Best Pill Dispenser Machines

Best Pill Dispenser Machines:

Old age is the worst period of life when it comes to one’s health. Biologically, seniors are always more prone to different diseases and ailments. Their immunity starts shattering and also their healing capability gets diminished. Along with that, in many cases, memory even starts degrading. Because of all these reasons, it is hard to take care of them.

Also, they become less able to cooperate efficiently with their caretakers. One has to manage hard to provide the proper medication on time. There are many cases where the caretakers/givers forget which medicines to give, and when to give. After all, it is a tough job to remember all the pills or drugs, that too, for someone else.

However, technology has solved this weird problem also. There are pill dispenser machines now available and sold in the market. Those machines drop the correct pills at whatever period they have to be taken. This prevents the daily rush and hush and also makes it easy for the one who is the caregiver.

These machines can be used mainly by older adults and along with them,  also by people who are bedridden or who have undergone any surgery or accident. These machines make the experience of taking medicines far more convenient and hassle-free for the carers and the patients.

When it comes to its mechanism, it is straightforward. First of all, there are different compartments for different pills. These compartments arranged such that; they rotate by the clock.

The time periods are different, for example, 30 minutes or an hour. At these points of time an alarm buzzes and the correct dosage, either directly comes out or can be taken out by pressing a switch or pulling a handle, depending on the type of machine. Sometimes, also a container is kept in the given area where the pills come out.

Let us see the best pill dispenser machines available and sold online.

1. MedTime Automatic Pill Dispenser by e-pill Medication Reminders

This is one of the best automatic pill dispenser convenient online. It sold by e-pill Medication Reminders which is a well-rated amazon seller. This machine, as its name suggests, helps in getting your correct medication on correct time. It is automatic and very convenient to use. It is best suited for seniors because they tend to forget more when and in what amounts, to take the medicines.

Also, people who lack dexterity can get great benefits by using this. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease can also use this as it has alarming systems. Along with those, people having Parkinson’s disease or similar another type of medical regimen can benefit by this machine.

MedTime Automatic Pill Dispenser by e-pill Medication Reminders (Custom)
MedTime Automatic Pill Dispenser by e-pill Medication Reminders

The working of this machine is quite simple, and it is easy to use by anybody. It comes with all the necessary equipment. The whole package includes the machine itself, lock, keys, tipper with handle, stainless steel cup, four batteries, and the instruction manual. Coming to its working, it has 28 compartments which can fill with the required amount of pills.

These compartments rotate from time to time, and when the compartment containing correct pills comes to the dispensing position, the alarm notifies the patient. After that, all the patient has to do is to pull the blue colored handle and dispense the pills in the container.

Also, as it has 28 compartments, it needs to be filled less often, in case, there are not an unusually high number of doses to taken per day. Each compartment can hold different 18 aspirin sized tablets, so it is more than enough in that way also. Regarding the battery life, it has six months of battery life and also, it comes with additional batteries so that you don’t have to spend an extra amount for that.

Overall, it is a highly convenient and easy to use device.

  • Comes with lock and key which makes it hard to manipulate
  • Drops only the correct pills and that too, at correct intervals of time
  • Loud alarms and bright flashing
  • Minimum alarm can be set for 30 minutes
  • Can contain 18 pills in one compartment
  • Extremely helpful for bedridden or elderly people
  • Easy to fill and program depending on the number of daily doses
  • No major complaints or issues

Best Pill Dispenser Machines 1

2. Automatic Pill Dispenser by LiveFine

This is a very simplistic and extremely easy to use pill dispensing machine by Live fine. It is highly beneficial for the people who are taking more amounts of medications daily and who cannot remember their doses daily. Patients, especially the old aged patients in many cases have memory problems, cognitive problems, dexterity issues, etc.

Because of such issues, it becomes very tough for them to keep the right track of their medicines. Along with that, bedridden patients also can use this pill dispenser machine.

Automatic Pill Dispenser by LiveFine (Custom)
Automatic Pill Dispenser by LiveFine

The working of this pill dispensing machine is very simple. It has 28 compartments like many other best selling pill dispensers. These compartments tagged with the supplied circular calendar, and then the pills are filled in the desired chambers.

The compartments rotate for fixed time intervals, and when the correct compartment reaches to the dispensing position, the alarm goes on. After that, all you have to do is rotate the device upside down, and the pills will come out.

The alarming system is also very easy to set up by the caregiver. There is a screen and some buttons provided which enables users to set the timing for doses. All the information is provided in the user manual which comes with it. Also, the alarm is loud enough for senior people and it does not go off for thirty minutes after the pills have arrived to the dispensing position. Forgetful patients get a great benefit because of this.

  • Works perfectly and only lets out the correct pills
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Minimum 6 months of battery life
  • 28 compartments and can contain 18 pills in a single compartment
  • Different alarm settings available depending on the dosage required
  • Extremely helpful for patients suffering from dementia or other memory disorders
  • Easy to fill and program
  • Cannot be manipulated once locked
  • No major cons or complaint

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3. MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser by e-pill Medication Reminders

This is another automatic pill dispensing device by e-pill Medication Reminders. It is slightly more sophisticated and smart compared to other pill dispensing devices available in the market. It is more durable and lightweight because of its sturdy design. It does its job of providing with correct medication at the right time quite effectively and accurately.

