Benefits of Crystals

Benefits of Crystals

crystals are solid substances with a crystal structure and chemical composition. they can be natural or man-made. most of them have special physical and/or optical properties which originate from their internal arrangement and symmetry.

The following list is not at all complete:

some of these effects might be noticed in certain cases whereas others may never come up.

1) they promote self-healing crystals that are used for healing purposes usually have small flaws in them. when you place these stones on your body, the “defects” help to increase the flow of body energy and thus enable your natural regenerative processes to work more efficiently. this is why crystals worn on or near the body are sometimes “charged” by leaving them exposed to sunlight, moonlight, or even X-ray radiation.

2) they promote inner peace and calmness the history of using crystals for therapeutic purposes dates back thousands of years, and some cultures still use them as part of their everyday life. natural crystals can help you feel better and more relaxed in a stressful environment.

3) they promote spiritual growth and enlightenment people who meditate often swear that their practice is much easier with the help of a crystal which helps them feel calm and focused throughout the session. the idea behind it is that a flawless crystal can amplify your willpower, enabling you to “focus” on your goals and aspirations.

4) they enhance psychic abilities when you meditate with a crystal, the stone will increase your chances of having a “mystical experience.” in most cases, this simply means that you will feel more in tune with yourself and your natural surroundings.

5) they reduce stress levels crystals can emit powerful waves of energy. this energy has a calming effect on those around it, as can be seen from the lapidary arts that use polished crystals to make jewelry and ornamental objects.

6) they attract positive vibrations in recent years, scientists have used high-tech methods to prove that crystals do actually emit vibrational waves of their own. modern research shows us that these waves can affect the human body, and some therapists actually prescribe specific crystals to patients experiencing stress and emotional imbalance.

7) they restore and enhance mental clarity many of us spend a lot of time in front of computers or just reading books which overstrain our eyesight. people who don’t sleep well might also experience problems with dizziness, headaches, and even memory problems. natural crystals can be used to balance these effects, restoring mental clarity and promoting the regeneration of damaged cells in the eyes.

8) they attract wealth it is commonly known that quartz crystals are among the most powerful stones for attracting wealth. this has to do with the fact that quartz has a highly efficient piezoelectric effect, which means that it can convert mechanical energy into electrical energy and vice versa.

9) they promote natural beauty many people have noticed that natural crystals tend to look beautiful when exposed to light. whether you display them on a window sill or just place them on your bedside table, they can add some natural beauty and grace to your home and surroundings.

10) they promote good luck the ancient greeks believed that amethyst could protect its owner from getting drunk. in many cultures, having a quartz crystal on you is believed to attract good luck and fortune.

Benefits of crystals in your home:

Crystals are the secrets of life, they infuse our homes with love and motivate us to do more. They can help us manifest wealth and success as well as spiritual development. The best thing about crystals is that it’s not something we need to change or fix – we simply need to learn how to use them properly.

The simple act of placing crystals throughout your home is a good way to get started. The benefits can be immediate and profound, but you might want to stick with the same stone for several weeks so you get results, or move them around from time to time.

Here are some of the health and well-being benefits of crystals in your home:

·Crystal energy is known to fill a room with positive vibrations, which contribute to people’s improved moods and better sleep.

· You can use small pieces of rose quartz or citrine placed in the bedroom overnight to boost your sex life.

·crystals such as black tourmaline and smoky quartz absorb electromagnetic smog from computers and other electronic devices, mop up cell phone emissions and reduce stress – so placing them next to your computer is a great idea.

·Place rose quartz in the living room to attract romance into your life, or try selenite if you want to attract prosperity.

·amber and yellow citrine can help with getting rid of self-limiting beliefs.

· Speaking of getting rid of things – put some amethyst in the room where unwanted stuff accumulates, such as the kitchen or bathroom, to get rid of clutter and increase the chances that your unwanted stuff will go to a good home.

