Benefits of Leg Raise

Benefits of Leg Raise

1. This exercise is beneficial for those suffering from Sciatica and it will reduce the pain considerably

2. Very useful in building up and maintaining flexibility and toning of iliopsoas (the muscle that flexes the hip)

3. The abdominal muscles that are worked out by this exercise once again play a vital role in stabilizing

4. It is an excellent ab tummy exercise as most of the major abdominal groups such as Rectus Abdominis, Transverse abdominis and Obliques get toned with this workout. Thus adding to your beauty!

5. Promotes good posture by strengthening the back muscles which otherwise weakens to long hours of sitting at a desk and working on computers

6. A good strengthening exercise for your lower back.

7. Useful in cutting down that excess belly fat and the ab exercises strengthen the muscles and tone them as well

8. Helpful in building up strong and toned thighs, gluteal muscles (buttocks), and hamstrings (back of thigh muscle).

9. This is a multipurpose exercise – helps to improve digestion, burning away all those unwanted calories from your body, makes you healthy & fit by avoiding obesity & heart diseases related problems such as high blood pressure, diabetes, etc…

10. One of the best exercises to reduce weight or body fat, which will be helpful in getting rid of that stubborn belly fat!

11. When done regularly

12. This exercise is helpful in toning the iliopsoas muscle, rectus abdominis muscle, transverse abdominis muscle & obliques/internal abdominal oblique muscles which are vital for maintaining good posture and strengthening of back muscles. This is very useful to avoid slouching or hunchback position when sitting with others at workplace/home etc…

13. Helps in curing back pain

14. Amazing exercise to strengthen your lower body muscles – gluteal muscles (buttocks) hamstrings (back of thigh) quadriceps (front of the upper leg).. thus improving your balance!!

15. Helpful in toning up arms & shoulders by performing leg raises with dumbbells or hand weights.

Benefits of leg raise against the wall:

1) you do not feel the pain in the back.

2) You can achieve a flat belly and increased height.

3) It is good for your neck muscles.

4) Your circulation gets better.

5) Your digestion process becomes efficient, so it helps to remove gas from the body.

6) Improves the endurance of the cardiovascular system.

7) Your blood pressure will remain normal if you practice regular leg raising against the wall.

8 )It reduces stress, tension & anxiety from your mind.

9 ) It helps to improve coordination between mind & body.

10 )You become more flexible with regular exercise of leg raise against the wall.

11 )This is also helpful for the digestive system.

12) It helps to keep your pelvic region strong.

13) Regular exercise of leg raise against the wall keeps you away from knee pain, backache & hip pain.

14) Women who are looking for toned thighs and healthier legs should regularly practice this technique in order to get slim & healthy legs.

15) It also strengthens your inner thigh muscles and gluteus maximus muscle which is very useful for women after pregnancy.

16 )For asthma patients, this exercise is beneficial as it opens up the lungs and reduces wheezing or tightness in breathing.

17)It relieves lower back soreness by stretching the spine & ligaments

18)Doing “Leg Raises Against The Wall” is most effective and helpful for patients with osteoarthritis.

Leg raise against the wall: benefits for pregnant women:

1) This is a very good exercise during pregnancy. It helps to make your tummy stronger, so it can handle the extra weight while carrying a baby inside you. 2) Your pelvic muscles will get stronger after regular exercise of leg raise against the wall, so delivery becomes easy even before full term.

3) Pelvic muscles are connected to your rectum & uterus, so if they are strong it will also help in reducing postpartum recovery time. This step helps you to cope up with constipation too.

​ 4) In the last stage of pregnancy, it helps to prepare your muscles for childbirth & gives relief from hemorrhoids.

5) It also cures acidity during pregnancy by removing toxins from your body.

6 )Leg raise against the wall exercise protects you from leg cramps and night sweats too.

7 )Regular exercise of this technique will help you in reducing swelling ankles & varicose veins.

8 ) This is one of the best exercises for pregnant women as it prevents them from going into labor early.

