Best Hypoallergenic Soap For Newborn Babies

Best Hypoallergenic Soap For Newborn Babies

Newborn babies are the most delicate part of a parent’s life. As delicate as babies, their skin is much more sensitive to external factors than an adult’s. Great care should be taken to prevent them from getting harmed. In infancy, the skin is very prone to allergies and can be easily affected by external factors such as bathing products, dust, pollution, etc.

Hypoallergenic products such as soap are a must for infants. They ensure that the sensitive skin of the infants is not damaged, help prevent hypersensitivity, and kill harmful germs that might harm the baby’s skin.

Best Hypoallergenic Soap For Newborn Babies:

Since the market is flooded with all kinds of baby products, choosing the best one for your baby can be a very hectic task for a parent. Every soap has different properties and compositions, and deciding which best suits your baby can be challenging.

So, here we have compiled a list of the top 5 hypoallergenic soaps that are best for newborn babies –

  1. Johnson’s Baby Soap –

Johnson’s brand doesn’t need an introduction, as everyone knows what it is and what it produces.

Johnson Baby Soap
Johnson Baby Soap

Johnson’s has been around for many years and has proved themselves to be one of the best, if not the best, baby products manufacturers. Jhonson’s baby products are well known for their effectiveness and grandeur.

If you need a soap that keeps your baby’s skin soft and plump, Johnson’s baby soap is the way to go. This soap bar protects against hypersensitivity to the skin and helps keep bacteria and germs at bay. Johnson’s soap bar is half cream, making it a perfect choice for tiny babies. The cream in the soap helps clean the delicate skin without affecting it with the harsh constituents of general soaps.

Every parent wants their baby to smell and look great, but regular baby baths can be very destructive to the fragile skin of the baby. To counteract this problem, Johnson’s baby soaps carry a light and pleasant fragrance that leaves your baby with a wonderful smell throughout the day.

Generally, soap sizes are pretty big and, therefore, hard to handle while bathing your baby. Johnson’s baby soaps are small in size and are very easy to handle while rubbing them all over your baby’s body.

Thus, Johnson’s baby soap protects against hypersensitivity and germs and keeps your baby’s skin healthy and shiny.


  • Fragranced soap gives a long-lasting, pleasant smell
  • Easy on delicate skin
  • Fewer chemicals
  • Contains natural cream
  • Small size


  • Slippery and hard to handle.
  • It dissolves very quickly and, therefore, doesn’t last long.

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  1. Baby Dove rich moisture soap –

Baby Dove’s rich moisture soap is manufactured by the well-known company Dove. Dove is a very famous brand for its health and sanitary products for adults, but with the baby range of products, Dove tends to maintain the same quality even for baby products.

Dove Baby Bar Soap Rich Moisture
Dove Baby Bar Soap Rich Moisture

Infants and newborn babies have very soft and delicate skin compared to adults. Their skin loses moisture up to five times faster than average adult skin. This loss of moisture can make the baby’s skin vulnerable to dryness and damage. Dry skin can not only easily crack up and cause pain to the baby but can also be a feeding ground for bacteria to thrive upon.

To avoid this, regular cleansing is required. Baby Dove Rich Moisture soap bar has a hypoallergenic and pH-neutral formula that ophthalmologists, dermatologists, and pediatrician testers use. The soap bar replenishes the baby’s skin with the essential nutrients and moisture lost during bathing.

Due to its pH-neutral formula and 1/4th moisturizing cream as its constituents, the Baby Dove soap bar helps prevent dry skin and leaves it soft and smooth. It is very gentle on the eyes and causes no irritation whatsoever, and the mild and pleasant fragrance of the soap leaves the baby smelling fresh and beautiful.


  • Gentler and more nourishing than other baby soaps
  • Gentle on the eyes
  • Suitable for babies with normal to dry skin
  • Mild and pleasant fragrance developed for baby’s delicate skin
  • It can be used daily.

Cons –

  • Soapy texture  

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  1. Himalaya Gentle Baby soap

Himalaya is a cosmetics-producing company that uses natural ingredients to achieve the best results. Himalaya gentle baby soap is formulated to effectively cleanse and pamper your baby’s skin delicately, leaving it smooth and plump.

Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Bar
Himalaya Moisturizing Baby Bar

The Himalayas are known for using natural herbs and ingredients in their products. Similarly, Himalaya Gentle Baby Soap blends olive and almond oil to thoroughly nourish and gently clean your baby’s skin and keep bacteria and disease-causing germs away. It is also rich in vitamins to ensure healthy, fresh, glowing skin.

Every mother wants her baby to be free from any kind of disease. Most diseases are caused by bacteria and germs on the skin. Himalaya Gentle baby soap, due to its medicinal properties, gets rid of such disease-causing germs.

Himalaya Gentle Baby soap is ideal for daily use. It is rich in vitamin E, which helps nourish the skin and protect it from chaffing. Vitamin E has soothing properties that keep the baby’s skin smooth and soft. Almond oil also helps to moisturize the baby’s skin. Himalaya Gentle Baby soap is free from Parabens, animal fats, and synthetic colors that might cause skin problems. It is suitable for daily use and can be used on all skin types. It can be used on any body part and is safe for the eyes, too.


  • Contains a blend of natural oils.
  • Paraben-free
  • It contains vitamin E, which nourishes the skin.
  • It can be used daily.

Cons –

  • The fragrance is very mild.

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  1. Sebamed Baby soap –

Sebamed Baby soap is a gentle, soap-free cleansing bar for your baby’s daily bath routine. It contains sodium cocoyl glutamate and several amino acids, which help keep your baby’s skin smooth and soft.

Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar
Sebamed Baby Cleansing Bar

Sebamed baby soap is 100% free from alkali chemicals, which helps stabilize the moisture balance of the baby’s delicate skin. The soap-free composition of Sebamed baby soap does not leave the baby’s skin dry and rough after bathing, and the presence of Vitamin E, Panthenol, and Sugar insulin helps nourish the baby’s skin and make it healthy and soft. Sebamed baby soap is paraben-free, which means it does not cause any irritation after bathing.

This soap helps to maintain a pH value of 5.5 for the baby’s skin, keeping it healthy and soft. It is suitable for daily use on both the face and hands. Even if the babies are suffering from any kind of skin problem, Sebamed baby soap can still be used as it has a skin-tolerance property. Chamomile is also a constituent of this soap, smoothing the delicate baby skin and preventing any kind of itching and irritation.

Overall, it is a complete skin care package for babies and can be used daily for bathing and washing without any fear of chemicals.

Pros –

  • Applicable to sensitive skin
  • Alkali-free composition maintains the skin’s pH balance.
  • It contains Vitamin E, germ seed oil, chamomile, sugar insulin, and panthenol, which helps to nourish the baby’s skin.
  • It can be used daily.

Cons –

  • No fragrance at all.
  • Does Not last much longer.
  • Costlier than similar products on the market.

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  1. Pigeon Baby transparent soap –

Pigeon promotes baby’s healthy growth and has worked hard over the years to develop products for mothers and their babies that are easy and enjoyable to use.

PIGEON Transparent Baby Soap
Pigeon Transparent Baby Soap

Pigeon baby transparent soap is the best choice for your baby’s first bath. It contains squalene and ceramides which helps to keep your baby’s skin soft and healthy. Pigeon baby transparent soap helps to protect the moisture of your baby’s skin and prevent it from drying out. It contains natural ingredients and can be used daily for bathing your baby or just to wash face and other body parts.

Pigeon baby soap contains the natural blend of coconut oil, jojoba oil, and castor oil that helps to moisturize your baby’s delicate skin. Glycerin is also one of the ingredients of this soap, and it is well known for its healing and moisturizing properties.

Pigeon Baby transparent soap is a transparent soap bar with a mild, pleasant smell that will leave your baby refreshed after the bath and lull your baby into a peaceful sleep. The soap’s fragrance lasts for hours, and natural chamomile extracts from jojoba make the baby’s skin smooth and supple.

Pros –

  • Contains natural extracts of chamomile and jojoba
  • Contains glycerin and coconut for moisturizing baby’s skin.

Cons –

  • It is slippery and, therefore, hard to grab.
  • Has a somewhat oily texture.

Best Hypoallergenic Soap For Newborn Babies 1

Conclusion –

Using hypoallergenic soap and bathing products for infants and newborns is a must, as they have very delicate skin compared to adults. Their skin is prone to damage much more easily, and so great care should be taken of it. These soaps are not only good for newborn babies but for adults with sensitive skin, too. Above is a list of the top five hypoallergenic soaps that can be used for both babies and adults.

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