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7 Days GM Diet Plan Indian Diet For Weight Loss Indian Diet For Weight Loss 7 Day Vegetarian Diet Plan Indian Vegetarian Diet to Lose Weight – 7 Days GM Diet The 7 Days GM Diet plan has been considered one of the most followed diet plan to lost weight in a healthy way. There [...]

Homemade Pregnancy Test Hello friends! Here we are with few easy homemade pregnancy tests for those women who can’t visit the shop or can’t go to a specialist, as well. Despite these tests does not give any confirmed results but are not either harmful, as well. You need to be very cautious because these tests [...]

Height increasing exercise for Boys & Girls Girls are health conscious, beauty conscious as well as they does not lag behind in height. 5 feet 5 inches or somewhat above is considered as the best height. Some girls attain the dream height but some lag behind. If careful and described, life style is followed, they [...]

Food and Diets for Height Growth A person with short stature feels inferior among a group of tall people. He lacks confidence and personality. He fails to win competitions of racing, marathon, athletics, swimming, basketball and other games. He is not able to get modeling assignments. Sometimes fails to get a job in army, police, [...]

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation Natural Treatment Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation occurs when skin infections, blisters, sun burns, tan and other burns become dark with passage of time. Sometimes spots of acne become very dark leading to hyperpigmentation. Post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) marks slowly fades away as skin regenerates itself. But this process takes a lot of time. [...]

Hyperpigmentation for Face Home Remedy Human skin color depends on the pigment called melanin. The increase in production of melanin cause appearance of spots of the body. These spots may be dark or light. Appearance of darker spots on face and other sun exposed areas is called hyperpigmentation. Appearance of light-colored spots on the face [...]