Precautions for Swine flu – Precautions of Swine Flu

Precautions for Swine flu – Precautions of Swine Flu

Swine flu is spreading very fast that is why all of us need to have some precautions of swine flu. If everyone goes on taking these precautions of swine flu then less people will get affected by swine flu. Also these precautions of swine flu are certainly easy and can be getting too used in our day-to-day life. We just take care of several things and by doing them, we can easily be safe from swine flu and swine flu viruses.

List of precautions for swine flu:

Stay away from crowds:
One of the best and easiest way of being away from swine flu viruses i.e. H1N1 Influenza viruses is to stay away from crowds. Also do not go out in public places. Because most of the people who have swine flu viruses in their body, soon became the swine flu carrier and go on spreading these dangerous viruses into their surroundings.

Feeling sick? Stay at home:
Whenever you feel like sick, better stay at home and take rest. There are lots of common symptoms of swine flu from which swine flu can be tracked. Hence if you have any of them, stay at home, take primary medicines and soon contact nearest doctor.

Often clean mostly used things:
At your home, keep cleaning and washing mostly used things including Doors, Windows, Door knobs, remote controls, floor etc. These are the surface which contains viruses and they live there. Hence cleaning all these things is the most important thing.

Precautions of Swine Flu

Avoid crowds:
If you are going to any public place like Mall, Theatre, Bus station, Railway station etc. then think for a while and if possible then avoid all these places. As these places have crowds and some of the people might be carrier of Swine Flu virus. And there are more chances of getting affected at such crowded places.

Do not eat outside food:
Eat at your home. Prefer to eat only homemade food other than street food or any other packed food items. There are less chances of being infected at your home and with homemade food. Also keep washing all the vegetables and fruits which you buy from market.

Keep visiting your doctor:
You should keep visiting your family doctor regularly. Also go on checking your general health and get regular checkups done by the passing of time.

Keep washing your hands more often:
Swine flu viruses spreads through different surfaces and mostly through air. And when more people go on touching same things, viruses get in contact with these things like Door knob, Remote Controls etc. Hence you should keep your hands clean. Everyone should go on washing their hands with hand sanitizer or soap.

Getting more sneeze – coughing?:

Always cover your mouth while sneezing/ coughing. Whenever you get cough, cover your mouth and immediately dispose that used tissue. Also get some medications for coughing.

Keep your mouth and nose covered when going out:
As we all know, swine flu viruses spread through air – we should keep our nose and mouth covered so that these viruses do not go inside our body through these major parts.