Swine flu Prevention Tips Treatment

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As swine flu is spreading faster, all of us need to prevent it from spreading as much as possible. There are several steps which can be applied in our everyday life and we can prevent swine flu from spreading around us.

Swine flu Prevention Tips Treatment
Swine flu Prevention Tips Treatment
  • Keep washing hands frequently:
    After few minutes, keep washing your hands with sanitizer or soap. Washing hands by the passing of time helps us removing bacteria and viruses from our hands.

Swine flu Prevention:

  • Stay home if you feel sick:
    As we know, symptoms of swine flu are general symptoms including Headache, Chills, Body Aches etc. Hence we can’t figure our weather they are swine flu symptoms or general illness. So, if you are sick, better stay at home rather than on busy schedule, meeting various people. It will feel better to stay home and get relaxed.
  • Get your surroundings clean:
    Whenever you get time, make everything clean. Keep cleaning most touching things like Door knobs, windows, remote controls, napkins, keys etc. Also keep your clothes fresh and clean.

Swine flu Prevention Tips:

  • Cover your mouth while coughing/ sneeze:
    If you have cough problems and you go on getting sneezes, cover your mouth and prevent spreading viruses from sneeze. Also when you go on coughing, cover your nose as well as mouth. And keep washing your hands after sneeze/ coughing.
  • Avoid meeting more people:
    Do not go out for more time, avoid meeting more people at various public places. From various people, some of them might be infected by H1N1 Influenza viruses. Hence your chances of being infected from such people are more at certain public places.

Swine flu Prevention and Treatment:

  • Take more care for Children under 5:
    It is reported that children under age of 5 rapidly catches Swine flu viruses than ordinary human. Hence keep your children around you. Don’t let them go out surrounded by more people/ children.
  • Taking therapy sessions/ continuous medications?:
    People taking regular medicines since a longer period of time, might caught faster than any other ordinary human. Also people, taking any therapy for long term diseases, might get caught by Swine flu immediately. Such people should get swine flu tests done by the passing of time.

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