What is Swine Flu – About Swine Flu – Swine Flu Wiki

What is Swine Flu – About Swine Flu – Swine Flu Wiki:

Swine Flu – Also said as..
Swine Flu is actually Swine Influenza which passes from Pigs and their population. Swine Flu is also known as Pig Influenza, Pig Flu, and Hog Flu etc. But the most common and famous name is Swine Flu – a flu which passes from Swine.

What is Swine Flu
What is Swine Flu

How Swine Flu Spreads:

It does not generally spread from human to human but we never know. Most common source and origin of Influenza virus are Pigs. Humans living around pigs, their chances of being infected by Swine Flu are more. And in such ways, it spreads from one to another.

The influenza A virus has suddenly become one of the non-curable disease. As per a survey, 4% Swine dies which have been infected by Influenza virus. And the surprising this is that, Pigs do not show any symptoms of Swine Flu. Hence, throughout the world – most of all pigs have been vaccinated against Swine Flu viruses.

Humans have been infected by Influenza:

After pigs, humans are affected by the Influenza virus and such humans life is at stack. The rate of affected people is yet not known, as Swine Flu is spreading rapidly everywhere. Detecting swine flu symptoms is very hard thing as the symptoms are not found by all doctors.

The symptoms of Swine Flu are of most common illness. Swine flu symptoms include Illness, Sore Throat, Joints Pain, Body Aches, Chills, Cough, General discomfort etc. All these symptoms are most common and general symptoms which anyone can have through their daily life. That is why it is so difficult to know Swine Flu symptoms and cure it. Swine of is rarely detected and rapidly spreading dangerous illness.

And the thing is, there is no specific vaccine for humans for Swine Flu. Whoever gets infected by Swine Flu, death is the fastest thing which happens most commonly. But there are few medicines which cure symptoms of Swine Flu and they can be handled. But exact vaccination or medications are not yet available. There are some swine flu tests, carried out through several hospitals but there is no proper cure for Swine Flu.

To prevent Swine Flu spreading:

  • Avoid public places like Mall, Theater, Traffic etc.
  • Keep your surroundings clean
  • Keep your hands clean
  • Keep tissue when you sneeze
  • Immediately remove such used tissues
  • Do not meet so many people at a time
  • Regularly wash your hands with sanitizer
  • Keep washing your hands more often

So, all these are symptoms of Swine Flu and things to do to prevent swine flu from spreading. Follow all these important steps and keep everything around you cleaner. By doing so, we can prevent Swine Flu from spreading. Although if you find any of the symptoms of Swine Flu in you or in anyone near you, immediately contact nearest hospital and get all the swine flu tests done.

What is Swine Flu – About Swine Flu – Swine Flu Wiki