Benefits and Disadvantages of Elliptical

Benefits and Disadvantages of Elliptical


A word derived from a Latin word ellipsis, which means “a deduction” or “a logical surmise.” In geometry, an ellipse is a closed conic section whose two foci are in fixed positions concerning each other. For example, someone who uses an elliptical trainer to do a workout session is a user or elliptical trainer.

The most common type of exercise equipment that belongs to the category of ellipticals is the cross-trainers.  An elliptical trainer has pedals and handlebars attached so that you can exercise on them both when climbing uphill and when going downhill laterally. The ellipticals have many benefits, and some of them are as follows:

1) According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), elliptical machines give your lower and upper body a workout and also help in improving your balance, making it more effective than treadmills. This is why they are considered superior to other machines that can be found at your local gym or fitness center.

2) The joint impact during elliptical exercises is nearly zero, making them more comfortable for people with everyday issues. In addition, their design is such that they have an ergonomic structure, so you don’t have to hurt yourself while exercising vigorously on them.

The way they are designed makes your muscles work independently without putting extra pressure on the rest of your body. However, if you want to use the elliptical for weight loss, you should always consult your doctor beforehand because they may lead to injuries if not used properly.

3) With the elliptical, both your hands and legs are engaged, which makes it a full-body workout machine. In addition, it can burn calories fast by training different muscle groups, which can make you stay fit.

Research shows that these machines are an excellent form of fitness equipment because, after a one-hour session on an average treadmill, you burn only 819-1201 kcal, but if you work out on an elliptical trainer, then during just half an hour workout session, you can burn up to 970-1189 kcal.  One more benefit of using elliptical is that it helps lose weight in the legs and glutes (buttocks).

4) These machines are easy to use because they require minimal effort on your part. In addition, you can keep track of your progress by looking at the console, which will display information as calories burned, revolutions per minute (RPMs), speed, distance covered, etc.

This equipment has different difficulty levels, so you can choose an elliptical trainer that suits your present fitness level.  The workout intensity or difficulty level depends on how fast you pedal on the elliptical trainer. If you go more quickly, it becomes more difficult; if you slow down, it becomes less complicated.

5) The best thing about these machines is that they are readily in homes along with gyms. Their simple design and easy usability make it ideal for anyone, even if they lack motivation or are beginners in the field of fitness. The assembly is also straightforward; no expert help is required to set it up.

6) These machines can be used by people of any age group because their joints are supported well, making them an excellent option for all types of workouts.

7) You can get a workout indoors or outdoors, rain or shine; this equipment allows you to exercise without worrying about changing weather conditions.

8) One significant benefit of using an elliptical trainer is that the calorie burn rate with this machine is higher than other machines like treadmills, stationary bikes s, etc.  Also, according to Harvard Medical School, this equipment targets the hamstrings and glutes, which are the most difficult muscles to work on.

9) In your everyday life, you come across several activities that require a lot of standing still, such as cooking dinner or brushing teeth; an elliptical trainer helps make these small tasks easier by reducing hip flexor pain. In addition, its ergonomic design is helpful for older people who have trouble standing in one position for a long time.

10) If you want to lose weight around your belly area but can’t because of a heavy workload, elliptical trainers help ton up the abdominal muscles without putting extra stress on them. In addition, the low-impact workout lets you reduce back pain while losing weight near your waistline.

Elliptical machine benefits stomach:

If you are keen on getting rid of the fat in your belly, then you must use an elliptical trainer for this purpose. This machine has an easy motion with a comfortable grip handlebar and adjustable resistance level, suitable for every user, whether they are a beginner or expert.

With its help, you can quickly reduce your body weight and burn more calories than other fitness machines. In addition, it helps to lose belly fat by helping to work out entire core muscles like upper legs, lower legs, hips, abs, and arms to some degree. Thus it gives your whole body workout, ultimately targeting some specific areas like the stomach too.

It’s unnecessary to target any body part while losing weight by using an elliptical. Still, if the cardio workout machine is adjusted with an elliptical routine, you will be able to target your belly fat and body parts.