It is beneficial for patients having memory related disorders or elder patients who have dementia or other such diseases. Also, it proves to be very convenient for patients who are bedridden or suffer from any cognitive or dexterity related disabilities.

MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser by e-pill Medication Reminders (Custom)
MedSmart Automatic Pill Dispenser by e-pill Medication Reminders

The mechanism of this pill dispenser is super easy for the caregiver and the patient also. Like many other famous dispensers, it comes with 28 compartments which can fill with 18 aspirin sized pills at a time which is sufficient enough for everybody.

The compartments rotate from time to time and for every hour, dispenser gives the notification by an alarm. Once the alarm goes on, all that patient needs to do is rotate the device upside down and let the medicines out.

The alarming system is comfortable and convenient for the user. It needs to be set initially with the help of screen and buttons provided. After that, it will go on every hour or for whatever the schedule it established. Also, the alarm volume is sufficiently high to get heard by very old patients.

It comes with four batteries which give battery life of around six months depending on its usability.  

  • Better grip and comfortable to hold
  • Durable and lightweight
  • More than sufficient compartments
  • Six different dosage schedules available
  • Comes with lock and key setup so cannot be manipulated
  • Easy to carry anywhere
  • Keeps medicines safe and locked
  • Easy to set up and load
  • No big cons or complaints noted.

Best Pill Dispenser Machines 1

4. Med-e-lert Automatic Pill Dispenser by GMS Group Medical Supply, LLC

This is another high selling and similar type of pill dispensing device which is sold by GMS Group Medical Supply. It is easy to use and easy to set up device which can be used by patients suffering from memory disorder or the ones who are incredibly forgetful. Its usability remains the same as other devices available in the market.

Automatic Bluetooth Pill Dispenser by GMS Group Medical Supply, LLC (Custom)
Automatic Bluetooth Pill Dispenser by GMS Group Medical Supply, LLC

However, it has got more user ratings and does its job more accurately than other pill dispensers. It is useful for bedridden or paralyzed patients and also for people having dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. It does the job of reminding the medication quite correctly. Along with that, it also keeps the caregiver reassured about his/her patient’s medication routine.

The working and mechanism of this dispenser is unique and at the same time very simple. Like all other pill dispensers, it also has 28 compartments and 18 pill carrying capacities. The dispensing of medicines is very simple. All one has to do is wait for the alarm, and once the alarm goes on, the device has to be inverted.

The pills can take in different doses throughout the whole day. It has six different schedules in which the tablets can take. Information regarding that is available in the user manual supplied with it.

The package contains the dispenser, two types of lids, four batteries, lock, key and instruction manual. The lock and key ensures that the patients themselves cannot manipulate the setting of doses. Hence it makes the caregiver restassured about it.

  • Extremely helpful for elderly and dependent people
  • Loud enough alarms
  • Portable and light in weight
  • Good battery life
  • Can contain enough number of pills
  • Great for dementia patients
  • Comparatively cheap
  • No major cons or complaints observed

Best Pill Dispenser Machines 1

5. Automatic Bluetooth Pill Dispenser by GMS Group Medical Supply, LLC

This automatic pill dispenser is one of the unique dispenser available in the market by GMS Group Medical Supply. It is useful in many ways, mainly to people who forget their medicines or the ones who are old aged and depend on others. It does its job of giving correct pills at the correct time pretty accurately.

Medelert Automatic Pill Dispenser by GMS (Custom)
Medelert Automatic Pill Dispenser by GMS

Also, it is beneficial to people having dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or also to working adults who tend to forget their medicines often. It takes the responsibility of the caregiver and makes him/her rest assured. All one needs to do is put the proper doses of pills in the compartment and complete the easy setting process as mentioned in the instruction manual. After that, the alarm will go on at desired times and patient will get the correct doses.

The mechanism is as simple as that. The alarm is loud enough to be heard by any person having improper hearing capabilities. Also, it keeps on buzzing until the person takes the medication. It has 28 compartments as usual, and each compartment can fill with up to 18 aspirin sized pills.

There are six different dosage schedules from which anyone can be selected and used. The whole process described in the user manual with which it comes.

Apart from all these, the unique feature about this is that it comes with Bluetooth pairing functionality. Yes, it can be controlled entirely with your smartphone. All you have to do is download the LeBox app which is available on a both-apple store and google play store.

This app is self-explanatory, and with it, you can customize the alarm and dosage settings. Also, the connection process is straightforward. You need to scan the QR code given on the device from this app and then you have the full access of it.

Overall, this pill dispenser is more useful when compared to other similar ones.

  • More number of functions
  • Works on AC source
  • Has batteries and also can be run on electricity
  • Portable and small in size
  • Can be operated from your phone via bluetooth
  • Easy to set up and fill medicines
  • Lock and key ensure safety of the patient
  • No major issues noted

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