9)It strengthens your core which helps you gain more energy throughout your day. This will keep you away from back pain or insomnia problems.

10)it increases blood circulation to the fetus & placenta, so it can remove wastes from the womb and give more oxygen and nutrients to the baby inside you.

11)Leg raise against the wall exercise strengthens your leg muscles so that you can quickly recover on any trip outside the home.

standing leg raises benefits:

1) This is really good exercise to get beautiful abs.

2) It helps to reduce belly fat by getting rid of fluid retention in the abdominal area.

3) Do 10-12 reps every day and you will notice a difference within a few days.

4)This technique strengthens your muscles, so you can get back into shape easily after childbirth or any surgery on your stomach area.

5 )It is one of the effective exercises for people who are suffering from a hernia or bulging disks in the spine.

6 )You must do this at least once a day to strengthen your pelvic muscles which reduces abdomen pain due to uterine prolapse, cystitis & piles

7 )Leg raising against the wall gives strength to your leg muscles especially hamstring & inner thigh muscles.

8 )This exercise tones your whole body and improves blood circulation in each part of your body.

9)By doing regular leg raise against the wall, you can reduce weight naturally & get rid of infertility problems if any. It also prevents miscarriage of babies If you are having trouble conceiving.

leg raises muscles worked:


this exercise targets the hamstring muscle which is at the back of your thighs.

Inner thigh muscles: 

Leg raise against the wall gives a good stretch to your inner thigh muscles and waistline, so it helps you in flattening your tummy after delivery or any surgery on the stomach area. This technique also strengthens your pelvic muscles which helps you in easing labor pain & reducing postpartum bleeding problems.

It also helps you in getting rid of hemorrhoids.


It tones your abs by tightening them from your navel to your lower back.

Gluteus Maximus:

Your glutes or butts get toned up by doing leg raises against the wall as it is an effective hip flexor.


Your calf muscles are worked out by raising your legs against the wall which gives you a well-toned look to your feet too.

If you have asthma or any respiratory problem, it helps to cure breathing issues because the leg raises to strengthen your diaphragm & make it stronger. It also allows easy circulation of blood in all parts of the body.


This exercise corrects bad posture by strengthening core abdominal muscles. It also strengthens lower back muscles, so do this every day for perfect alignment of the spine & neck.

Pelvic Floor Muscles:

This technique works out pelvic floor muscles which are located at the topmost part of the vagina around the bladder, urethra, and rectum.


It targets the hip flexor which is at the front of your thigh and gives strength to your legs & thighs.

When you do leg raises against the wall, it increases blood flow to your uterus so that it can deliver oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and also remove waste from the womb very easily.

This exercise is one of the best techniques for improving sexual stamina in men by providing more blood circulation to their private parts.

The most important benefit of this technique is that it stimulates brain function because our central nervous system gets activated when we do any kind of body movements or exercises. If you want stress relief, it will because during stress, people tend to breathe faster and the blood flow becomes faster too, so it makes us feel good.

Leg raises give strength to all muscles of your body by providing more oxygen & nutrients in each part because the leg raises increase blood circulation throughout the body.

This technique is very effective in getting rid of excess fat in thighs and arms or cellulite because it enhances lymphatic drainage and reduces swelling due to water retention.

It also helps you lose weight by regulating your metabolism rate when done regularly. It regulates digestion which eliminates constipation problems.

Legs raise against the wall increase work capacity for multiple muscle groups such as hips, hamstrings, abdominals, back muscles, etc so if you want to gain muscular endurance and strength, try out this exercise.

It helps you get rid of kidney and bladder infections by increasing the circulation of blood in your pelvic area.

Have menstrual pain or pre-menstrual syndrome?

Well, this technique will help you cure period cramps and menstrual discomfort very easily by providing more oxygen to your uterus lining tissues & other parts which cause such issues due to lack of proper blood flow. It also stimulates mitosis or cell division so that new cells can replace old ones and also flushes out toxins accumulated during periods.

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