The adjustable resistance level and its smooth motion make it effective fitness equipment for all, whether beginners or experts. Based on experience, I can say that using this cardio machine regularly can show excellent results in just a few weeks if you have never used it before. It delivers impressive results that motivate people to use this machine daily to tighten their waistline, significantly increasing flexibility.

Benefits of elliptical vs. Running:

There are a lot of benefits of elliptical machines for losing belly fat if you use them regularly. Some of them are mentioned below for your convenience:

1. They provide the best workout possible to tighten your waistline without getting too exhausted. You can maintain your intensity level while using this cardio equipment by gradually increasing resistance on the handlebar and making small changes in your body position, which challenge different muscles more intensely and make it challenging each time.

2. It is an effortless way that you will be able to reduce weight without doing any high-intensity interval training or going anywhere to get rid of belly fat. Just buy one fitness machine for yourself at home and use it anytime without leaving home, saving both your time and money.

3. While using it, you can adjust your pace level for working out at any intensity or speed that feels comfortable to you without getting tired quickly, which helps you keep up the workouts daily with less effort.

4. It’s unnecessary to do high-intensity interval training after doing cardio workouts on the elliptical machine because it provides an easy motion with a smooth resistance feel, which is considered one of the best workouts ever for people who are just beginning to get started with their fitness goals. This makes your body healthily lose weight without much pressure but rather comfort only by regularly sticking with this cardio equipment.

5. You can easily maintain your target heart rate using the cardio machine without being exhausted very soon, which you often feel while doing high-intensity interval training.

6. It provides a more natural workout that develops balance, coordination, and core strength that help in getting rid of extra belly fat quickly.

7. It’s an excellent tool for people who are not comfortable doing workouts on the floor or any other fitness equipment because of their joint problems. Still, it doesn’t mean that someone with healthy joints can’t use this cardio machine if they find it difficult to do regular cardio exercises like jogging or running outside during cold weather.

8. This exercise machine is also suitable for burning calories after using it. The intensity level remains high even though your body becomes tired very soon, which keeps your metabolism rate active throughout the day. If you want to burn more calories, it will be better to eat healthy foods and use this cardio equipment regularly without any break.

Average elliptical vs. Treadmill:

In my opinion, there is no doubt that both the cardio equipment has a lot of differences in their motion and other essential things. Still, if you ask me which one is better, I would say Treadmill because it works exactly like outdoor walking or running, so using it regularly can show excellent results in just a few weeks.

On the other hand, the Elliptical exercise machine provides extra features like adjustable resistance levels, making these two completely different from each other.

If you don’t mind spending money on exercise equipment, buy an elliptical machine instead of the Treadmill where the setting up of the device takes very little space, and you can use it daily while watching your favorite television program without getting bored.

Disadvantages of elliptical:

However, there is no doubt that you will be losing weight quickly by using this cardio equipment, but it doesn’t mean that it’s 100% effective for everyone without wasting their time or money.

Here are some cons of elliptical machines that may help you in knowing the importance of treadmills.

1. It’s not a high-intensity cardio workout that you can’t get from any fitness equipment; instead, it provides a smooth and less intensive experience that makes your body tire out quickly and makes it difficult to maintain the target heart rate needed in a hospital or elsewhere.

2. It also does not provide a complete cardiovascular workout like a treadmill because the motion is continuous and slow throughout the exercise compared with walking on an inclined surface at different speeds.

3. It’s not suitable for concise people because the stride length of the elliptical machine is faster than that of a treadmill, which makes you feel uncomfortable after some time.

4. As mentioned earlier, it takes up more space; hence you need to set up an additional room at home if there is not enough space; otherwise, you would have to use the limited space with less comfort.

5. The price range of both machines is also different, so the Treadmill comes far behind the elliptical when comparing their prices which can be an essential reason for people who are looking forward to buying only one cardio equipment by covering all fitness needs without spending too much money on exercise equipment.

6. Treadmill provides better grip and speed, which helps you maintain a consistent workout routine with a target heart rate more efficiently than using an elliptical machine.

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