Most powerful crystals:

There are more than one hundred crystals with unique metaphysical properties, but here are some of the most powerful ones you can start out with:

Citrine – is known as ‘the merchant stone’ and it’s fantastic for attracting wealth and prosperity. It also absorbs energy from other stones after a while if they’re left on top of each other, so if you want to keep the energy of your citrine crystal fresh, try putting it in a cupboard or box after use.

Crystals for Wealth:

Aquamarine – increases courage and drives away evil spirits. Place one under your pillow before you go to sleep at night for the best results.

Baltic amber – this is a great stone for attracting money and fortune, both into your life and your home.

Moonstone – is known as the ‘stone of new beginnings and it’s particularly useful if you’re going through a breakup or trying to get pregnant. It’ll help you make peace with the past, adapt to change more easily, and attract love in all areas of your life.

crystals for personal power:

Rose quartz – is known as the ‘love stone’ and if you put it in your room before going to sleep, it’ll promote feelings of love and affection. It’s also good if you want to attract romance into your life or feel more love for yourself.

Aquamarine – this crystal helps you stay calm and think before you act, so it’s perfect if your job involves lots of people watching or waiting.

Amethyst – is known as the ‘vigilance stone’ and it’s great for staying alert when you have to work long hours. It also helps with spiritual development by promoting feelings of serenity.

Types of crystals:

Carnelian – is often used for protection against evil forces, and it’s said to promote psychic powers when placed near doorways or windows.

Smoky quartz – this one has powerful grounding properties that’ll help you feel more in control of your life. It also absorbs negative energy from other stones, so try leaving it out overnight for best results.

Black tourmaline – is known as the ‘miracle crystal’ and it’s great for absorbing electromagnetic smog from computers and TVs. It also helps you feel grounded when you’re feeling anxious or stressed about work, so place one near your bed to promote better sleep.

crystals for spiritual growth:

Amethyst – calms the mind and promotes feelings of serenity, especially after a bad day at work. It’s also great for promoting self-confidence in business situations.

Aquamarine – is another fantastic stone for protection against evil energy, so place one near your doorway or windows to keep negative influences out of your home.

Kunzite – this stone works wonders for keeping your spirits high, even on the darkest days. It also enhances your creativity and encourages you to stop procrastinating.

Crystals for love:

Rose quartz – if you want to attract more romance into your life or make peace with a romantic partner, try placing rose quartz near your bed before going to sleep.

Moonstone – the ‘stone of new beginnings’ is fantastic for helping you get out of a rut, so it works wonders if you’re feeling disheartened by your love life.

How to use crystals:

Crystals are best left on top of each other or placed near each other, as they’ll absorb energy from each other over time. It’s also best to cleanse them regularly, either by leaving them outside overnight or placing them under running water.

Most crystals can be placed near a window to absorb sunlight and moonlight, as both of these elements help the stone recharge. You should also keep them in a box or cupboard after use, so they don’t get dusty or dirty.

You’ll find crystals are great for protecting your home from negative energy, especially if you have statues of Buddha or Mary near your door.

Crystals will absorb energy from other stones, so it’s best to use each stone individually than placing them all near each other. The same goes for using crystals with candles or other objects, as this can make your collection grow quickly.

Remember to cleanse your stones regularly and store them in a box after use, so you get the most from them over time.

Crystals for beginners:

onyx – this stone helps you increase your physical strength and has powerful protective properties, so it’s ideal for supporting athletes or soldiers.

Black tourmaline – is fantastic for absorbing electromagnetic smog from computers and TVs and it also protects against evil spirits, so try placing one near the door of your workspace. It’s also useful for promoting feelings of calm when you’re working under pressure.

Selenite – is said to absorb negative energy from other stones, so pair it with a few others in a bowl if you have a big collection at home. This stone also has cleansing and healing properties, so try placing one near your desk or bed for best results.

Lapis lazuli – is another protective stone that’ll help you feel more in control of your life, so it’s ideal for soldiers or anyone in a high-risk occupation.

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