Acne marks removal tips with easy methods

Acne marks removal tips Acne is a skin ailment received by most at the time of adolescence. For some it is severe that time and for some its mild. For some it lingers for life and for some it is that bad that it leaves behind a whole of scars and craters to give them an ugly look of their skin for the rest of their life.

Acne marks removal

Acne bouts during one’s lifetime could be as serious as causing one a lifetime full of depression and low self esteem. This is an article for all those men or women who face the wrath of a bad acne bout. Here are few very useful and effective Acne marks removal tifan for one and all.

Acne marks removal Simple remedy

Take a lemon, swerve the juice, dab a cotton ball in the same and then dab it on the face on the affected area. Sometimes it may be irritating as the lemon juice can tingle your skin. Dilute the lemon juice with water or probably some milk to give your skin the soothing effect. Milk will also help in moisturizing your skin to smoothness.

Acne marks removal Home remedy

Take cucumber juice and mix it with a portion ofeose water or milk. Cucumber juice is a great toner. You could also mix it with a little lemon juice. This is as Simolt home remedy that can be made with ingredients lying on the kitchen shelf.

Acne marks removal Fantastic remedy

One of the really fantastic remedies known so far  is an exotic mix of apple paste and some honey. It is one of the oldest known remedies to get rid of Acne marks and its effective removal. This is an ancient trick.

Acne marks removal Professional helps

There is a lot of professional helps available in the market for acne removal. Acne removal can be done by dermabrasion which is a professional  acne scar removal technique that makes use of the latest skin technology by removing the upper layer of skin. This helps to ferrying rid of the scars and holes create by a severe history of acne. Augmentation is another method that uses the collagen to full the holes and aces in the skin and retexturises the entire landscape of the person’s skin. This advancement in skin technology has made leaps forward to make people look better with time. These are affordable and simple in nature. They are non invasive and non operational. They can be done in any professional salon.

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Taking a real life example it should be mentioned that there are a lot of real actors that have gone through issues with skin ailments like acne. But it should be noted that if there is an advancement in technology then it should brides in the correct manner. These new technologies spoken about in the article are not expensive at all and can be a great solution provider for people seriously affected by it physically and mentally. However, if your acne is not severe then just go ahead with the simple home remedies suggested above.

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  1. Thank you for helpful and informative post! Personally I’m using Acnemycin for my acne now. This was given to me by dermatologist. My acne is not severe and it helps me. I put Acnemycin on all infected places at the evening before I’m going to bed. The day after that almost all my acne pimples look much better. Also I like to use natural remedies to cure acne and I like your recipes here. I’ve never used professional help to cure acne and prefer not to do it before I tried all other methods. Thanks.


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