil conditions hair and when it gets warmed, massaged on to the scalp will help in prompt hair growth.

Method- you need to heat up a bit of olive oil, coconut or argon oil up till it is warm to touch. Gently rub it to your scalp for about 5-10 minutes and leave it to soak for about 30 minutes. Rinse out with warm water.

  • Mixture of Apple-Cider-Vinegar rinse- mixture of these three products do wonders not only on hair but on skin as well and treats many health ailments. One of those major abilities, one if to stimulate the hair growth.

Method- you need to mix three parts apple cider and vinegar with one part water. Put the mixture in a spray bottle. Just post shampooing your hairs, spray the mixture onto your hairs. Wait for about 1-2 minutes (similar wait for conditioner) and rinse out properly. After several weeks of use, you will definitely going to notice a desirable change in the growth rate.

  • Use of deep conditioner- if you have damaged hair then all you need is to repair them first because damaged hair doesn’t grow well similar to healthy hair. Using deep conditioner will help in repair of the hair follicles which further will help in hair growth. According to your hair type, choose a conditioner and follow the instructions as directed. Apply it after shampooing and leave for about 20-30 minutes. Rinse out with cold water.
  • Mix an egg white and make aloe mask- for past many centuries, aloe vera and egg whites have been used in hair because these add moisture to hair which further gives them a healthier appearance. This mixture helps in stimulating the hair growth as well.

Method- you need to mix an egg white with a fresh aloe vera and cover your hair as well as scalp with the mixture. Leave the mask for about 15-20 minutes and rinse out with cold water. Allow your hairs to dry.

  • Onion rinse- you need to boil a cut onion in water for about 10-15 minutes, it will form an onion broth. Allow it to cool and then apply on your scalp. Onion provides nutrients which will help in hair growth along with adding some shine to the strands. Rinse out with cold water and let your hair dry. Proper rinse out will not leave any smell of onion.

During winters, try to restrain your hair with the above discussed tips for men to grow long hair. Do avoid the blow dryers or rubbing your hair vigorously.

Guys don’t expect that your hair will grow by just skipping a trip to a salon. Your hair grows about only half an inch in 30 days.  You just need to have patience and take a good care of your hair; you will definitely going to have long amazing hair.

Guys do make a goal which you can achieve it. It takes time in growing your hair, no lotions, medicines or creams will do magic. You can communicate with your stylist if at any stage you think that your hairs are giving you an awkward look.

Caring for your long hair is far more difficult than caring for short hairs. You need to more conscious about your hair while combing or swimming or drying. Do avoid heavy towel drying and while swimming choose to tie a ponytail.

Follow these steps if you want to have long hair

  • Just before beginning the process it is really important to have a goal in mind. Try to find out a gallery hair for men and choose a style of hair with a same face shape and hair type. Get a print out and keep it handy. It will help you to communicate with your goal along with your haircutter. Yes! It is true that you need to get a haircut while you are growing your hair.
  • Always try to be realistic. If your hair texture is curly or course, then it is impossible to get a loose Johnny Depp look. So all you need is to select a hairstyle which suits your face shape.
  • During the process of growing your hair, always try to keep it trimmed. Your barber or hair stylist will give you a light trim which will give a neat and healthy look to the shape of your hairs.
  • Growing hair will take time so you need to have patience. Consult your stylist and he will help you out in selecting some products along with some styling options.

Hope this article helped our readers. You can share your experiences while you were trying to grow your hair. You can even share this valuable information with your friends via social networking sites.

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  1. Sometimes it is genetics.How long have you been tniryg to grow your hair out?I read an interesting article because I always have long hair, but just got it chopped off! Any way it tells the stages and reasons why some ppl can’t grow their hair long.Check it out


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