Homemade Pregnancy Test

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Homemade Pregnancy Test Hello friends! Here we are with few easy homemade pregnancy tests for those women who can’t visit the shop or can’t go to a specialist, as well. Despite these tests does not give any confirmed results but are not either harmful, as well. You need to be very cautious because these tests […]

Henna for Hair conditioning

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Henna for Hair conditioning Every women ream to process long, shining, black hair. Some women have beautiful hair. Those which do not have beautiful and shining hair can make them so by conditioning and applying natural product available is Henna. Henna is a small plant which is scientifically called law Sonia intermits. This plant is […]

Hyperpigmentation for Face Treatment

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Hyperpigmentation for Face Treatment Overexposure of Sun’s radiations lead to appearance of dark spots and blemishes on the face. This appearance of blemishes, freckles on the face is called hyperpigmentation. Types of hyperpigmentation: There are different types of hyperpigmentation which effects the differently. Melisma: This is a type of pigmentation in which dark spots occupy […]

Lemon juice for Hyper Pigmentation


Lemon juice for Hyper Pigmentation Uneven coloration of the skin and appearance of colored spots freckles on it is called pigmentation. Melanin is a brown colored pigmentation which is responsible for providing color to the skin. UV exposure tends to increase the melanin production in our body. These are also many environmental factor which cause […]

Aloe Vera For Hyperpigmentation

Aloevera For Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is the condition of the skin in which the dark color patches appear on the face or other areas of the body .This occurs due to the excess of production and deposition of melanin. The particular area of the skin becomes darker than the surroundings. Melanin is a pigment which provides natural color to […]

Hyperpigmentation on Back Treatment

Hyperpigmentation for Face Home Remedy

Hyperpigmentation on Back Treatment In plants, chlorophyll is responsible for providing green color to the leaves. In human beings, melanin is responsible for providing color to the skin. Melanin is a brown colored pigment. The people who have whitish or fair complexion are said to produce lesser melanin. People having dark skin possess large amount […]

How to increase height by pills

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How to increase height by pills Growing tall is not longer a problem in the modern world. Earlier it was considered as the curse of god. Short men and women considered themselves unlucky and lag behind their counterparts in racing, sports, basketball, modelling and overall personality. Nutritionists and doctors have discovered recommend diet and exercises […]

Remedies of hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation for Face Home Remedy

Remedies of hyperpigmentation Hyperpigmentation is a skin related disease in which patches appear on the skin specifically on the face. This is mostly common in women and very few men suffer from it excessive amount to production of melanin results in hyperpigmentation. Melanin is a pigmentation which provides color to our skin. The people who […]

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