Swine Flu Treatment – Swine flu Treatment at Home

Swine Flu Treatment – Swine flu Treatment at Home:

Particularly, there is no specific treatment or medicines for Swine Flu. But for symptoms of swine flu, doctors can prescribed several medications and some regarding treatments. Through such medications symptoms of swine flu can be cured. And there might be no further risks.

Swine Flu Treatment
Swine Flu Treatment

Medicines for Swine Flu:
For minimizing several swine flu symptoms doctors might prescribe you some regarding medications. Few anti-viral drugs include oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamvir (Relenza). To reduce swine flu symptoms and their effects, these medicines will help you, when prescribed by doctor. But they also might cause several side effects to your body. Other then these, there are no specific medications for swine flu.

Swine flu Treatment – Treatment for swine flu at Home

Treatment for Swine Flu:
Up to, today there are no specific treatments for Swine flu patients. People affected by Swine Flu viruses might just meet death, if they have been so much infected by viruses. But if the symptoms are less and have just been infected, then such affected patients can be given treatment for minimizing the effects of symptoms through medications. These days, there are so many positive cases of people affected by H1N1 Influenza i.e. Swine Flu. And lots of people die due to Swine Flu.

Swine flu treatment in india – Ayurvedic treatment for swine flu

High chances of being infected by Swine Flu are for:

  • Aged people, older than 65 years,
  • Children younger than 2 years,
  • Pregnant women within 2 weeks of delivery
  • Younger than 19 years – suffering from long term therapy of medicines
  • People suffering from long term diseases
  • Have certain medical conditions including Asthma, Heart Diseases, Diabetes, Blood Disease
  • People suffering from Kidney problems
swineflu remedies
swineflu remedies

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