Is massage therapy really as useful as you think it to be?

Is massage therapy really as useful as you think it to be?

Massage is one thing that gives a lot of pleasure to everyone. The touch therapy can prove to be very relaxing both mentally and physically. Massage helps you in easing off all tensions, enhances your senses and is even helpful in meditation.

What impact it has?

massage wellness
massage wellness

The word massage generally brings goose bumps to everyone but have you ever been through the negative effects that it can have on your body. Yes, this is a fact that massage therapy possesses some risks also in addition to its positive effects. It is not perfect for everyone and hence before going for a massage therapy one needs to make sure he is under professional supervision. People suffering from cancer, arthritis, blood clots, fracture and pregnant women are especially asked not to undertake massage as a relaxing option. Here are some of the negative effects that massage can have on your body:

  • Injury to the nerves

Massage therapy may have an impact on your nerves if not done properly. Strain on nerves is a very common complaint that results in damaged nerves due to improper massage. This may occur when the massage therapist applies continuous pressure on a particular area resulting in nerve contraction and thus interferes with the flow of blood.

  • Fractures

People suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis are easy victim to fractured bones when it comes to improper massage techniques. Especially women who are suffering from osteoporosis have very brittle and weak bones. The bones have the tendency to break in case of application of pressure during massage. Bones which are in the healing process also have the tendency to break during massage. People undergoing radiation therapy or chemotherapy also have brittle bones, therefore it is advisable for them to avoid massage.

  • Internal bleeding

Haemophiliac people can have complaints of internal bleeding after a massage therapy involving untrained professionals. It can also prove to be life threatening for them because their body does not have any mechanism for clotting. Intense blood pressure can cause the blood vessels to rupture which may lead to leakage of interstitial fluids leading to oedema.

body massage
body massage

Some of the additional risks that massage therapy possesses has been listed below. These problems may not be threatening or as serious as the above mentioned ones, but they may surely hamper the life of an individual and can cause a lot of pain in carrying out the day to day works.

  • Due to the intense pressure that is applied during the course of massage therapy, muscle pain can be generated which may not be a permanent problem but is very painful.
  • If not done properly, massage therapy can lead to bruising and swelling of the body parts.
  • Oils used in massage therapies are not suitable for every individual. Oil which is good for one can be allergic for another. People can develop allergies due to the oil used in the course of massage therapy.
  • An untrained professional is not aware of the intensity of pressure that is needed to be applied to a particular body part. He may well end up in developing cramps in your body due to his ill techniques. This may even lead to muscular stretches also.
  • Getting poisoned after a massage therapy is also a common ill effect that many individuals have these days. This generally happens after a long session of massage which makes it very easy for the oil to seep inside your body easily.

Yes, massage is a very relaxing and tension relieving technique for human body, but the fact is that if not practiced on a very professional note, massage can be result to be painful for you.

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